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The owner of the former Wisedas (WizDiz) Resort in Clearlake has pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors for continuously maintaining a public nuisance on the property, and for negligently dumping ash into Clear Lake after a fire at the empty motel last October. The Lake County District Attorney says Edward Meyer, Jr. got three years’ probation and 150 hours of community service. Meyer was also ordered to complete full site remediation by October 2, pay a fine of $5,000, and pay full restitution of more than $15,000 to the Lake County Fire Protection District for costs of fighting the October 2016 fire. On top of all of that, the DA says Meyer will also pay $50,000 as a charitable donation to the county, which will be divided among multiple local organizations. The public nuisance charge dated to before the 2016 fire to a 2013 arson fire that destroyed most of the resort, after which local officials fought with Meyer to get the property cleaned up.

The Chief of California’s new Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation says the state wants to work alongside legitimate marijuana growers to support their business by driving out the illegal growers. Speaking at a Sonoma County marijuana business conference last week, Lori Ajax said the state has to aggressively root out black market weed to get the legitimate industry to thrive. She told the group she knows it’s risky with possible federal inference looming but urged them to “come into the light” and comply with all the regulations, and help the state take a stand against non-licensed activity. Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster shared the story on his Facebook Page, saying Ajax’s message should set the expectation for the industry: “Play by the new rules or expect old-fashion criminal litigation.”

A guy found unconscious in his truck Monday night has been arrested on suspicion of DUI Hit-and-Run, and it’s the second time in a week. Ukiah Police and an ambulance were called to East Perkins Street and Oak Manor Drive where they found the truck with major frontend damage and the driver Sergio Luna unresponsive. He was taken to Ukiah Valley Medical Center. Investigators learned before he passed out he had hit a parked car on Yosemite Drive. Luna is suspected of being under the influence of Heroin and prescription medication at the time of the crash. UPD says he was also arrested for a suspected DUI hit-and-run May 12th.

Lake County’s fallen safety officers will be honored in a memorial ceremony. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office chaplains will host the event, which starts at 6 p.m. at the Lake County Memorial Park in front of the Historic Courthouse Museum. The public is invited to attend in honor of those who put their lives on the line in Lake County and remember those who gave their lives in the performance of their duties.

A public hearing’s held regarding public housing in Lake County. The Record Bee reports Lake County’s California Human Development Dept. had the meeting to discuss the challenges and hear about farm workers and their families needs. A CHP officer was also at the meeting to discuss immigration worries with the crowd. The public hearing is one of a regular series held in the state every two years. Funding from the federal government goes to the dept. and helps with job openings for farm workers or those affected by natural disasters. The agency has a new office in Ukiah and announced anyone who needs help can come directly to the office. In Lakeport they’re looking to hire about 30 people with the help of the agency to clean up Lakeport’s parks, lagoons, and roads since the flooding.

Money from the Lake County Watershed Protection District will support the Quagga and Zebra Mussel Infestation Prevention program. Money from the California Parks and Recreation, Division of Boating and Waterways is also available thru a grant. The Director of the Water Resource Department for Lake County says they have the money and have to match some of it with labor. The grant for just over $312-thousand dollars. The money to help with the prevention program instead of taking money from other areas, so they can have eight boat ramp monitors for two years and two boat ramp monitor coordinators. The money will help pay to send the monitors to Watercraft Inspection Training and for training for the Water Resource Technician.

A Search and Rescue Helicopter Awareness Training’s happening at Lake Mendocino. The Mendocino and Napa County Sheriff’s Offices have the training this weekend working with several other law enforcement groups. It’s to show how to go out in a lengthy search and rescue mission that may occur in hard-to-access, mountainous terrain. That kind of rescue requires advanced training that includes aviation help with dropping in and helping them back out. So the California National Guard, Cal Fire, CHP and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office are pitching in with the training. Aviation would help with medical extractions like hoisting out an injured person. The training this weekend, for more info, email barneys

The Department of Water Resources has shut down the Oroville Dam for repair for the summer. They will be constructing the main and emergency spillways through the summer and fall up until the next rainy season. The agency says they hope to have the main spillway operational by November 1st. They will have more work ahead in 2018 to finish the reconstruction of the two spillways. They’ll start ramping the flows down from the main spillway tomorrow morning with the outflows to stop in the afternoon, then the gates will close. The Hyatt Powerplant is expected to have more water flowing to balance everything out in the Feather River. Construction work will start around the clock early next week. They even have a couple of cameras set up with a live feed of the work so the public can see. We’ve got the link on our website and Facebook page. .

Sewer hookups are being considered by the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District for portable showers at Plowshares. The Daily Journal reports the district got a request for the hookups for the showers the Health and Human Services Agency is putting up in the parking lot of the nonprofit on South State Street. The showers after the winter homeless shelter closed but the agency wanted to keep the showers open for the homeless until a new shelter could be opened. The dept is covering the cost of operation for weekdays only, during noon – 5 PM.

Mendocino County looking to make more rentals available because of the lack of housing. The Daily Journal reports the county could now make it easier for property owners to build accessory dwelling units or mother in law apartments. The newspaper reports Supervisor Dan Gjerde recommended regulating the vacation rental market, ala air bnb in a letter to the Board of Supervisors and instead allow the market to be more open for those who are looking to work in the area. He says there are housing units taken off the market weekly and turned into vacation rentals. There’s been public outcry about not enough housing. The paper reports the county is now trying to get more property owners to build the granny or mother in law units to be rented out for long term use.

A woman arrested for DUI was found with a strange companion. Cops in Taunton, MA say Amy Rebello-McCarthy of Newton had a bearded dragon lizard stashed in her bra. She’s charged with operating under the influence, driving to endanger and marked lane violation. They say she slammed into six mailboxes and one of them smashed into the rear window of a parked car. Police also say her Mercedes had four flat tires, her airbags deployed and the bumpers on her car were ripped off. She had a passenger too, who police say they asked to put his lit cigarette out as gasoline was leaking from her smashed up car.


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