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A call to emergency workers along the North Coast for a possible drowning near Fort Ross. The Press Democrat reporting fire agencies, state park rangers, lifeguards, sheriff’s deputies and the Sonoma County sheriff’s helicopter crew were headed to Ocean Cove, north of Fort Ross after the 9:00 a.m. call a day after abalone season opened. No word whether the person was a diver wasn’t initially available.

A homeless man in Ukiah busted after cops find a gun on him. Police say they approached the man Monday morning in the 600 block of South Orchard Avenue asking him directly if he had any weapons on him. Cops say 25-year-old Brett Adame of Florissant, Mo., told them he had a prybar hidden in his waistband, so the cop patted him down and did find the prybar, but he also found a loaded 45-caliber semi-auotmatic handgun. The man held and after a records check they found the gun had been stolen and saw the guy had felony convictions on his record. Adame taken to jail and booked on suspicion of a felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition and possession of a billy club, and held under $25,000 bail.

Some Mendocino County employees are accusing the county of unfair wages. The Daily Journal reports the county’s getting complaints from some saying they’re in financial crisis and the money is the reason the county’s having a hard time filling positions. The newspaper reports some of the employees spoke in front of the Board of Supervisors Tuesday saying not everyone working for the county is being rewarded by the financial health of the county and some of them had to work short weeks to help with the recession. They’re saying they need to get raises after what they went thru back in 2009 when the county was facing a budget gap of $4 million dollars. A union rep also spoke to the board saying members are not earning a living wage and says some could even qualify for government assistance. Some supervisors agreed saying wages were low, but the budget is also not rebounded.

In a workshop the Ukiah Police Department is poised to report achieving goals it set out for itself. The dept. to report to the City Council and the Chief Chris Dewey says he’s happy with the success of their first goal, to “reduce crime and the fear of crime.” Dewey says there’s been an 18 percent decrease in property crimes and almost no rise in the rate of violent crimes. There were 338 violent crimes reported in 2016 with the department saying they’ve solved more than 75% of those. He does say however, a big drain on the department’s resources is still transients, saying they get around 80 calls for help a day. The chief is planning to have a police consultant do ride alongs and report back on his findings. The official report was being shared with the council at their meeting tonight.


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