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A man in Mendocino County is wanted on drug charges. The Mendocino County D-A has posted on their Facebook Page as part of their ongoing Warrant Wednesday posts that they’re looking for Joshua Webb for the sale of meth and for being under the influence of a controlled substance. The 37 year old is described as 6 feet tall, 180 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. They say if you know him or have any info that could lead to his arrest to call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

A nonprofit that helps kids in the first 5 years of life is asking Mendocino County to use 20% of its Cannabis tax money on young children. FIRST 5 Mendocino following a proposal by the Future Generations Fund. The group works with those affected by increased pot use. Their issues are children exposed to weed during pregnancy and breastfeeding and second-hand smoke, saying awareness programs to be funded by the cannabis tax could also be used to prevent detrimental health effects on children. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors heard yesterday from FIRST 5’s executive director. She showed stats from Colorado. The state’s had recreational marijuana legalized for a few years now.

The man in Lower Lake arrested in connection to the Ghost Ship fire that killed 36 people, has been taken to Alameda County. Master tenant Derick Almena was booked into the Santa Rita jail Monday night after first being charged in Lake County. He was taken to Dublin soon after and has already had a court appearance in the case. He was set for arraignment tomorrow. Max Harris is also charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, but he was arrested, and remains in Los Angeles County. The two charged for the December warehouse fire that killed 3 dozen people who got trapped inside the artist collective in Fruitvale.

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry’s bill regarding keeping renewable energy in Calif. has moved to the senate. AB 920 drafted by Aguiar-Curry of Winters. She says the renewable resources help provide high paying jobs in her district which covers Colusa, Lake, Yolo and Sonoma Counties. She says it will also improve air quality, and will make sure there’s reliable energy supplies. The Assembly woman says geothermal and biomass energy facilities provide hundreds of vital jobs. She says especially in her district where there are devastating levels of unemployment still after the Great Recession. Her bill would allow for energy from wind and solar and geothermal and biomass and level the playing field so they all get a fair shot.

Lakeport is moving forward with the groundwater sustainability agency for a portion of the Scotts Valley basin. The city council voted unanimously to approve the resolution, required by state law. In 2014 lawmakers passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act which says groundwater sustainability agencies have to be formed to manage basins rated medium or high priority. Both the Scotts Valley and Big Valley basins are rated as medium priority so both have to have groundwater sustainability agencies to manage them by June 30th with a groundwater sustainability plan by Jan. 31st of 2022.

A meeting’s planned by the Clearlake City Council on possible universal waste collection service. The council’s meeting in closed session tomorrow night on labor negotiations, then after that they’ll speak in front of the public on universal waste collection. The City Manager Greg Folsom has prepared a report for the council, which points out the city’s number one goal is to make Clearlake visibly cleaner. An ad hoc committee has studied the proposal which addresses illegal dumping too. So the council will consider if it should draw up an addendum to the agreement with Clearlake Waste Solutions. The first reading tomorrow with a second reading and adoption already set for the service next month.

Several bills circulating in Sacramento dealing with marijuana for recreational and medicinal use. Several drafted or sponsored by Assemblyman Jim Wood and state Sen. Mike McGuire. They cover advertising marijuana for sale under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. Another to prevent local law enforcement from working with federal officials to arrest anyone related to medical or recreational use, that one moved out of the Assembly and hit the Senate. The water code is also being considered, one bill to amend the Fish and Game Code so unpermitted water use is reined in. Tax collection is also up in the air and being studied. The Senate Rules Committee is studying one bill related to this and a bill to show the truth in labeling or county of origin for promotional purposes, similar to a bill years back related to wine.

California and a half dozen other states are suing the federal government regarding the use of a pesticide that’s been linked to possible health issues. The EPA under the last administration had proposed prohibiting chlorpyrifos because they couldn’t determine definitively if it was safe. So now California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and the Attorneys General in New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Vermont and Washington state are accusing the EPA chief, Scott Pruitt of acting illegally and dangerously by refusing a ban on the chemical. The move to ban it was pending when President Trump took office and Pruitt reportedly rolled it back, saying studies were unresolved.

Governor Brown’s signed an agreement with China to keep working on Climate Change. The move after President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord. Brown says disaster still looms unless something’s done as soon as possible. He spoke to the Associated Press at an international clean energy conference in Beijing saying the President’s decision is only a temporary setback. The Governor says nobody can stay on the sidelines. China and California have pledged to work together and expand trade between the two moving to green technologies to help address climate change. The agreement is between California and China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

After a leaked document got thru the National Security Agency, Humboldt County is moving to secure their voting software. An NSA memo that was leaked showed Russia’s military intelligence unit, the G.R.U., hacked a voting software company out of Florida. It happened just before the November election. After the news broke Monday and the arrest of an NSA intelligence officer, Humboldt County, took its own steps to safeguard voting for locals. The county Office of Elections is having a call today with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the IT staff of the California Secretary of State to check out their software and elections systems, saying election integrity is very important to them in Humboldt County so they’re making sure nothing was infiltrated there.

A female peacock got into a liquor store and caused some damage. The peahen wandered into the Royal Oaks Liquor Store in Arcadia so the store manager tried to nicely guide it out, but he says the bird got scared, flew toward him, them onto a store shelf. He says about an hour and a half later and $500 worth of broken champagne and wine bottles, an animal control officer helped get the bird out. The whole thing caught on cellphone video showing the bird had taken out some pretty pricey booze.


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