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If you’re interested in going to the inaugural Lakeport Sprint Boat Grand Prix, ticket buying locations have been announced. The event takes place the weekend of June 3rd and 4th. Organizers are encouraging buying tickets online thru the site or to a local ticket outlet. The locations, Twin Pine Casino ‘Off the Vine’ Gift shop, Kelseyville Lumber, Lake County Fairgrounds, Steele Winery Tasting Room, and Chacewater Winery Tasting Room. And in Ukiah at dig! Music. They’re also still looking for vendors and volunteers, you can visit the website for more info on that too.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association says they’re not appealing a court’s decision that the new Ukiah sales tax for street repairs did not need more votes to pass. The tax payer protection group had argued the sales tax should have been approved by two-thirds of Ukiah residents last November. They sued in court saying instead of the narrow majority win, it should have received 66 percent, but the court did not agree. Jarvis had a chance to appeal the ruling last month after the Mendocino County Superior Court tossed the case. But the association sent out a press release saying they’re not planning an appeal. The money collected so far was put into an escrow account. The tax was expected to bring in as much as $2.5 million dollars a year for road repairs.

A Calif. seafood company is accused of violating the California Coastal Act by not taking some of their equipment out of Humboldt County. Coast Seafoods Company had until last week to take their shellfish farming equipment, like stakes, ropes and even oysters out within 30 days, that was originally ordered in February. The California Coastal Commission sent the company a letter giving them 30 days from April 21st to remove the shellfish culturing equipment and send pictures proving the work had been done. Apparently they did send pictures, but about a week too late and an inspection showed a bunch of equipment still left behind. The company had until April 28th to take out the remaining equipment and if they fail they could be slapped with fees of up to $15,000 a day. The company’s lawyer sites weather related issues with the cleanup. The deadline for cleanup was extended to May 2nd. No word on completion since that date.

Donations have been made to the Lake County Sheriff, District 3 Supervisor and the Undersheriff by the Habematolel Pomo Tribe of Upper Lake. The donations of $25,000 each for the County of Lake and $25,000 for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The Tribal Chair presented the money in a meeting with gratitude for a professional and respectful working relationship with the County and the Sheriff’s Office. The Tribal Chair said they wanted to give back to the community and this was their way of doing that. Sheriff Brian Martin and Supervisor Jim Steele thanked the tribe with the Sheriff saying they’ll use the donation for training, equipment, and materials to enhance services for Native American communities.

Cops on the lookout for a couple of men they say purchased hundreds in merchandise at a garden supply store in Middletown with a phony credit card. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the duo who bought $1,500 worth of items May 9th at Lovie’s Garden Supply with a fraudulent credit card from an out-of-state resident. The Sheriff’s office says the men might have been in an older, Ford F-150 pickup. They’re asking anyone with info to call the Sheriff’s Office. They say they do have pictures of the two that were captured on video.

A new report shows former Gov. Pat Brown, the father of our current Governor, wasn’t completely honest about how much it would cost to build the Oroville Dam. The Sacramento Bee reports Brown misled voters about the dam’s cost, ignored recommendations to wait to construct it and brushed off allegations about substandard materials being used to build the project. The newspaper reports Brown’s administration got passed labor strikes, dealt with worker deaths and other scandals before the dam was built, but it was built on time. The report after the failure of the tallest dam in the U-S had almost 200,000 people evacuating their homes with one hour’s notice. The paper reports it didn’t find anything to show the way the dam was built would cause future spillway problems, but some experts say the spillway failure in February was partly caused by design and construction problems decades ago.

It’s that time of year again… in the city of Clearlake, officials are sending out their seasonal notification to property owners to get at their overgrown weeds and vegetation to reduce the potential of fire and to tidy things up. Every year from May 15th thru Nov. 1st we have increased fire danger in Northern California because of too many weeds and too much brush. The Clayton Fire last year and the Valley and Jerusalem and Rocky Fires in 2015 brought more awareness to overgrown weeds and vegetation. The City Manager says weeds and vegetation are greater this year due to the very wet winter. It’s a property owner’s responsibility to pull weeds and keep their land from having overgrown vegetation. The city is working with the Lake County Fire Protection District enforcing ordinances to keep blight and fire hazards down, that could mean being cited or charged a fee.

An elderly gramma had her family worried when she mistakenly drove 300 miles to Scotland instead of six miles to the nearby hospital for an appointment. Valerie Johnson was headed to Worcester (Woos-ter) which is only six miles away from where she lives, but she somehow got diverted out of her way then drove for eight hours, ending up in Larkhall, Scotland, when she ran out of gas. Her daughter called cops after mom’s neighbor got worried about her. So she hopped a flight to Scotland to scoop her up. A couple noticed the woman’s car was stuck in the middle of the road outside their house so they called police then cared for her until her daughter arrived.


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