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Several of the House Republicans who voted to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act are from Calif. Reps. Jeff Denham of Turlock, David Valadao of Hanford and Steve Knight of Lancaster previously said they wouldn’t vote for the American Health Care Act, but changed their minds. The bill goes to the Senate for a vote, but will probably have several changes made before the vote. According to nonpartisan analysts, if the bill does become law, 24 million Americans will have no insurance by 2026, and 14 million will lose theirs by next year.

The Willits City Council has put regulations on hold to penalize owners of vacant buildings. The council considered a move last fall, then a committee accepted the proposed city ordinance, but it’s now on hold so the city can work on finishing up the city’s cannabis regulations. The Willits News reports some residents complaining about empty buildings for more than 10 years, which is blamed for slow economic growth and lowering property values. City Staff have put a draft ordinance together to fight the blight but they have to back burner the ordinance while employees work on rules for commercial marijuana cultivation.

A man accused of murdering another man in Clearlake has been denied a new trial. The new trial request denied for Billy Mount who could get up to 25 years to life in state prison for the death in 2015 of Steven Galvin. Mount and his lawyer trying for the new trial after body cam video from a cop showed Galvin lying face down saying he was shot by someone else, “Cyclops,” AKA David Cox. Cox got limited immunity in the case to testify against Mount. Cox testified Mount admitted he actually shot the victim. The case referred to the probation dept. for recommendation and sentencing which happens May 22nd.

A private investigator working for the former owner of several Ukiah businesses say the city could be accused of defrauding his client. Joseph Soldis claims the city’s acting in bad faith and its practices may end up being fraudulent. The Daily Journal reports Soldis saying he was hired by Zhao Corporation after tenants in their building were supposedly withholding payments. But Soldis says after he interviewed the tenants he found it was their sewer bills they were most upset about, because they’d sky-rocketed over the past year. Soldis says after he contacted the city on the matter, he was told the city estimates how much water’s being used for sewer treatment services.

Congressman Jared Huffman says he voted against the new Healthcare bill which will replace the Affordable Care Act. The Democratic congressman from San Rafael calls the new bill a massive tax break for the wealthy. Huffman says the narrow, party-line passage of TrumpCare is a disaster for his constituents, our neighbors and families all across the country. Huffman speaking out on Twitter against the bill. His office also released a statement saying the new health care bill will mean higher out-of-pocket costs and a loss of coverage for 24 million Americans over the next 10 years.

Several people left without power after a fire in Clearlake. Lake Co News reports the fire on Mullen Avenue at Palmer and Emory avenues was reported just before midnight last night. The news site reports a studio apartment, a single family home and three outbuildings were destroyed. There were several reports saying the fire started after a loud explosion. Many people also calling the news site to report the explosion, others take to social media to post they heard it too. Apparently after the fire started it spread to a 500-gallon kerosene tank. After that wires were reported down and danger to transformers in the area. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. was responding last night and the fire reported to be contained in just over an hour. Power was temporarily shut down so the lines could be repaired.

The Innovation Summit has birthed Project Restoration so city representatives in Clearlake can work to reduce homelessness and help the needy. The program Project Restoration will have 16 focus areas that cause and also allow homelessness to continue. They will take a proactive approach using three campaigns to begin with to cover mental health and substance abuse, shelter and transportation. The Director of Community Wellness from Adventist Health organized the event with her team. Apparently if the pilot project from the Innovation Summit is helpful, it could be used in other areas of the county… the Summit hosted by Marymount College’s Lake County campus in Lucerne.

The city of Sacramento is putting aside hundreds of thousands of dollars to help illegal immigrants facing possible deportation. The Sacramento Bee newspaper reports the city is paying for legal services starting as soon as next month for illegals who fear deportation. The Sacramento City Council voted unanimously Tuesday for as much as $300,000 to pay for legal, educational and faith-based nonprofits to help city residents with immediate immigration problems and to counsel them on ways to protect children and their assets if the parents are deported in the future.


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