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More information has surfaced in the cold case double murder at a beach near Jenner. Police say after Shaun Gallon of Forestville was arrested connected to the death of his brother, detectives started talking to him about the murder in 2004 of Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen at Fish Head Beach. Apparently weeks after his arrest and cops asking him questions about the double murder, Gallon gave a jail guard a note. A search came soon after and evidence found that was linked to the deaths. The Sonoma County Sheriff announced a couple weeks ago they had gathered more information on the killings that no other person besides the killer may have known. Gallon’s not been charged with the deaths yet as police are still finalizing the investigation and formal charges.

Portable showers used at a homeless shelter on South State Street to be used by the public this summer. The Human and Health Services Agency talking to the Homeless Services Action Group this month say they’re planning to keep the showers available for anyone who has no other option for bathing. The group is paying the costs of operating the showers which will be in the Plowshares parking lot. Men and women will use the showers on alternate days and they will not be open on the weekend since there’s no Plowshares staff on duty. They will also only be open from noon to 5 pm. They’re looking at a June 1st start. The showers to stay open until there’s a homeless facility where showers are an option.

A serious car crash had Highway 101 backed up in both directions for more than a half mile while a Reach helicopter came in to take someone to the hospital. The head on crash Saturday morning a mile north of the Geysers Road. One of the cars split in half Saturday morning and the driver was flown to a hospital in Sonoma County. Another patient was taken away in an ambulance. This was a day after another serious head on crash. That one on Hwy 128 near Boonville. It closed that highway for several hours Friday night. Both lanes of that highway closed with a major backup while emergency responders worked on one of the drivers.

Some people working in the fishing industry say they’re moving on after four years of poor crab and salmon fishing. Toxic algae blooms meant there was almost no 2015-16 Dungeness crab season with many fishermen going into debt or getting out of the business entirely. The Press Democrat reports millions in government spending from the federal government for relief is now not happening, so many in the industry are left with no way to make money. Congressman Jared Huffman and Congresswoman Jackie Speier have introduced a couple of bills this month that could give relief funds to fisherman in the state. Huffman says the bill should be voted on in Sept. during the next appropriation cycle which is before the new federal fiscal year in October. At the same time as the domoic acid levels rising in crabs and the toxic algae bloom, the state is also considering raising landing fees for fisherman to as high as 1,300 percent more to close a $20 million deficit in the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s budget.

Rates for PG& E customers are on the rise again. The Record Bee reports one consumer group says the additional $1.65 a month is to cover the costs to decommission the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Last week the state Public Utilities Commission said yes to a settlement with 15 parties, including PG& E so now the utility can raise gas and electricity bills another 1 percent. The Utility Reform Network, a consumer safety group says PG& E is trying to set meetings with several commissioners from the PUC to overturn a recent proposal so the utility can start rate increases that a judge blocked. The consumer group says that rate increase is actually to pay for the decommissioning of the nuclear plant. The meetings are supposed to happen next week. The PUC says they only agreed to allow the utility to raise its rates so it could operate its electric and gas distribution systems safely and reliably.

Some Republican lawmakers are trying to get a recent gas tax hike repealed, so they’re taking it to voters. Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen of Huntington Beach has filed papers to get the gas tax overturned in a 2018 ballot measure. The 10 year gas tax is supposed to raise more than 50 billion dollars for transportation funding. The bill dubbed the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 barely squeaked by. It’ll raise the gas tax by 12 cents a gallon, plus it raises car registration fees to pay for road repairs that are now more than $130 billion. All of that would be repealed if Allen has his way. Allen and some of his colleagues say the state’s already taking money for transportation and says tax hikes aren’t needed to fix roads.

The Lakeport City Council is meeting to consider a new groundwater sustainability agency. The meeting tomorrow night at 6 to discuss the new agency, but there will have to be a public hearing too. The agency to cover the Scotts Valley basin, which is in the service area of the city and a major source of water for the city. Lake Co News reports the Community Development Director prepared a report for the city council saying city and county staff had discussed a possible joint powers authority for their groundwater sustainability agency and they’ve already put together a draft joint powers agreement.

Preparations have begun for the lookout tower at Mount Konocti ahead of fire season and they need volunteers. The 45 foot high tower had not been opened for several years but after the Rocky, Jerusalem and Valley Fires and a 12-year closure, the lookout tower opened last June. If a smoke report comes from the tower, a Cal Fire dispatcher in St. Helena sends units to wherever the smoke was seen. The tower is staffed by volunteer. Monitoring will start again Thursday, June 1st. They need more volunteers for the fire season which continues into the fall. For more info, call the Forest Fire Lookout Association Chairman at 707-245-3771.

A Facebook post from a police department in Northern Calif. goes viral after one cop sees a commercial about Gluten. Lt. Chomnan Loth of the Newark Police Dept. says he was channel surfing and saw a gluten free commercial and thought wouldn’t it be funny if drugs had gluten in them. So he posted on Facebook, "is your meth laced with deadly gluten? Not sure? Bring your meth down to the PD and we will test it for you for free!" The post went viral with more than 212,000 shares, thousands of reactions and thousands of comments. Some people thought it might be a real thing and were confused. The dept. says they’ve heard from people from Japan, England and Australia.


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