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A meeting of pot growers in Calif to discuss concerns in the new era of legalized weed. The Calf. Dept. of Food and Agriculture hosted the meeting in Santa Ana where folks discussed limits on farm sizes, renewable energy mandates and rules for tribal lands, among other issues. The regulations right now in place for the medical market, which were just made law over the last several months under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. The rules for cannabis retailers, distributors, transporters and testers totally go into effect Jan. 1, 2018. The Record Bee reports a consultant at the meeting saying his clients mostly agree with all of the new rules set out, but some there said there were no clear provisions or any guidance for those growing on tribal land. Others spoke out about having to use at least 42 percent renewable energy. Folks have a six month grace period to follow all of the rules. So they’ll need to be compliant by July 2, 2018.

A delay in the Jury Trial for a man accused of a fatal crash where cops say he drove drunk into the victim. Robert Wade Hitchcock was supposed to be in court earlier this month but a couple of motions were filed and that delayed the case. He’s looking at multiple charges in the crash into Nichole Welborn who was getting into her car in Lower Lake in Sept. of 2016 and got pinned by Hitchcock’s truck. He’s charged with nine counts. He should be back in court this week.

Quite the meeting of Calif. Democrats as those loyal to Sen. Bernie Sanders lose control of the party. The so called “Berniecrats” trying to get someone to head the party of their liking, got close, but no cigar. Then they reportedly refused to accept election results this weekend and demanded validation for the new party chairman. Sanders followers want the Democratic Party to stop taking money from wealthy interests or corporations. Sanders supporters wanted Kimberly Ellis as the party leader but lost out to a party insider, Eric Bauman who won by just 62 votes out of almost 3,000. Congressman Adam Schiff delivered the keynote speech Saturday asking for party unity.

The Relay for Life of Lake County brought in some money for the American Cancer Society. The yearly event was earlier this month at Upper Lake High School. Locals took part in the event May 6th and 7th with volunteers setting up the football field for attendees. Northshore Fire Protection District handed out awards to survivors and they took the first lap at the event where as many as 300 family members and friends attended and listened to music as they walked the track. Organizers say they raised about $20,000, but the fundraising continues thru the end of August.

A member of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office being honored by the Board of Supervisors. Lake Co News reports Lieutenant Steve Brooks is receiving a proclamation just before his Retirement after 23 years of service with the dept. The board is also designating this week as National Public Works Week. In other business there’s a public hearing taking place tomorrow to consider approving an Application for Funding for the Anderson Springs Septic to Sewer Project which comes under the 2016 Butte and Valley Wildfire Recovery Disaster Notice of Funding Availability.

As the California Conservation Corps celebrates its 40th anniversary, some members come out to Ukiah to the base on Old River Road to talk about the work they do on public lands. A recruiter spoke to a group out this weekend saying they work on projects to improve forest health, build trails, restore habitats and go out to fires. Recently, the corp has also been helping schools and government agencies with energy efficiency. They say they work to get young people, ages 18-25, out in the environment, to work outdoors, volunteer and take care of the state’s natural resources. The base in Ukiah is the old dairy farm for the former Mendocino State Hospital. But apparently they’re considering a move to the the Hopland Research and Extension Center.

A youngster bests the adults in the yearly Catfish Derby in Clearlake Oaks. A record turnout for the event hosted by the Clearlake Oaks-Glenhaven Business Association, which is said to be the biggest catfish tournament west of the Mississippi. 895 adults and 137 children competed with the majority of the entries from outside of the county. The visitors from all over the state, but from as far away as Hawaii and also from Florida, Texas and Georgia, among other states too. An 11 year old took the adult division. 11-year-old Tanner Castillo from Sutter caught a fish weighing 28.81 pounds. So he got the $4,000 cash prize and a trophy. There are two children’s divisions two, they were won by Ivy Bain from Gerber, with a fish weighing 17.76 pounds and Kaia Calhoun from Kelseyville.

A bit of a green smoke cloud coming out of a marijuana grow house as a fire breaks out in Antioch. The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District reports the garden in a regular looking home had smoke coming out of the garage, which was actually a grow house. Firefighters smashed thru boarded up windows to gain access to the house. No injuries have been reported and no word how the fire started…

A new report says when the state was in the historic five year drought, many of California’s irrigation districts were not in compliance with a 2007 regulation of how much water could go to farmers. The Sacramento Bee newspaper reports farm-advocacy groups say the irrigation districts are dealing with confusing state and federal laws which sometimes overlap each other. The Exec. Director of the California Farm Water Coalition tells the newspaper there’s been so many changes, it’s no wonder they’re confused. The law from ’07 to keep better track of farm water use and to monitor the usage. But the newspaper found there were many loopholes in the law, making it mostly useless.

Rescue teams have been looking for a man who jumped into a river to save his son. The search started Saturday evening near the Pittsburg Marina by the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says the dad and his son were in a boat with others when the son went overboard for some reason. There were no life jackets on anyone. The dad then jumped and rescued the boy using a flotation device, but dad floated away and went under. The boy was treated for hypothermia and the search for the father was called off that night because it was dark. The search started again yesterday with crews using sonar to try and find the 52-year-old man.

A man at a Walmart in Minnesota saves the day, tackling a deer that had wandered into the store in Wadena. The animal apparently walked into the store last Tuesday, thru its garden center. Then a man who saw the deer which apparently slammed into him, tackled it to the floor. He then apparently covered its eyes, to calm it down as he and a group got it back outside and let it go.


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