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A man from Ukiah has been arrested in connection to a stabbing last week. Police say they got a call to a home in Calpella and found a man had been stabbed in the stomach. They spoke to another man, Jeremiah Luna who they later found was drunk with the victim at a bar. The bar staff asked Luna to leave because of disruptive behavior and the victim was also asked to leave. Cops say the victim confronted Luna and the two got into an argument which escalated and the two got into a physical altercation and the victim was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen. Luna has been arrested for attempted murder and booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was held on $250,000.00 bail. The victim reported in stable condition.

Mendocino County working to start their Cannabis Cultivation Program and says its working to streamline permitting. They’re reaching out to the public about how to submit an application. First, they say, you must get an appointment with the Department of Agriculture for your application package before you prove you’ve been cultivating marijuana already. The staff from that agency reviews all applications. Then applicants have to go to the Treasurer/Tax Collectors Office for payment, and prove the application fee was paid, back at the Department of Agriculture. After all of that is cleared, applicants are reviewed. There’s also a County Cannabis Information Hotline (1-844-421-WEED (9333)) that’s for all instructions and complaints.

A woman in Willits has been arrested after a domestic disturbance. Police say they got a call on Friday and found a drunk man at the home with his girlfriend, id’d as Gloria Caine. Police say the man was missing money and confronted Caine and the two got into an argument which turned physical. They say during the fight that man fell and tried getting back into the house but the man was in the way, so she took some trimming scissors and stabbed him, causing minor injury to his stomach. Police say she also threatened the victim. Caine was arrested for Felony Domestic Battery, Assault With a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Threats and held on $ 30,000.00 bail

A Code Enforcement Division Policy and Procedures Manual has finally been finished in Clearlake. The manual was accepted last week. It’s a one-stop guide chock-full of information. There are personnel policies, a case process for property violations, marijuana cultivation violations, vehicle abatement, office and field operations and community outreach by department staff. The Record Bee reports the Code Enforcement Supervisor saying the guidelines will help staff with prioritizing and help them understand the severity of violations and what effect it can have on the community.

A fiber optic company in Santa Rosa is setting up faster internet across Calif. The Press Democrat reports the company is growing quickly and has almost doubled its size over the last year. They serve 100,000 subscribers across California. The company, which used to be a dial-up internet service provider, started moving more into digital, phone service, and grew so large, they were quickly serving in 125 cities. They now have fiber-optic internet service that can reach up to 50 times faster than the average download speed in America. The company is competing against the big ones like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast. They’re expanding though wherever they can easily run fiber-optic cable into homes thru various distribution hubs. The company says they’re expanding as fast as they can into areas with lower construction costs.

The Lake Board of Supervisors welcoming new sheriff’s office personnel at their next meeting. The board to have the swearing in at their meeting tomorrow morning to a new Deputy and Correctional Officer. They’re also continuing emergency proclamations for local disasters and having a disaster training workshop. You can catch the meeting online if you can’t make it in person at the county website. The emergency declarations after the Rocky, Jerusalem, Valley and Clayton fires, plus the flooding this winter after the atmospheric river storm. The board is also confirming their final vote on the Dollar General store in Middletown.

Special hearing set in Lakeport about the Scotts Valley groundwater basin. The City Council is having a public hearing on the possible groundwater sustainability agency after a closed session tomorrow night. Last month the council approved the agency which is required under state law. Lake Co News reporting the Community Development Director’s report explains to the council that the county’s decided to go ahead with a countywide groundwater sustainability agency and if the city wants to move forward with its own they have to send certain information to the California Department of Water Resources by June 30th.

Lake County needs some folks for the 2017-18 Grand Jury. The Superior Court is looking for as many as 30 applicants who will be jurors and alternates. There are 19 jurors selected from various districts in the county. The grand jury is the public’s “watchdog”. They investigate, then report what they see in local government. Those who are chosen have to serve one year which goes from July 1st of this year until June 30th of 2018. There could be up to 20 hours of work a week some weeks thru committee and general meetings, responding to citizens’ complaints, research and the investigation of county operations. Those interested have to be in good health, interested in community affairs, can be objective and able to work cooperatively with others. For more info, check our Facebook Page or website… Grand jury coordinator at 707-263-2374, Extension 2282.

The search continues for a missing hiker near Feather Falls. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office looking for Matthew Nisleit of Brownsville who disappeared last week. The Sheriff’s office sent a helicopter to the area over the weekend, but couldn’t get to the area in a boat due to the water moving to fast. Search and Rescue teams were hiking the area looking for Nisleit. The CHP was planning to also send a chopper out to the area and use thermal imaging cameras to look for the man.

About 300 captains working with CalFire can apply for promotions after all, even though there’s a cheating investigation going on. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has been in touch with about 500 applicants telling them all they had to take their promotion exam again. But then last week the State Personnel Board decided it would go with the old test results anyway because the cheating was found to just be with two employees. They’ve fired one of them and the other was demoted from captain to firefighter. The union representing the firefighters says the decision means almost 300 employees who got a passing grade can now apply for 50 battalion chief positions ahead of the summer firefighting season. It’s not the first time there’s been a cheating scandal in the agency, three years ago, there was another…

A woman in Des Moines, IA says her cat knew she was pregnant before she did. Julie Paccamonti says her cat started to be really clingy last August and Zeus wouldn’t leave her side. Her hubby says if they’d close their bedroom door, the cat would meow for hours. So she took her pet to the doctor and they said nothing’s wrong, but asked the woman if she thought she might be pregnant, as a joke. So she got a pregnancy test and boom, found she was indeed with child. The vet says the cat might have been reacting to Julie’s hormonal changes. She says that confirmed things, but Zeus continued to be annoyingly too close at all times. But she says it ended when her baby was born, saying the cat was back to normal and wanted nothing to do with the new mom.

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Remote News Service
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