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Two people have been killed in a car accident on Hwy 101 in Willits. The CHP says for an as-yet-unknown reason an SUV crossed the centerline around 1230am and collided head-on with a pickup truck, and both caught fire. There were six people in the pickup – four adults, an infant and a 7-year-old boy, from Eureka and Fortuna. A Good Samaritan got five of them out but could not reach the driver who was trapped and died in the truck. The SUV driver also died at the scene. The injured were taken to Santa Rosa Memorial and Howard Memorial hospitals. The boy has minor injuries while the others are said to have more serious injuries. The CHP says while the cause of the collision is under investigation, impaired driving may have been a factor.

As more boaters from all over get ready to take over our local waters this weekend several state and local agencies are asking you to help them keep invasive quagga and zebra mussels out of our lakes. These mussels spread from one body of water to another by attaching to watercraft and associated gear. It’s not just a matter of taking a quick look, as the juveniles are microscopic. And they don’t just hang out on the bottom of the boat; they can live in engines, bilges, and buckets. To prevent the spread of these mussels those launching vessels at any body of water are subject to watercraft inspections and are strongly encouraged to clean, drain and dry your boats – both motorized and non-motorized – before and after you go boating, kayaking, or jet skiing. And be ready to for an inspection not just at a lake but also maybe at a state Food and Agriculture Border Stop.


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