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More than 150 vehicles have been red tagged to be removed in Clearlake. As part of the city’s vehicle abatement project under the Abandoned Vehicle Authority, a partnership of Lakeport, Clearlake and Lake County. It’s part of a law passed by voters to set aside cash to remove stranded vehicles. The money’s been on hold for five years because the legality of Proposition 218, which collected the funds, and was challenged. The state’s been holding nearly 300-thousand dollars which won’t be distributed until the rest of the money being held is released. Clearlake says they’ve got about $35,000 for work thru June 21st.

Lawmakers are considering a proposal to bring energy costs down after massive hikes in pricing over the winter months. Democratic Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo authored a bill that has unanimously passed the Senate after some complaints from Pacific Gas & Electric customers. The Senator says he was personally contacted by constituents about their high heating bills. Apparently the utility uses a tiered system, charging lower fees for a certain percentage of energy used, then going up from there. But Hill’s bill, if it passes, would mean an average residential customer would be charged the lowest rate for up to 70 percent of their heating energy usage from November to March. The bill now moves to the Assembly.

Congressman Mike Thompson comes out swinging against the new budget proposed by President Trump. Thompson says it’s a "full-throated" attack on the middle class with unprecedented cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and more, which he says goes against what Trump had promised on the campaign trail. Thompson says he strongly opposes cuts that’ll destroy programs important to hardworking men, women, and families. The budget, as it stands, cuts $1.4 trillion from programs like Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), federal student loans, and many other needed programs for lower income families.

A home east of Cloverdale’s been gutted by a fire that quickly took off and spread. The home was completely destroyed yesterday and the fire charred about 10 acres too. It took crews about 4 hours to contain it after it spread to the woods near the home because of gusty winds that blew embers across Geysers Road. More than a dozen engine companies and 84 firefighters were on the scene. The damage to the home pegged at about $200,000.

A poem believed to be crying out about racial injustice and conservative politics gets a negative review after Sonoma State University’s weekend graduation ceremony. The Press Democrat reports some parents weren’t happy with the tone of the poem read by a graduating senior saying it’s language was rude. The school president sent out an emailed apology afterwards. Senior Dee Dee Simpson recited her own poem Saturday night in front of the record setting graduating students and their families. The poem calling out police violence against blacks, plus there were negative references to President Trump and Fox News which included curse words.

Congressman Jared Huffman’s trying to get a bill passed to bring high-speed internet through federal public lands. Huffman’s Public Lands Telecommunications Act had a hearing in front of the House Committee on Natural Resources Tuesday. Huffman says if folks in rural areas had better broadband connections then park visitors would then get better interpretive services and improved public safety response. He also says there would be more efficient land management, plus surrounding communities would be able to get faster broadband. The bill would mean a public land management agency such as the National Park Service could work with a private company and nearby rural communities to expand broadband infrastructure and services.

A woman accused of shooting another woman from Caspar has turned herself in. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports Kelley Ann Coan went to the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office related to the property dispute that ended in the death of Jamie Shipman. Someone had reported shots fired Tuesday morning, then cops were on the lookout for Shipman’s SUV. Coan and her son apparently lived with Shipman and her husband where there was some sort of disagreement. Steve Shipman found his wife’s body and called police who searched their 33 acre property. As we reported Shipman’s SUV with “American Repair Co.” painted across the side had been missing after the shooting.

The Ukiah Valley Sanitation District board of directors gets the greenlight to enter into a contract with a possible interim district manager. The district’s lawyer made the announcement after the meeting last week where board members discussed working with Joe Tait of San Diego. He apparently has experience in strategizing and contacted the district directly. He also apparently wasn’t aware of the dispute between the city and the district that’s been brewing for several months over the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City Manager in Ukiah told the Daily Journal since they’re in the midst of their negotiation with the district, he can’t go into details about its status.

High water levels and damage from the winter rains means multiple facilities at Lake Mendocino are closed. The South Boat Ramp, the Bushay Campground, lower Kyen Campground “C” loop and the Pomo C, Joe Riley and Oak Grove day use areas are all closed until further notice. There are plenty of areas open though too, the North Boat Ramp, several upper Kyen Campground sites, the dam and day use areas, including Pomo A, Pomo B and the Overlook.

A man from Australia posts a video to Facebook of a ginormous spider carrying a mouse up his refrigerator. The video by Jason Womal has been viewed more than 10 million times showing the Huntsman spider attempting to consume the rodent as it drags it along. The man saying he’s going to adopt the spider now, and he named it Hermie. Apparently this type of spider hunts late at night and can eat medium sized prey like cockroaches, caterpillars and moths. We’ve posted a link to the video on our website and Facebook page…


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