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A new plan so marijuana is safer for those using it as medicine in Calif. The Bureau of Marijuana Control has new rules for medical pot that’s sold legally in the state. The rules say all Cannabis will have to be independently tested in a lab beginning next year. The new regulations set out show everything that has to be followed down to what kind of clothing lab technicians are allowed to wear when they collect cannabis samples. The regulations after the passage of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, passed in 2015. That created the Bureau of Marijuana Control who has released a couple sets of documents now, one for operating a dispensary and now how Cannabis is testing for medical use.

Two men from Vacaville have been killed after their small airplane crashed into Lake Berryessa. The Napa County Sheriff’s Office says the light-sport aircraft known as the ICON A5 Amphibious crashed into the eastern end of the Lake at Little Portuguese Cove yesterday morning. The two aboard were confirmed dead at the scene. They’ve been identified as 55 year old Jon Karkow the pilot of the plane and his passenger, 41 year old Cagri Sever. The two were both employees of ICON Aircraft in Vacaville. There’s of course an investigation taking place. The CEO of the company says it was a devastating personal loss for many of them, saying the two who died were "both truly amazing individuals".

A man from Valejo has fallen to his death from the roof of a winery in St. Helena. The Napa County Sheriff’s office says 56 year old Daniel Colombo was a pipefitter and welder at the Sutter Home Winery on Main Street. They say he was working on the refrigeration system on the roof without a safety harness and fell through a light panel. The Napa County District Attorney’s Office and Cal-OSHA are looking into the death.

Work’s begun on the last bit of the Downtown Improvement Project in Lakeport. Lake Co News reports the contractor started to plant new trees on Main St. between First and Fourth streets. A contract for the trees was approved in March. Holes being dug yesterday and about a half dozen trees a day will go in this week. They have to dig by hand because of underground utility wiring. The official grand opening, ribbon cutting ceremony for the Downtown Improvement Project’s planned before the Memorial Day weekend parade Saturday, May 27th.

The Clearlake City Council moves the city a step closer to having final rules for growing marijuana and for retail outlets. Lake Co News reports the council had its second and final readings of the marijuana-related ordinances – which needed updating because of changes to state law. At the end of last month the council approved the updated cultivation ordinance, but the city manager asked for the dispensary ordinance to be held because there was questions raised about it by a law firm just a couple hours before their meeting started. The letter on behalf of a dispensary owner wanting to know if they would still be able to operate under the new rules. But apparently dispensaries already in business won’t be affected by the new rules. So the ordinance passed.

A busy week for the Lakeport Economic Development Advisory Committee. The committee set to consider the city strategic plan, a new community policing program and updates to an equestrian park plan. Lake Co News reports the committee meeting tomorrow morning. The police chief will also be there to introduce a new cop who will be working in the business community, as neighborhood and community outreach officer, part of a new program. The proposed equestrian park plan will be presented by the committee chair after the City Council approved moving the park to a different property.

Staff at Mendocino College not happy about plans for a presidential suite in the library. The Daily Journal reports some faculty members saying taxpayers who approved a bond to build the library may not like new ideas being proposed. A math professor apparently sent an email to the college’s full- and part-time faculty saying library staff was not consulted, other staffers who would be affected by the proposed changes were also not told and other stakeholders didn’t know about the plan until after it was in motion. The teacher says it could be hard to ask the public for another bond if people in the community found the student space was used for the comfort of the president. The college’s Board of Trustees get a chance to consider the proposal at a meeting tomorrow night.

A tea made out of deer antler is being recalled by the California Department of Public Health after a couple people who drank became ill. State health officials say it could have been contaminated with botulism after two Orange County residents got sick. U.S. Deer Antlers Exports and Imports Inc. is apparently selling the tea to acupuncturists and others in California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia. The health dept. says botulism can cause symptoms like blurred vision and sore throat, plus a paralysis of muscles and difficulty swallowing and breathing too.

The state’s asking the federal government to pay up to 75 percent of the cost to fix spillways at the Oroville Dam. It’s going to cost hundreds of millions to repair the badly damaged spillways. As we’ve been reporting there was massive damage to the dam this winter during heavy rains, leading to the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people in February. The dam had crater size holes in both of its water-release spillways. Now the state Department of Water Resources is trying to quickly repair the dam ahead of the next rainy season. The state’s applying for FEMA money to pay for 75 percent of all construction work. The dam was already designated as a federal disaster by President Trump, which makes it eligible for federal financial assistance. The Department of Water Resources got a $500 million letter of credit to pay for the repairs which so far are about $275 million dollars. The Trump administration announced $274 million for the Oroville Dam repairs last month. It could take up to two years for all of the repairs to be complete.

Lawmakers want the Calif. primary elections to be in March not June. Bills passed last week say the June primary doesn’t give voters in the state enough say in who becomes president since it’s so late in the process. Last year Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were already the presumptive nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties by the time it got around to our primary. The idea to move the primary three months sooner to give Californians greater influence in the nomination decisions. Assemblyman Kevin Mullin authored the Assembly bill saying Calif. has been mostly a non-factor when it comes to selecting candidates. He says his bill will make Calif. more politically relevant in presidential election cycles. Both houses have passed measures to change the primary to March.

A strip club in New York says they don’t have to pay a big chunk of taxes because their dancers provide more than entertainment, they are therapists. The New York Daily News reporting the owners of the Penthouse Executive Club argued they didn’t have to pay about 3 million in taxes to the state because their dancers provide non-taxable services like a massage or sex therapist would. It all comes after an audit of the company several years ago showing they didn’t pay taxes on the sale of in-house currency which they called “executive dollars” or tips. But NY’s Department of Taxation and Finance said it was the same as an admission charge and subject to taxes, so they now have to fork over the equivalent of taxes on about 25 million executive dollars.

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