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Bail of $385,000 has been set for man arrested after a fight and drive-by shooting near the Buck Horn Bar in Covelo last week. Deputies responded to a fight between several men outside the bar last Friday and a witness reported someone driving up in a pickup truck and firing several shots. Deputies saw a guy, now ID’d as Luis Chavez, walking away and carrying something that turned out to be a rifle wrapped in a jacket. They then learned Chavez is a convicted felon who is not allowed to have a weapon and had felony warrant out of Mendocino County for assault with a firearm plus another misdemeanor. He also gave a fake name.

A Ukiah man who tried to ditch a gun while talking to Mendocino Deputies has been arrested as has a friend who was with him. Deputies were called out about a disturbance with several men standing in front of an apartment complex on Laws Avenue. While they are all talking a deputy saw one of the guys, Dreven Valencia, turn his back and pull a large-caliber gun out of his waistband and toss it under a car. They say Valencia became combative while being detained. Another man, Donovan Partridge was also detained and a search of his backpack turned up several live cartridges that matched the caliber of the handgun Valencia had. Also in the backpack were several prescription meds that appeared to be packaged for sale

A man’s been busted on a gang-related charge after allegedly tagging a wall at Grace Hudson School. Someone reported seeing 18-year-old Estaban Jose Cardenas spray-painting “X4” on a wall and took a picture of him. A short time later Mendocino County Deputies found Cardenas with four other people walking on Laws Avenue and South Dora Street. They say he had black spray paint on his hands, and he was wearing gang-related clothing. He was booked into the jail for vandalism and participation in criminal street gang activity.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. says they are paying out more than $337 million in property taxes and franchise fees to the 50 California counties and several cities where they own and operate infrastructure. PG&E pays the fees to cities and counties for the use of public streets and facilities. Lake County’s getting about $799,000 and Mendocino just north of $1.4 million.


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