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The Redwood Valley Grange has its 100th anniversary celebration. There’s been some controversy in recent months after the grange and newly formed offshoot, the Calif. Guild are fighting over their name. On Saturday the grange celebrated, but also filled members in on the latest after the Guild had its Grange charter revoked in 2013. The Daily Journal reporting the two organizations are now in a trademark lawsuit. The Guild is appealing a federal court ruling that the “grange” name is part of the larger National Grange name. There’s also another lawsuit about the grange halls which may mean a change here in Redwood Valley. Over the weekend the whole thing was explained to those in attendance with an update. The group says they’re in the midst of trying to resolve the whole thing. The newspaper reports many new potential members are just waiting until the whole thing settles.

A first place award on local government reporting for the Ukiah Daily Journal. The award from the California Newspaper Publishers Association 2016 Better Newspapers contest which were handed out Saturday. The award for a four part series from last summer related to mental illness and its effects on the city. Justine Frederiksen wrote the stories with pictures by Chris Pugh.

A weekend of preparedness as volunteers from the Mendocino and Napa counties’ Search and Rescue teams were learning new techniques at Lake Mendocino. There were even helicopters in on the action last weekend as they practiced extended search and rescue, or SAR, missions. These practices help in rugged, mountainous areas that are difficult to access for either rescues or even in a fire. The teams learn how to get someone out and onto a helicopter.

Lake County is working to bring numbers up after a scorching report on health and wellness. The county was 56 out of 57 on a recent report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Record Bee reports the county’s Wellness Road Map project is to work on bettering health levels and reversing statistical trends. The county’s apparently seen some improvement since the wellness program began 3 years ago, when they were in last place. The county will be having some town halls to get people more involved and get their input.

A new project in Calif. could mean lighter traffic in some areas. The California Transportation Commission has put $328 million aside for 88 transportation projects to lighten traffic, fix old roads and bridges and promote bike riding and walking. There are more than 40 biking and pedestrian projects planned across Calif that are getting almost $36 million from the Active Transportation Program. The Caltrans Director says the plans are to maintain and improve transportation for both economic and quality of life benefits. 234 mil going to so-called “fix-it-first” projects to maintain and preserve highways and their supporting infrastructure.

Some people in Willits find out a registered sex offender is moving to town. The Willits news reports the high-risk sex offender, Jonathan Hoppner moved to Willits from Santa Rosa May 5th. Residents found out after the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office told the Brooktrails and Willits residents he had registered as a sex offender in the area. But the residents were unhappy they didn’t know before the guy moved to town. The address of where he moved is not something cops release, they just released his zip code and city. He’s now one of 34 other registered sex offenders in Willits. The Press Democrat previously reported Hoppner as developmentally disabled and had been in trouble for attacking two parole caseworkers as well as serving time for sexual battery.

Lawmakers looking to add another layer of gun safety on school campuses. The Assembly passed a bill yesterday to adjust another bill passed a couple years ago that its author says has been exploited. The original bill authored by Democratic Assemblyman Kevin McCarty would have allowed guns on campus so domestic violence survivors could protect themselves but now McCarty says it’s expanded to allow cafeteria aids, teachers and yard duty assistants to carry firearms which was never its intent. He says research shows more guns on school grounds makes them less safe. But some Republicans say the new bill will reverse a limited exemption that does make schools safer because abusers would now know domestic violence survivors would not have guns to defend themselves.

Lakeport’s new Measure Z Advisory Committee having its first meeting to decide what roads get money for repairs. The committee meeting tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 p.m. in the city council chambers in Lakeport. The committee put together by the council to oversee the spending from the 1-percent sales tax approved last November. The new members will be introduced at the meeting and they’ll nominate the chair and vice chair. They’re meeting again at the end of July, Oct. next January and April.

The next “Coffee with a Cop” is set with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and local CHP. The gathering next Friday, June 2nd from 7 to 9 a.m. at Mountain High Coffee & Books in Hidden Valley Lake. The Sheriff’s dept. says it’s a time where they can visit with community members and chat. There’s no speeches to be made, just getting together for a meet and greet. The annual event where police and locals have an informal, neutral space to talk about community issues, build relationships and of course, drink java. It’s part of a national initiative with the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and happens in many cities and towns across the country.

A woman still missing from Sonoma County since the weekend. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office put out the word to be on the lookout for 54-year-old Catherine Huberty. She was last seen walking uphill on a dead end road last Friday, captured by local surveillance video. She’s described as a white woman, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 115 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a black dress and white shawl, pulling an orange-bristled push-broom. Police say she suffers from mental health issues and is mobility impaired. They’re asking anyone who may have seen her or picked up a hitchhiker to call the sheriff’s office. They say the area where she disappeared is very steep and rugged.

Gonna be a scorcher. Forecasters say the temperatures in the western United States will be even hotter in some places than in the late summer. Meteorologists say a high pressure system will move some of the hottest air they’ve seen since last summer, across the west coast. They also say that could bring record breaking temps from Washington to California. In Portland, Oregon, it could be hotter than 90 F for the first time since August. It’s usually in the low 80’s in August in Portland. It was 100 in Sacramento yesterday. Forecasters also say the sun is angled like it usually is in late July, so there’s a very high UV index and more of a threat of sunburns. A storm is predicted to move in tomorrow which should cool things down.

What was thought to be a fake diamond turned out to be a real one, worth about a half million more than it was originally sold for. The gem bought for ten bucks at a flea market is expected to bring in about 450-thousand at Sotheby’s next month. The buyer apparently didn’t know the ring they bought was worth something because it had dull diamonds, not cut to show their brilliance and clarity. The auction house’s jewelry department says its owner wore it every day, not knowing it was real.


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