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The son of a woman suspected in the fatal shooting of another woman has also been arrested. 20 year old Alexander Coan was arrested over the weekend, just 4 days after his mom, Kelly Anne Coan turned herself in for the shooting death of Jamie Shipman. Police say they gathered evidence that the son was connected to the death too. He had been questioned then released the day of the murder, but cops now say they they’ve got new evidence in the case. Shipman and her husband lived with the Coans on rural land near the Mendocino Coast in Caspar. Shipman’s husband found her body and called for help. Police say Kelly Coan had a property dispute with the Shipmans. Alexander Coan was arrested in Comptche Saturday and was being held on 1 million dollars bail in the Mendocino County Jail. Mom’s held without bail.

Several bills lived or died as legislators had to make quick decisions ahead of the holiday weekend. Senate and Assembly versions about the bail-bonds system go forward in their respective houses this week. Bail bondsman are apparently against those bills. Some of the others that survived, Senate Bill 30 to ban business with any contractor connected to the construction of the California-Mexico border wall; Senate Bill 385 to change the closing time for California bars to up to 4 AM; Senate Bill 179, to make Calif. the first state in the U-S to have the word “non-binary” on forms, a third gender marker; and Senate Bill 3, which is a $3 billion bond to go towards building affordable housing units.

An accidental fire in Ukiah guts a car. The fire started Sunday afternoon on Holden Street around lunchtime. A black, 1999 Volkswagen Beetle found completely in flames. The Fire Chief says the owner of the car said they used a match and tossed it into a cup they had on the dash, and it caught fire , then the car was totally engulfed in flames. There were no injuries, but the car is toast.

The company that makes Jelly Belly jellybeans is being sued by a woman who claims some of their beans have too much sugar. Forbes is reporting Jessica Gomez filed the lawsuit saying their sports beans which are supposed to help with athletic performance have a ton of sugar in them, something she didn’t know when she bought them. Apparently the label says there are 17 grams of sugar per 28 gram serving. Also, the first ingredient is evaporated cane juice. Jelly Belly says the case is “nonsense.”

A meeting of pot growers and state officials regarding the draft medical marijuana regulations. The meeting last Thursday at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center. It’s one of several hearings officials are holding across the state. Some cultivators, business owners and lawyers at the meeting. The president of the Mendocino Cannabis Industry says the rules right now would be a disaster if they’re implemented. Many at the meeting saying the rules aren’t that clear about what a canopy or cultivation area means, and the definition of mixed-light cultivation and ownership. Other rules in the draft were widely panned like having the right security measures, which can be costly, and a July 1st deadline regarding water board guidelines. Plus they also questioned the track-and-trace system. Another hearing takes place in Sacramento June 14th.

A lot of weeds in Clear Lake this year so it’s about time for the yearly Aquatic Vegetation Management Program. The Record Bee reports there’s a massive amount of weeds this year, especially in shallow parts of the lake, in docks and coves. 260 acres of the lake will be cleaned out in high traffic recreational spots. Lake County pays a contractor to treat the areas every year since 2011. It costs about a quarter million dollars or more for the work each year. The contractor uses pellets which kill aquatic weeds. The county’s Water Resource dept. works with the company to make sure it complies with the Pesticide requirement discharge permit. The weeds tend to grow depending on sunlight, the depth of the area, watersheds and runoff. Money for the cleanup comes from various areas including geothermal royalties and tourism dollars.

A man from Clearlake has been arrested for the stabbing of another man with a machete which police say may have been a hate crime. Anthony Hammond, whose white is accused of the attack on a black man Saturday who witnesses say he was yelling racial slurs to before stabbing him. Cops say when they got to the apartment complex on Lakeshore Dr. they heard from others that Hammond was yelling at several people in the parking lot. They found the victim down with a wound to his shoulder. When cops went looking for Hammond he had barricaded himself inside so the entire complex had to be evacuated. They finally arrested him and charged him with several crimes including aggravated mayhem, battery with serious bodily injury and assault with a deadly weapon, plus the hate crime. He also had a couple felony arrest warrants and was held over the weekend on one million dollars bail.

(Folo) A man arrested during the evacuation in Clearlake after police find an assault rifle and a high capacity ammo. 19 year old Jordan Gallon nabbed early Sunday morning after the standoff with cops of a man accused of a hate crime and stabbing nearby. Gallon’s charged with having a loaded firearm in a vehicle, possession of an unregistered firearm, possession of a high capacity magazine and possession of an assault weapon. Apparently someone else living in the apartments told police about another apartment where the suspect in the stabbing attack could escape, so they went in thru another apartment and found the weapon and ammo on Gallon. Police found the SKS-style assault rifle and a 60-round high capacity magazine.

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