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The proposed budget for the 2017 fiscal year up for approval by the Mendo Board of Supervisors. This morning the board will consider the budget which has salary adjustments after labor negotiations which are still happening with Service Employees International Union. The county should also be getting some money from the county’s cannabis tax which goes to public safety and roads. The budget also has money for the Social Services Administration for chronic homelessness and money set aside to look into affordable housing. The executive office is also said to be considering money for infrastructure improvements at county owned facilities and revisiting projects from the past. There’s about $8.5 million worth of work that needs to be done. The final budget to be adopted by June 20th.

A man from Hidden Valley Lake recovering after a hit and run off his bicycle offering a reward to find the driver. The Record Bee reports Michael Bailley was thrown from his bike and a stranger helped get him off the road and into their house until police and emergency responders could get there. Bailley apparently hit while he was crossing an intersection and had lacerations on his head. He’s offering $10k for whoever can help find the driver who hit him. He says he’s not angry, just wants justice. Police say Bailley had all the proper safety gear on his bike and they think the driver had to know they hit someone. He told cops he doesn’t want the person who hit him arrested, he just wants them to be identified so their insurance can pay for a new bike and other expenses.

The main tenant of the so-called Ghost Ship in Oakland has been arrested in Lake County. The master tenant Derick Almena and a warehouse tenant, Max Harris were arrested yesterday on suspicion of 36 counts of manslaughter for the Dec. 2nd fire where three dozen people got trapped in the building during the fire. Almena was arrested in Lake County, and Harris, who also is known as Max Ohr, was arrested in Los Angeles. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office worked in conjunction with Alameda County, arresting Almena at his family home in Upper Lake. Almena’s held in Lake County Jail on $1.8 million bail. Harris, in L-A, on the same bail. If the two of them are convicted, they could get up to 39 years in prison. They’re blamed for the fire as there was a makeshift staircase in the building and those inside didn’t know about a “secret” stairwell on the second floor where they could have gotten out. The D-A in the case says Almena and Harris “knowingly created a fire trap.”

Congressman Mike Thompson is joining the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. The Caucus put together to work on climate change including controlling, rising sea levels, saltwater encroachment, warmer winters, and other threats. Thompson says it’s a growing threat to our community, our country, and the entire world. He says in his district alone, there’s been more floods, among many other impacts. He says he was disappointed President Trump withdrew The U-S from the Paris Climate Agreement saying the country could not rely on the White House to solve problems. The Caucus to work with business leaders, local organizers, leading researchers, and others to protect the environment, economy, and natural resources.

Some local filmmakers win big at the Emmys. Their documentary about Anderson Marsh State Historic Park in Lower Lake, “A Walk Through Time: The Story of Anderson Marsh” scored the “Historic/Cultural-Program/Special” category at the Northern California Emmy Awards presented Saturday in San Francisco. Their half hour long film covers 14,000 years of the park’s history and documents its first people, the Koi Nation of Northern California. The Koi Nation’s tribal administrator and treasurer helped make the film and was its narrator.

A man found guilty of the shooting death of another man in Clearlake is going to prison. Billy Mount was trying for a new trial, but instead the judge gave him 45 years to life. He’ll serve 17 years for sure, then it will be reassessed and he’ll serve more time, which will not be determined until after his initial term. He was convicted last August of the death of Steven Galvin of Clearlake. He was found guilty of several crimes including the murder, assault with a firearm and special allegations including shooting a firearm from a vehicle and being a member of a criminal street gang. Galvin walking in Clearlake in July of 2015 when a white pickup pulled alongside and a couple shots were fired. He was hit in the back and died later. He stayed alive long enough to say someone named “Cyclops” was to blame. But at trial Cyclops whose real name is David Cox, fingered Mount.

The Calif. Supreme Court set to hear arguments about the death penalty after voters approved speeding up the end of life for death-row inmates. Proposition 66 passed last November. It seeks to speed up capital punishment with 5-year deadlines for appeals. It was immediately challenged in court as being unconstitutional. The Northern Calif. Innocence Project says Prop 66 will not promote justice, but one of those who authored the proposition says the lawsuit is a stall tactic, and says the voters have spoken. The proposition won by a slim margin. The Supreme Court blocked the law until it could hear the case, which starts today. There are currently 750 inmates on California’s death row. There’s not been any executions for more than 10 years.

A new bill being considered by lawmakers would mean nobody convicted of a hate crime could buy a gun. Right now the law says just criminals convicted of felonies cannot own guns. But the Disarm Hate Act would apply to misdemeanor hate crimes too. Democratic Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer of Los Angeles says hate crimes have risen to a level he’s never seen. He says they can also be the precursors to more serious crimes and says gun violence could be reined in by targeting those who’ve been convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes.

3 people had to go to the hospital after a rollover crash near Calpella. The CHP reports the crash on the 101 of a blue Ford Focus which rear-ended a white pickup. The truck rolled and the crash caused major damage to both vehicles. Two people in the pickup and another person in the Focus. They all went to the hospital and according to cops had minor injuries.

A naked woman who police say tried breaking into a Baptist church in Walterboro, South Carolina during mass, told cops someone was chasing her. Police say Teresha Dawn Frick told them it was Jesus. She says he chased her through the woods and tried shooting her Sunday morning, but she also told police she had smoked crack and taken another drug, known as Molly. Cops found her on the ground wearing a towel. She was taken to the hospital, then to jail. She had some cuts and scratches from her run thru the woods without clothes on. She’s charged with disturbance of worship service.


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