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There’s reportedly been a fatal boating accident near Lakeport. The Lake County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol told Lake County News that a single boat with two people on board crashed around 330pm Thursday. Lakeport Fire Protection firefighters found the boat a short time later at the Skylark Motel with two men on board, one of them dead. The survivor said they had hit a tree and the other men fell to the deck and likely hit his head. Few other details have been released. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

The Lake County Office of Education has named Cynthia Lenners as the new assistant superintendent, succeeding April Leiferman who has been hired as the new superintendent of the Lakeport Unified School District. District officials said Lenners, who has been in education for more than 35 years, will officially start the new job July 1. For the past two years she has been the Lake County Office of Education’s senior director of school and district support services. She started her career as a science and social studies teacher in Salinas where she also served as an education specialist and later worked as an educational consultant, focusing on school and district accountability and reform.

A guy with a Mohawk has gotten away from a motorcycle chase in Fort Bragg and the Sheriff’s Office wants to find him. The chase started around 415pm Sunday when a deputy saw the red Polaris Slingshot Three-Wheeler speeding along Simpson Lane. They chased him for nearly three miles during which he sometimes swerved into oncoming traffic until he ditched the bike and ran. The motorcycle was confirmed stolen out of Roseville. Investigators don’t yet know the identity of the guy driving it but they say he did have a passenger at some point earlier in the day around Mendocino County. If you know something you’re asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office, and you can stay anonymous.

Lake County is moving right along in getting abandoned vehicles off the streets. The Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Commission says as of May 17, the County had tagged 59 vehicles, towed 10, and impounded 2. The City of Lakeport had tagged 3, towed 2, and had 5 more ready to be tagged and the City of Clearlake has now tagged more than 160, and towed over 35. When a vehicle is tagged, the last registered owner is notified by mail at their last known address and gets ten days to move it until it’s towed. As for motorhomes, the County says it can cost between $4000 and $6000 to remove an abandoned motorhome with all the environmental issues involved and since the AVA program has limited funding, if one person dumps an RV is means several smaller cars will likely just stay on the sides of county roadsides.

Yet another delay in the trial of a man accused of making threats against the Lake County District Attorney’s Office. The Record Bee reports the jury trial of Nine Green, which was scheduled to start October 18 after a series of delays, will been rescheduled again, although the dates for Jury Selection have been set. Green is charged with two counts of Threats to Commit Crime which will result in Death or Great Bodily Injury, Threats to an Elected Public Official, Willful and Malicious Harassment to Another Person and 34 counts of a Violation of Protective Order. The charges stem from a series of incidents, including Green allegedly smearing manure at the DA’s office. Two panels of jurors will be summoned and will be given a questionnaire as to how much they already know about to the case.

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