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A man in Mendocino’s been arrested after an attack on his wife and a teenage boy. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports Noah Wortila was arrested after a woman reported Wortila as the teen’s dad and that there was a family argument which escalated and he assaulted the teen. Police say he physically stopped his wife from calling police a day after he had also assaulted her. Deputies saw a moderate visible injury to the teen’s face and took Wortila for Corporal Punishment upon a Child Resulting in Injury, Child Endangerment, Preventing Another from Summoning Law Enforcement, False Imprisonment and Spousal Battery. He’s held on $25,000.00 bail.

A woman wanted on a warrant for charges that include manslaughter and arson in the Willits area. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to help Lakeport Police serve the arrest warrant for Tracey Morales in the Willits area but she could not be found. Cops say she called police and responded when Willits Police asked to meet her. She told them she had several medical issues that would get worse if she went to jail. So they gave her a citation to appear in Lake County Superior Court for the warrant.

A man in Willits has been arrested for being in possession of several weapons including brass knuckles. A deputy from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office in Willits saw Robert Williams in a car in a mobile home park and saw he had metal knuckles coming out of one of his jacket pockets. So he searched the guy and found a billy club taped around his ankle under his pants, he then searched the car and found a pair of "Nunchaku" and what looked to be meth along with drug paraphernalia. He was on probation too, so he was arrested on several charges, including Possession of Metal Knuckles, Possession of Club / Cane and Possession of Controlled Substance. He was held on $15,000.00 bail.

A new member’s being chosen for the Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District. General Manager Tamara Alaniz has noted in notes for the meeting today, that Jack Reardan was the only applicant for the seat recently vacated. Reardan works for the Flight Rail Corporation in maintenance and operations. The meeting tonight at 5.

A new report by UC Berkeley shows of about a dozen rural counties in the state, Mendocino is one without access to fast internet. The analysis shows there are 14 rural California counties where there’s almost no access to wireline, or fiber-based, broadband at reliable speeds. The Haas Institute report says that’s because there’s economic disparity in the way AT&T distributes their fiber-to-the-home networks in California. The report says the utility giant is unfairly denying millions of middle and working-class Californians modern technologies so they can thrive in the data-rich, fast-paced digital world.

The new bicycle pump track has opened at Westside Community Park in Lakeport. The track opened near the softball field, in Phase II of the renovations at the park. Lake Co News reports the track was done April 28th. It was designed by the same man who designed the entire park, Andrew Taylor of Watsonville. The news site also reports the track was put up in about a week and a half. The dirt track includes mounds, loops and jumps to be ridden by motion of the rider pumping their body up and down.

A new high speed, CodeRED system is in for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services. After a thorough inspection of their systems the new high-speed emergency notification service was put in as will an Integrated Public Alert and Warning System. The Undersheriff says the equipment will mean they have an effective way to alert and warn the public if there’s life-threatening emergencies. The whole thing to work through the Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, NOAA Weather Radio and it can issue notifications to other local alerting authorities who also have the CodeRED interface.

A big chunk of money has come in to help rebuild some of the homes lost in wildfires in Lake County. Hope City got a $1 million gift to help rebuild homes. The money from the new owner of Langtry Farms. The ministry of the Hope Crisis Response Network working with several local churches and has been in Lake County since 2015 helping to rebuild homes after the Valley fire. They stayed on after the Rocky, Jerusalem and Clayton fires. They are looking to rebuild between 100 and 120 new homes over five years for about $7 million. The same company that donated the cash is apparently hoping to develop a boutique-style hotel, spa, sporting facility, town center, cultural facilities and residential development in the county.

A man from Forestville who police say has a violent past has been named as a suspect in a cold case. Police say Shaun Gallon knew the Sonoma Coast well and that he is the one who shot and killed Lindsay Cutshall and her fiance Jason Allen in 2004 on a beach near Jenner. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s office made the arrest announcement Friday. Gallon had been in prison since March related to the murder of his brother. When he was being questioned, he also apparently told detectives information about the Jenner murders they say nobody else would know. He had been arrested back then about a week later, but it was unrelated. He was questioned by homicide detectives but never detained.

A man NY faces animal cruelty charges for the death of a squirrel, which prosecutors say he did for a dumb reason. Police arrested Jonathan Mangia who said he shot and killed the animal last week because it quote, “gave him a look”. Cops say the guy said he threw rocks at the squirrel to scare it away from his house, but it gave him a look that he took personal. He says it then ran away and took its own arrow out. An environmental conservation officer on Staten Island found the animal dead and bloodied. The NYPD tweeted about the arrest, calling it “illegal hunting” and said to “save archery for the range.” Mangia charged with torturing and injuring animals, reckless endangerment and violating a state Environmental Conservation Law.


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