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The annual Hike for Hospice looking for teams and individuals to start their fundraising now. The event is in about a week and a half at Highland Springs Park. It’s the third year for the hike to raise funds for Hospice Services, which provides grief counseling, family bereavement camps and school-based children’s grief groups. They’re looking for businesses, groups, agencies, youth groups and other organizations to challenge each other and to form teams and compete for prizes. For more info, call (707) 263-6270, ext. 111, visit Hospice Services’ website at

A man arrested after a machete attack in Clearlake still in jail after the weekend attack. Police say they got a call to an apartment building where a man was yelling racial slurs at people in the parking lot. They found a man down with a wound to his shoulder which they say may have been caused by the yelling man who they say had the machete. Anthony Hammond charged with assault on the victim, who is black, Hammond is white. He’s also charged with aggravated mayhem, battery with serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting an officer, hate crime, battery on a person and two felony arrest warrants. Cops say he barricaded himself in an apartment and when they nabbed him, he threatened to kill them.

A man out abalone diving on the Mendocino Coast who died has been identified. Emergency workers get a call about a diver in distress. They say Steve Nguyen of Oakland was pulled out of the water in a rocky stretch of the coast at Bowling Ball beach near Point Arena. No word on how the man died yet.

Dentals records will need to be pulled for the body of a man found on Judge Davis Trail in Eastern Lake County. The Lake County Sheriff’s office reports the body was in poor condition, found in a remote area of the trail in the Cache Creek area. Cops say there were no signs of foul play.

A special meeting’s being held for public comment on the proposal for an apartment complex to house the mentally ill in Ukiah. The planning commission is having a meeting today to hear the public’s take on the idea for Willow Terrace. The project would be constructed on one acre in the 200 block of E. Gobbi Street by the Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation. They want to put a two-story building with 26 studios, 11 one-bedrooms and a three-bedroom apartment for the building’s manager. The residents would also get on site services which would be provided by Mendocino County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. The meeting tonight at 6 in City Council chambers.

SWAT and canine teams out in Laytonville after reports of a marijuana theft. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call from the property owner yesterday who reported about 20 pounds of manicured pot was taken from a shed on his property off the 101. He says there were human tracks on the property so he followed them and saw four men, one, he says, looked to be armed with an assault-type rifle. After a lengthy search, police didn’t find anyone suspicious.

Small businesses in Mendocino County could be getting some savings because of Sonoma Clean Power’s service. The service starts tomorrow compliments of a partnership between the Community Development Commission and PG&E. Customers can opt out if they want to stay solely with PG&E, but apparently businesses will save more by taking part in Sonoma Power’s energy efficiency program. Mendo-Lake Energy Watch does the energy audits to evaluate the amount of energy used and how much may be saved, known as benchmarking. With the help of contractors, there’s some retrofitting and the savings happens after that. There have been about 80 audits so far in both Lake and Mendocino counties for mostly small and medium businesses.

As Caltrans looks into changing the massive wooden trestle bridge on Highway 1 over the Albion River, the bridge could become a national historic landmark. Caltrans wants to put in a more modern bridge that could hold up to earthquakes and tsunamis to replace the 150-foot-tall bridge. But those living in Albion would prefer if the bridge that’s there already was repaired. The State Historical Resources Commission has unanimously voted however for the Albion River bridge to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. A spokesperson for Caltrans says they knew about the listing qualification and says they’re in the early stages of the draft environmental impact report.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors still working on a Hazard Abatement Ordinance after destructive wildfires. The Record Bee reports Hazard Abatement Ordinances in neighboring counties are a guideline for Lake County. The paper reports the county’s goal is to strengthen safety near and around residential areas with weed and brush abatement. That includes inspection and enforcement which would cost money.

Congressman Mike Thompson authoring a bill with a Republican colleague to protect those who get prosthetics or orthotics thru Medicare. Congressmen Thompson and his Republican counterpart Glenn or “GT” Thompson of Pennsylvania have introduced H.R. 2599, the Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Improvement Act of 2017. The pair say it’s for Medicare beneficiaries with prosthetics and orthotics to be sure they’re getting the best care possible. It would make sure fraudulent providers are not allowed thru Medicare and make sure patients get the treatment they deserve at a lower cost.

A man in Hidden Valley Lake’s been arrested in connection to a shooting that ended in the death of a woman. The Lake County Sheriff Brian Martin says it happened on Spyglass Road last night. Cops get a call and tell Lake Co News they found a woman dead of a gunshot wound, but there were no other victims. A man was being interviewed at the scene late last night.

Police arrest a man from Lakeport for an assault on his ex wife. Police say Jessie Slotte was arrested Saturday for assault with a deadly weapon, felony domestic violence battery and child endangerment after reports of a domestic disturbance last Saturday in Potter Valley. Cops say they found the woman with Slotte in a car with their kids, 3 years old and 5 months old. She reported driving with everyone when the two adults got into an argument which got heated and Slotte gassed the car and grabbed the steering wheel. She says he then pulled out a knife and threatened to kill her, holding it to her neck. She was able to stop the car, but when she tried to get out, he attacked and kicked her. He drove off with her part way out of the car, hitting mailboxes before stopping. She got one kid out and he drove off. He was arrested later that night and booked on $30,000 bail.

The state budget still not done and lawmakers are considering a massive payment to the state’s public pension fund. The revised budget proposal put forth by Governor Brown early this month with the pension payment to be made by borrowing from a little-known government account due to a massive hole in pension and health benefits for public retirees. The hole to the tune of about $359 billion dollars and the onetime payment would be double Sacramento’s scheduled contribution. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office says so far there’s no evidence or analysis to show the claims the payment would bring about $11 billion in taxpayer savings. It also says the proposal puts lawmakers in a tough spot, having to decide just a few weeks before the drop-dead budget deadline of June 15th.

A 7-11 store in Oregon had to be evacuated after a suspicious object exploded inside a microwave. Cops get a call to the convenience store and the Portland Police explosives unit was called too. They found a urine sample wrapped in a hand warmer in the microwave. Cops say it looked like somebody had been on their way to go do a drug test, but didn’t think the urine was warm enough so they decided to zap it, but the chemicals in the hand warmer made the whole thing explode. Cops say they’re looking at security footage to see if they can find out who left the mess behind and say they probably didn’t pass that urine analysis after all…

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