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A private investigator who’s investigating the City of Ukiah’s sewer bill calculations wants to appear before the city council. The Daily Journal reports Joseph Soldis of Calif. Judicial Investigations says it’s important for the public to hear their findings. He was hired by Zhao Corporation, as we reported, after several tenants had supposedly not paid their rent. So the investigator found they were upset about escalating sewer bills and he says he found calculations for the bills over the years had been made thru speculation. The city’s director of sewer and water telling Soldis the city assumes based on January usage how much water travels back to the sewage treatment plant. He says he asked the city to fix the former tenants sewer bills which were triple water usage rates some months. He’s requesting an audience with the city council next week.

There’s finally a new supervisor for district 3 of Mendocino County. Former Willits Unified Board of Trustees member and local veterinarian Georgeanne Croskey is taking the spot Tom Woodhouse left in January after months off. The Governor Jerry Brown announced the appointment yesterday. The appointment doesn’t need Senate confirmation and Croskey will get an annual salary for the position of just over $61,000. Croskey says she’s honored and wants to do as much as she can to make the county a wonderful place to live. Croskey was also in the Air Force and works as a mobile veterinarian. Woodhouse retired after some mental health and other medical concerns last year.

A lawsuit to get the City of Ukiah to stop collecting taxes for street repairs has been tossed from court. Earlier this month the judge ruled in favor of the city having the lawsuit dismissed. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association said Measure Y, a half-cent sales tax increase needed a super majority to pass, not a simple 51% majority, calling it a special tax. But the judge agreed with the city attorney who argued against Jarvis’s assertion that it went with a companion measure, Z, which used Measure Y money for street repairs. The sales tax increase is expected to pull in about two and a half million a year for street repairs and maintenance. The money raised so far is sitting in a holding account due to this lawsuit. The city manager says the money will stay there because Jarvis has 60 days to appeal.

Several housing bills are circulating in the legislature due to a lack of affordable housing. The Record Bee says one policy advocate is tracking up to 90 bills and there could be as many as 130 circulating to consider the state’s housing shortage. A shortage of homes and high housing costs along with little to no plans for growth in some cities are listed as the reasons for so many bills. The Calif. Association of Realtors lobbyist says there’s a housing crisis in Calif. which can readily be seen by looking at the state’s latest housing assessment report. The Housing and Community Development Department reported a need for up to 180,000 new homes a year the last ten years with only about 80,000 a year being built.

The top marijuana regulator in Calif says the state has to get aggressive against black market dealers so there can be a robust legitimate industry and to keep the federal government out of the state. The Press Democrat reports the chief of the State Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, Lori Ajax, spoke at a conference of Sonoma County business leaders who are already involved with the industry or are interested. She says the state needs to take a stand against un-licensed activity. The newspaper reports several North Coast marijuana farmers were there some saying the state’s never really done much to support or protect farmers before so why would they now, legal or not. The panel was to discuss permitting and investing in the burgeoning industry.

Police and volunteers still search for a man from Rohnert Park last seen in Clearlake. Lake Co News reports it’s been three months since Fernando Ruben-Miñón was last seen by his mother. Police say there’s no solid leads, no activity on his credit cards or cell phone use. Police in Rohnert Park say they still have an active investigation going on in Minon’s disappearance. His mother says he’s diabetic and has Asperger’s. She says he borrowed her car in February to visit a friend in Santa Rosa and she never saw him again. She says she texted him when he didn’t return the next day and he responded he’d be back February 14th, but never heard back. He was last seen Feb. 12th in Clearlake. The folks he stayed with say they saw him February 12th, driving away from their house.

The Clearlake City Council is supposed to be choosing an ad hoc committee to take on homelessness. The city council meeting in closed session tomorrow night before their regular meeting, to discuss some labor and property issues. During regular council business they will discuss appointing members to the committee for homeless issues. Last month the council decided to form the panel so they could consider issues and come up with solutions. The report on the idea suggests two council members and two city planning commissioners be appointed.

Some local mayors and county representatives penning a letter to the Governor saying the state’s putting communities downstream of the Oroville Dam in danger of flooding due to the management of the damaged dam. The letter to Gov. Brown from the mayors of the city of Oroville and six other communities downstream. This after the emergency spillway cratered in February due to heavy rains, causing the immediate evacuation of 188,000 people. The Governor’s office and the state Dept. of Water Resources says protecting lives and property is the top priority and look to have the spillways running normally again by November 1st.

A man from Clearlake involved in a high speed chase with cops has been caught by a police dog. Lake Co News reports Mario Tito Mirabella was nabbed by Bear a Clearlake Police K-9 after a chase from Calistoga to Clearlake late Sunday night. Police say he jumped out of his car and hid in a trailer and Bear found him. Police say they tried to pull him over but he wouldn’t stop. Police, the CHP and a sheriff’s deputy chased the guy, sometimes hitting speeds faster than 110 miles per hour. They traveled over Highway 29, into Clearlake’s Village streets and police say one officer tried to smash into the guy, but he swerved and continued on. His car finally seen, but he jumped out and hid, until Bear got a hold of him in a travel trailer hidden by brush. Mirabella was taken to a hospital for possible injuries then booked in jail for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer and resisting arrest. More charges could be coming.

Police in Alexandria warning the public after a driver was stopped for fake inspection and registration stickers. Police posting on Facebook saying the stopped a driver last weekend who used cut-out flyers and a cheese wrapper, trying to make it look like she had up to date registration and inspection stickers. In their post, cops wrote, "We can’t even file this under the ‘A for effort’ category." Phony stickers is a misdemeanor and those found guilty could be fined up to $1,200. The woman’s car was towed and is being impounded until its properly registered. She’s also charged with operating after suspension and driving without proof of financial responsibility.

The new superintendent has been chosen for Lakeport Schools. The Board of Trustees for the School District announced April Leiferman as the choice, she’s the Assistant Superintendent right now. She’ll replace Erin Smith-Hagberg. The board has to give final approval of her contract, which should happen tomorrow at their board meeting. Leiferman also has experience as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, as the English Learner Director, as a Principal, Assistant Principal and substitute teacher. Her official start date is July 1st. The President of the Board says her background and expertise in several areas will benefit students, and says the entire board’s excited they will have an experienced and qualified individual leading the district.


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