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A man from Ukiah’s been arrested after a couple finds him in their house late at night. Police say a woman called from the 1100 block of Elm Street after midnight Monday to report she found a strange man in her and her boyfriend’s home. The boyfriend grabbed the guy and held on to him until cops got there. Police say they found the 27 year old suspect on the floor being held by the boyfriend and handcuffed him and took him away. Police also say he tried to get away from their car at the hospital where they first took him for a checkup, but they grabbed him again, forced him to the ground and restrained him. He was booked at the Mendocino County Jail on suspicion of unlawful entry into a home, prowling and resisting arrest.

A man from Middletown has been formally charged for the murder of his 20 year old daughter. Police arrested 39 year old Steven Miller Wednesday for the shooting death of his daughter Hannah Welch. The DA’s office filed murder charges against Miller yesterday for the Hidden Valley Lake shooting. Miller’s also charged with the use and discharge of a gun causing great bodily injury. He faces 25 years to life if found guilty of the gun charge and another 25 for murder. He’s also charged with a misdemeanor for showing the gun to his mother, who called the shooting into police. He’ll be arraigned in the case today. There has been no motive revealed in the case. Miller’s held on $1 million bail at the Lake County Jail.

The investigation continues into the death of a man in Lakeport after a boat crash. The crash last Thursday by the Skylark Motel. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. Marine Patrol and Lakeport Fire went to a report of a man who had a head injury. They say 58 year old Roy Everhart Jr. was in a boat with another man who drove it to the motel. Firefighters declared him dead on the scene. He apparently hit his head when the boat hit a tree. Police are not sure why the boat hit a tree and say they’re still looking into the incident. Everhart had worked for the city of Lakeport and County of Lake and was apparently well known in the community. A memorial service is tomorrow at 11 AM at Chapel of the Lakes Mortuary in Lakeport.

One of the first major road projects is beginning in Clearlake. Lake Co News reports it’s one of the first major projects in years. The city’s gathered funds from local, state and federal sources for the $2.1 million rehab on Phillips Avenue and 18th Avenue. The city manager says they’re reconfiguring the area so they can add two 11 foot traffic lanes and a couple of 4-foot bike lanes from 40th Avenue to 18th Avenue. The same will happen on 18th between Highway 53 and Boyles Avenue which is getting money thru grants and Measure V funds. That was a one-cent tax voters approved by a supermajority vote last fall. There will be traffic around the constructions zones for several months so look for alternate routes.

Experts say there’s cause for concern after the sudden collapse of Oroville Dam spillways with no notice before hand. An engineer with a couple of trade associations who’s investigating the spillway failure says the February disaster was a quote "extremely significant" event among dam disasters and near-disasters in modern U.S. history. The associations he represents work with dam-safety and dam-engineering professionals. The Press Democrat reports the engineer saying there are usually some signs of a structure being overwhelmed by water, but what happened here was a surprise. He also says there are lessons to be learned and he’s confident those repairing the dam will spur a change in the practice of dam safety engineering for the country and perhaps in the world. The national Association of State Dam Safety Officials and the United States Society on Dams put together an independent panel to find the operational and physical failures of the two spillways at the Oroville Dam.

The California state Senate moving a bill forward to ban any work for companies in Calif who put in a bid for President Trump’s proposed border wall. The senate vote 23-16 and goes next to the Assembly. Democratic Sen. Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens says Calif. should not get into business with companies who want to work on a project he says hurts immigrant families and the environment. But Republican Sen. Jeff Stone of Temecula disagrees, saying that will just "promote political discrimination."

That giant landslide that’s blocking the iconic Highway 1 drive along Big Sur has dumped another 13 acres into California’s coastline. New aerial photos, which you can see at the East Bay Times website shows the results of the May 20th landslide in Big Sur. The paper reports the addition looks like a bulge of land the size of 10 football fields. It comes of course after several months of rainy weather this past winter. It dumped more than a million tons of debris down the slippery hillside in the Mud Creek area, covering about a quarter mile of the highway with about 80 feet of rocks and earth. A landslide expert tells the newspaper the way the earth moved and changed the coast was such a unique event, because usually it’s the opposite, water erodes the earth away, it doesn’t add on.

