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Multiple reports of dead fish on Clear Lake’s shore from a fast temperature change. The County Water Resources Department had several reports about the fish and says they were in shallow water while spawning. The agency says the fish were mostly adult crappies, some bass and several large carp, which all generally spawn in the spring in shallow water. The director of the dept. says there had been cool weather, then it quickly changed and that rapid change in nearshore waters where the fish spawn, plus their regular stress during spawning, probably caused them to die. They also say it wasn’t in one concentrated area, but the die-off was a lake-wide phenomenon and not caused by a toxic algal bloom.

A man charged in the beating death of another man at a bar in Laytonville got 6 years in state prison. Charles Wallace Reynolds, Jr. was accused in the beating of Kenneth Fisher in August of 2016. Reynolds got 3 years to run consecutively with another 3 years for battery with serious bodily injury and injury that caused Fisher’s death. He will serve his time at San Quentin. The convictions are a Strike under the Three Strikes Law and could mean he will not earn as much credit for time in prison

Police warning a man from Santa Rosa has registered as a sex offender in Willits. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. says 24 year old Jonathan Hoppner came to their office to register since he’s on parole with the state. The sheriff’s office says they had no heads up that the man was moving to the area. They are letting the public know though, that Hoppner is what’s considered a high risk sex offender. His address has not been released because of the crimes he committed, only his city and zip code.

A woman from Hopland’s been found guilty of dealing meth. The DA’s office says Tina Carrillo was found guilty of transporting methamphetamine for the purpose of sales which is a felony. She’s been tried before on the matter, but the last jury was hung, but the court found the defendant had another conviction for driving on a suspended license and was on probation when she was arrested again, so therefore was in violation of the terms of her probation. So all of the crimes were referred to the probation dept. for sentencing recommendation, which will be delivered in June.

A man from Ukiah’s been arrested for shooting an arrow at an apartment complex. Police get a call to the complex Sunday after witnesses say Stanley Klinges got into an argument with a neighbor and threatened them with the arrow. Police say Klinges thought his neighbor might be a drug dealer. They say the neighbor pulled up to the building with his wife and kids in the car and Klinges came out to confront him and they started arguing. Cops say Klinges went back to his apartment and got a compound bow and shot an arrow at the man, who he missed, but then they got into a fight until officers got there. Klinges has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and violating his probation.

All that snow and rain this year has the river running thru Yosemite National Park running over its banks. So the Merced County Sheriff organized an airdrop so 30 stranded cows downstream can eat. The National Weather Service reporting the Merced River could hit flood stage again last night under the Pohono Bridge. They say the melt off should slow down with today’s cooler temperatures which should last thru the weekend. The campgrounds were wet, but not a lot of damage reported. The Sheriff’s office was dropping two tons of hay on an island by the river where the cattle graze and have been stranded since January. Apparently each of them has lost about 300 pounds.

The CHP’s got a new program to prevent or slow down the amount of teenage distracted driving deaths and Clearlake is getting involved. The California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) “Start Smart” program helps give teens traffic safety education classes thru a unique teaching experience. The program for parents too, shows crash statistics, teen driver and passenger behaviors, graduated driver’s license laws, cultural changes in today’s society and the need for stronger parental involvement in a teenager’s driving experience. The city of Clearlake’s CHP is offering the traffic safety class for soon to be licensed, new licensees and teenagers already driving, along with their parents or guardians. It’s next Wednesday, May 17th from 6 to 8:00 PM at the local CHP office in Kelseyville. Space is limited, so call ahead to reserve your spot.

No resolution, but more mediation between the City of Ukiah and the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District. The Daily Journal reports the City Manager Sage Sangiacomo saying he’s getting concerned because of unresponsiveness and apparent obstructionism saying the city’s repeatedly requested meeting with the district’s board about other items, with no luck. As for the lawsuit it says the city’s been breaching the district’s contract for years and the lawsuit was filed after years of trying mediation. But the City Manager says there’s been no response by the Sanitation District about the city’s request for a joint meeting about the current budget, the recycled water system and next year’s budget. He says they had to file a public information request for basic customer billing information because of a billing problem. But the lawyer representing the district says there’s been ongoing dialog but they recently lost their manager.

The Gov. is reportedly putting $1.5 million from the state budget into a fund for the cleanup of illegal marijuana grow sites in Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties. This according to Assemblyman Jim Wood’s office, he represents all three counties. Wood says beautiful pristine forests have become havens for illegal grow sites with growers ignoring state laws and leaving trash and destruction behind. The money will go to the Fisheries Restoration Grant Program and the cleanup of environmental damage in the forests. The Governor released a statement saying the illegal grow sites damage to forests and wildlife so they’re going to do something about it. But Mendocino County Supervisor John McCowen says that’s all nice, but not nearly enough to make a dent in the damage.

Quick work of a bathroom fire in Ukiah. Ukiah Valley Fire Authority gets several calls to the fire last night on North Main Street. Firefighters say the fire started after a towel hanging over a water heater ignited. They say there was just superficial damage to the walls in the bathroom, but the walls were cut into to make sure there was no fire inside of them. There were no injuries and everyone inside were evacuated.

Quite a challenge to climb Mount Everest, plus it’s not free. If you’re a foreign climber you have to pay the Nepalese Government to get a permit. One South African adventurer just said no, when it came time to pay, Ryan Davy, who climbed along up to 21,000 feet was caught hiding in a cave. A government liaison says they saw him along so they approached him and he ran. The liaison then followed the guy where he’d set up his own camp in the cave, they say to avoid government officials. The dude goes on Facebook to tell all his friends, his expedition took a bad turn when he realized he didn’t have enough money for his permit due to hidden costs. He was sent down the mountain, plus his gear was confiscated. He could be banned for ten years of climbing in Nepal and five from the country itself. He’s also be fined twice the amount of what he would have had to pay to climb in the first place, $8000 pounds. He’s in jail until the whole thing is sorted.


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