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The victims of a Laytonville marijuana theft say it was four men who came onto their property and stole from them Monday. The man and woman told Mendocino County investigators when they discovered 20 pounds of manicured bud had been taken from their shed on North Highway 101, the man followed what he believed to be human tracks and saw four Hispanic males walking through a meadow on the property. He says one of them looked to be carrying an assault rifle. Mendocino County deputies, K9s and SWAT and CHP officers searched the area but didn’t find any sign of the suspects or evidence leading to them. If you know something you can stay anonymous when you call the Sheriff’s Office.

A Clearlake man is still being held in the Lake County Jail following what police say was a racially motivated machete attack against another man at his apartment complex Saturday. Anthony Hammond is being held on several charges including aggravated mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting an officer, and hate crime. Witnesses told Clearlake Police Hammond, who is white, had been yelling racial slurs at people in the parking lot of a Lakeshore Drive apartment complex before getting a machete from his apartment and hitting the victim, who is black, on the shoulder. Hammond then barricaded himself in his apartment, which led Police to evacuate much of the building. Hammond eventually came out and was arrested and allegedly threatened to kill a police officer and his family. Police found the machete but no guns in Hammond’s possession although while searching the building they arrested another man for having an assault rifle and high capacity magazine.

Fire Season has officially begun in Mendocino County. The Mendocino Cal Fire Unit says due to current dry weather conditions and increased flammability of forest fuels and grasses, Fire Season was declared in Mendocino County yesterday – effective as of 12:01 am on Monday. Cal Fire says it covers all state responsibility area lands within the county of Mendocino.

Plan for some utility work to maybe slow you down the rest of this week along a section of East Perkins Street in Ukiah. The City Manager says today through Thursday a contractor will be inspecting sewer lines on East Perkins at the intersections with Orchard Ave, Warren Dr., and Leslie St. Most of the work will be done at night but some will be done during the day and could mean a lane will be partly blocked.

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