After a three hour long hearing with some for and against, the Ukiah Planning Commission has approved a new housing project for mentally ill tenants. The Daily Journal reports Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation has proposed a 38 unit complex in the 200 block of East Gobbi street. It would house “seriously mentally ill” residents who are homeless or may be at risk. The development company says it would help reduce some of the issues of how these patients live, like camping, littering, loitering and more. They say it also improves their lives and reducing work for police, medical providers and the community. The newspaper reports many at the planning meeting said there’s a liquor store too close and senior citizens nearby. But the planning commission voted to move it forward, so the development company will have to now go after funding.

There’s still money left from the Red Cross for Valley Fire Survivors. So the Seigler Springs Community Redevelopment Association (SSCRA) is distributing what’s left to qualified survivors of the disaster. The deadline extended until June 15th from the original deadline of May 31st. Any survivors who think they can qualify should call their case manager. They need to fill some requirements though, like complete destruction of their home, no insurance or being under-insured at the time; and not having received any financial help from the Red Cross between January-December 2016 and January-May 2017. They are offering special consideration to people with special needs or are dependent on social services like the elderly, the disabled, veterans, those with low literacy, or low income. For more information:

Contact Indigo Perry or Magdalena Valderrama by email: sscra.valleyfirehelp, or phone: (707) 809-5505, Monday through Friday.

At the same time the President pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, the California Assembly voted down a climate change bill. The climate bill drafted by Democratic Senator Cristina Garcia of Bell Gardens lost by only three votes. It would have attempted to reduce local air pollution and climate warming greenhouse gases and extend the state’s cap and trade program. Environmental groups were solidly behind the bill saying the current program doesn’t do much to help heavily polluted areas. But Big Oil and others were against it because they want to extend the current cap and trade program.

It passed by a slim majority, but the California Senate has passed a bill for the state to have its own Universal Health Insurance program. The bill by Democratic Senators Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens and Toni Atkins of San Diego made it thru the Senate 23-14 and now moves on to the Assembly. That house will likely add on to it, including taxes. It then has to get two thirds of a vote to move on to the Governor. If it passes, Lara says, it would mean single payer healthcare in Calif…

An analysis by a group backing the bill says it’ll save the state billions in health care costs but a Senate committee analysis showed Calif would have to come up with $200 billion dollars a year to cover it, which could mean a 15 percent payroll tax. Republicans are coming out strongly against the idea.

Lots to do this weekend with the Sprint Boat Races at Clearlake and the Redwood Empire Spring Fair in Ukiah. The fair goes today until Sunday, starting today at 3 p.m. Some of the events including Circus Imagination for kids to dress up like circus acts, music, Monster Trucks, and Boat Races, where boats are hooked to the back of trucks and race around a track, kind of like a demolition derby. For more information, visit or their facebook page Redwood Empire Fair.

A judge in Calgary says a man who strapped a bunch of balloons to a lawn chair was unconscionably stupid. But Daniel Boria, who used 100 helium balloons to fly over the Calgary Stampede grounds says he’s got the greatest story to tell for the rest of his life. Boria apologized in court though, saying he doesn’t regret it though. He was in court back in December and pleaded guilty to the dangerous operation of an aircraft for the July 2015 stunt to get publicity for his cleaning company. The judge in the case said the stunt was dumb and dangerous. He was fined more than $6,000 for the stunt and has to donate another $20,000 to a local veterans foodbank.

A dad in Sheepshead Bay, NY so upset his son kept using heroin, that he did the same to show him a lesson, but he od’d and almost died. Sergey Gnativskiy told the NY Post he wanted his 23 year old son to go to rehab as promised, but he found drugs again. He says his stunt may have worked though, because the son was scared straight after he found his dad passed out on the floor of their home. He’s apparently been addicted since he was 15 and his mom kicked him out, but dad’s still been trying to help him get clean. The kid apparently revived his dad, just like dad did for him… four times.


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