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More information’s come out about the murder in Hidden Valley Lake. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. reports arresting Steven Miller who they say shot his 20 year old daughter, Hannah Welch to death Tuesday night at their home on Spyglass Dr near the golf course. Welch’s gramma, Steven’s mother, reported the shooting which started a neighborhood wide alert as deputies searched for the shooter. Miller was taken to a hospital for a mental and physical checkup that night, then arrested and booked on suspicion of murder yesterday. Police say they’re not sure what the motive was and if the father and daughter had any other problems. The Press Democrat reports there wasn’t really a public Facebook footprint for the dad or daughter. Some in the tiny neighborhood say the violence was shocking. The last murder in the area was back in 2008. The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who may have info to call.

It’s final now, no Dollar General in Middletown. The Lake County Board of Supervisors reversed an earlier decision to allow the store, but now they’ve made it final. It was a special meeting because of the deadline for the project tomorrow. The development company, out of Texas, Cross Development had appealed a denial of the Planning Commission for a 9,100-square-foot Dollar General store on Highway 29. The board was expected to approve the appeal but the commission had denied a design review permit and mitigated negative declaration so one of the supervisors decided to change her vote. Then the county’s lawyer put forward new info too, referring to public comments on the appeal. The size of the store looked to be its downfall as other businesses in the area are nowhere near as large as the store would have been.

A bill to help keep Clear Lake clean has passed in the State Assembly unanimously. Assemblywoman Cecelia Aguiar-Curry’s bill to protect the lake by creating a Blue Ribbon Committee for the Rehabilitation of Clear Lake moves on to the State Senate next. She says the passing in her house is a win for Lake County to keep the lake clear and for the future of the lake. She says it will mean better access to state funds for the maintenance of the Lake and shows how it important it is to the region’s community and economy. It’s the biggest natural freshwater lake in the state and Lake County’s main tourist attraction for fishing and recreational water activities. Similar moves have passed in Calif. to protect Lake Tahoe and the Salton Sea. Aguiar-Curry represents the Fourth Assembly District, which covers all of Lake County and more.

A small wildfire breaks out in Lakeport but doesn’t get too far. The Lakeport Fire Chief says their fast response stopped forward movement on the fire on property behind 810 Scotts Valley Road yesterday. He says it burned less than a quarter acre of grass. They had three engines there and another one out of Kelseyville plus two more from Calfire.

Sex trafficking near Mendocino County the subject of several talks at the Ukiah United Methodist Church. The Daily Journal reports the leader of the church says nobody is hearing about it necessarily, but he believes it’s happening. The church working with Shared Hope International, a Christian group who works to totally get rid of sex trafficking. The talks after a woman spoke in Willits back in January about her experience related to the practice so she came to Ukiah to speak too. Local law enforcement are also invited for more talks at the end of the month on the matter. The talks sponsored by Redwood Community Services Inc, South Ukiah Rotary and the Mendocino County Office of Education.

A new study shows if Calif. moves forward with its own health care plan, it could eventually save the state billions in health care spending. The Record Bee reports while the California Senate considers a vote this week to replace private health insurance with a Universal plan, the backers say it could end up saving the state as much as $37.5 billion even after almost 3 million who are uninsured get covered. The economists at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst came up with the findings as part of a study by the bill’s lead sponsor, which is part of the California Nurses Association. The study shows the state would save money through no insurance-company overhead, lower prescription drug costs and more. So much so that businesses and families would end up paying way less for health care than they do now.

A big weekend in Lakeport as the inaugural Sprint Boat Grand Prix comes to town. With the event means some closures tomorrow night into the entire weekend. The Third St. and Fifth St. boat ramps are closing at midnight tomorrow night and stay that way until 6 p.m. Sunday. The races are Saturday and Sunday by the shore in the downtown area. The Library Park gazebo and the area north to Fifth Street are open for paid admission only. The public can still get to the South side of the gazebo in Library Park for free though. There will be some traffic on city streets, so be aware of that. There is also designated parking for the race. Other boat ramps are open on the lake to the public at Clearlake Ave.

The Lake County District 3 Supervisor is still trying to get the West Regional Town Hall happening. Jim Steele working on creating the Advisory Council for the WRTH which covers Upper Lake, Blue Lakes, Nice and Lake Pillsbury. Steele says he’s searching for members from those neighborhoods to make up the committee. The town halls are for communities to share concerns and to find people to represent them to address issues rather than just register complaints.

California State University trustees gathering as students demand they reconsider a 5 percent tuition hike. Trustees meet in Long Beach to talk about finances after the Governor’s latest budget proposal. The budget takes $4 million out of the system and adds it instead to financial aid for low-income students at private colleges. The colleges get more than $3 billion from the state, so apparently it’s just a minor shift of the money. But the Governor has also apparently only put $150 million more into CSU funds next year, which is less than half of what the system requested. But the students say they shouldn’t have to pay more while faculty gets raises. Tuition for in-state students is going up about $270, which is the first time it’s gone up in about six years.

Gov. Brown reaching outside of the U-S for help with climate change after rumors started to circulate President Trump was backing out of the Paris Climate Accord. Brown reportedly trying to work with China or any other governments to fight climate change if President Trump rolls domestic environmental regulations back. The Press Democrat reports Brown is headed to China tomorrow to promote the state’s climate policies at a conference of global energy ministers.

A new poll shows half of Californians worry someone they know may be deported. The Public Policy Institute of California poll showed 51 percent of Californians and 78 percent of Latinos in the state are worried about deportation. 30% worried a lot and 21 percent worried some. The poll showed the highest numbers for Latinos and those not born in Calif and a massive amount of non-Hispanic white folks who were born in the U-S worried about people they know being sent out of the country. The CEO of the Public Policy Institute says it’s a reflection that so many immigrants make up a big part of life in Calif. so there’s widespread concern about deportation, and not just among Latinos. The poll of just over 1,700 people conducted in both English and Spanish.

A man from Tennessee’s been arrested after he couldn’t get the popcorn he wanted at the movies. Police say Paul West, of Clarksville, threw an empty popcorn container at an employee of the movie theater and then punched and tried biting a cop who responded to the call. Police say they got a call about an irate man because the concession stand had closed and wouldn’t sell the guy popcorn. So he took an empty container from the trash and demanded employees give him a refill but staff said no. They say that’s when he lost control, knocked over a display and went back into the theater. The responded officer punched several times in her face so the guy’s charged with assault, disorderly conduct, aggravated assault and resisting. The cop had minor injuries.


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