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A man in Willits has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Police say Shawn-ee-suree Lai-wamckay of Ukiah is accused of forcing his way into a woman’s house and assaulting her. Police say the victim heard a knock on the door, went to answer and the guy forced his way in saying he just wanted to talk, she says she first hesitated, then he grabbed her by the hair and kneed her in the face and hit her. It moved into her garage where the man apparently got a hold of a hatchet while still yanking her hair. He finally released her and took off and she called police. Police also say the pair had previously been long time friends. She went to the hospital with minor injuries and Laiwamckay was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon. He posted $30,000 bail and has to report to court at a later date.

Lake County Health Services is reaching out to the public to get all pregnant women to have their immunizations against whooping cough, AKA pertussis. The department says it’s important for mother’s to be to get the shot ASAP, preferably between 27-36 weeks gestation. The health officer in Lake County says women pass the protective antibodies to their babies to help greatly lower the babies’ risk of developing whooping cough early in life. The California Department of Public Health reports a low rate of mother’s to be getting the shot, saying about 99 pertussis cases in infants less than four months old were reported last year and of those two babies died.

Lake County working with the Cities of Lakeport and Clearlake, are starting to remove abandoned vehicles. Through the agreement known as the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Service Authority and with members of the Clearlake and Lakeport City Councils and the Lake County Board of Supervisors serving as commissioners. The chair of the Board of Supes says this isn’t a free tow program, this will be charged to whoever they can trace the abandoned vehicles back to. Local law enforcement also asking for the public’s help to report anyone they see trying to dump large vehicles, like RVs and motor-homes. They say that saves the cities and the county money because it costs between $4-6,000 to take away an abandoned motor-home, plus there are environmental concerns to go with their disposal.

Any young person interested in a career in criminal justice are encouraged to sign up for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program. The program for kids 14-21, who wants a career in law enforcement or to become personally aware of the criminal justice system thru orientation, guidance, training, practical experiences and other activities. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says their Explorer Program is highly respected and has helped many a youngster launch a successful career with local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. For more info, contact Mike Davis at the Sheriff’s office.

michael.davis or at (707)262-4200, ext. 4422.

A major pipeline is being fixed in Lakeport on Giselman Street. The project went out to bid to replace the water main and attached lines so anyone who wants a fire sprinkler system for new home construction or a remodel, can have one. They’re replacing a 1,356 foot main water line over the summer so there’s less of a traffic impact when school’s in session. The lowest bidder is the preferred contractor for the project, Green Right O’Way Constructors. The cost of the project in the neighborhood of $400,000. The city’s public works director says the main they’re replacing has been there for years and leaks consistently. He says they hope to start the work by the first week in June.

A new contract for public defenders in Lake County has been finalized. The Record Bee reports Lake Indigent Defense will set up an office in Lakeport where they’ll have one fulltime staffer, who’s not a lawyer. But with the contract, the company will provide seven felony attorneys, five misdemeanor attorneys and two lawyers for juvenile cases to cover the county. For the work, Indigent Defense is getting one point 3 million dollars a year to be spread out in 12 monthly payments. The company will still sub-contract out with many of the lawyers already doing the work thru the last contractor. The new contract takes effect May 6th.

Election dates changed for Lake County’s school districts. During the regular meeting yesterday for the Board of Supervisors the changes to election dates were finalized. After three public hearings the board moved to change the elections from odd numbered years to match up with the statewide general election in even-numbered years in Kelseyville, Lakeport, Lucerne and for the Upper Lake school districts, as well as the Lake County Board of Education and the Mendocino-Lake Community College District.

A teenager reported missing in Lake County has been found. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports 15-year-old Leah Waters was found yesterday after she was seen running to a creek bed. The Sheriff’s office said in their first report the girl left school after some sort of disagreement. The girl reported to be a Kelseyville middle school student. The school superintendent said earlier reports of the girl leaving school weren’t the case, because at the time her disappearance was reported, she had not even come to school.

A local coffee roasting company winning big at a national competition. The Daily Journal reports Black Oak Coffee Roasters in Ukiah, won the United States Cup Tasters’ Championship. The event in Seattle, Sunday, April 23rd. Steve Cuevas, head of roasting and quality control for the roasting company was the winner. The award for a process called triangulation. Cuevas gets to move on now to be part of the World Cup Tasters Championship in Budapest, Hungary in July.

A new study shows having a beer may be better for you than taking pain medication. The study in Great Britain by researchers at Greenwich University. They say there’s strong evidence showing booze is an effective painkiller, saying the more you have, the less pain you feel… They compare alcohol to opioids like codeine saying the effect was measured to be more powerful than generic Tylenol. The study published in The Journal of Pain showed alcohol content of .08 percent, the legal limit in many regions, reduced pain by up to 25 percent.

Santa Rosa can’t decide if pot growing outdoors should be allowed in the city. The city council was supposed to consider a proposed ban yesterday but the city manager postponed the decision to May 23rd. If the council approves it, the ban would go into effect immediately. The urgency ordinance needs five out of the seven council members to pass. The Press Democrat reports city staff wants the ban because of continued odor and safety concerns in neighborhoods and the possibility there would be more growing after Prop 64 passed.

The University of California system president is apologizing after an audit showed several million dollars set aside. President Janet Napolitano says the money in reserve is in the neighborhood of 38 million dollars, but the audit showed it closer to 175 mil. Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers in a hearing at the Capitol saying they were concerned about the findings that the Univ. President’s office tried to interfere with the audit. Napolitano agrees her office has to keep better records, but the State Auditor told legislators she had an unprecedented lack of cooperation from Napolitano’s office during the audit. She blames the office for inappropriately screening campuses’ responses and for altered statements and ratings of the office.


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