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The inaugural Lakeport Sprint Boat Grand Prix a success. 5 classes of boats raced last weekend at the event with good turnout which the race promoter says he was pleased with. Jack Long thanking the Lake County community for the turn out and says they couldn’t have done it without the support of government officials, the City of Lakeport, police and first responders.

2017 Lakeport Sprint Boat Grand Prix Results

1st- Tim Hoffman, Mesa, AZ
2nd- Jasper McDonald, Valley Center
3rd- Dave Shaw, Temecula, CA
4th- Jeff McLachlan, West Jordan, UT

Formula Lights
1st- R.J. West, Manteca, CA
2nd- Jared Wallach, Redondo Beach, CA
3rd- Mark Halyak, Santa Clarita, CA
4th- Spencer Love, Santa Rosa, CA
5th- Colin Cross, Alameda, CA
6th- Warren West, Manteca, CA

Unblown Flat
1st- Skip Tuttle, Oakley, CA
2nd- Dale Baker, Ferndale, WA
3rd- Tyler Roth, Concord, NC
4th- Hal Jones, Layton, UT

Sportsman Extreme Runabout
1st- Tim Hoffman, Mesa, AZ
2nd- Mike Stock/Tony Applegate, Boise, ID
3rd- Mike Purczynski, Hemet, CA
4th- Dave Shaw, Temecula, CA
5th- Jasper McDonald, Valley Center, CA
6th- Lance Nicholls, Castaic, CA

K Racing Runabout
1st- Duff Daily, Boise, ID
2nd- Tyler Roth, Concord, NC
3rd- Michael Allen/Paul Fitzgerald, Concord, NC
4th- Charley Hamill, Salt Lake City, UT
5th- Tony Scarlata, Perris, CA

A shootout in Point Arena ends in the death of one man. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports getting a call Tuesday to a home where the man says another man, Raymond White, came over and there was a shooting which ended in White’s death. Police say White’s estranged wife was with the other man and he contacted her in the driveway of the home and physically assaulted her and threatened her with a gun. He then forced his way into the house and the other man, grabbed a gun and he and White fired multiple rounds at each other and White went down. Police say the estranged wife had been dating the suspected shooter of her ex. No arrests have been reported.

A two day community workshop’s happening in Ukiah to teach how to stay healthy with local food. North Coast Opportunities, the Mendocino Food Policy Council, and the City of Ukiah are hosting the two-day event to explore local food and how it can strengthen the economy, support healthier people and neighborhoods, and revitalize the downtown area. Several federal agencies have chosen Ukiah for the Local Foods, Local Places technical assistance program, which will result in an action plan. So someone from the various federal agencies will help the team presenting the workshop in Ukiah June 28th and 29th. For more info on the event check this radio station’s website and Facebook page.

For more information or to RSVP for the workshop, please contact: Eva King, Mcfpc.coordinator, 860-670-7089.

Updates have been announced regarding the new Cannabis Regulatory System in Mendocino County. The county is going to use a tracking technology for the new track and trace program. The SICPA program from a company out of Switzerland that was agreed to in April. The firm made a presentation to the Board of Supervisors for its software and the county agreed to the $28,000 deal so the county could use their software thru the end of 2019. A test run of the software’s been done in Humboldt County so now it will be used here. It’s called CalOrigin. Cannabis business in the county will use CalOrigin in cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, testing, delivering and dispensing. The agreement is in force starting in July.

A man from Ukiah has pleaded guilty to stabbing two men on New Year’s Eve. Gage Hewett in court on Tuesday, his 28th birthday. He was arrested after the December 31st attempted murder of 2 men who were taking out the trash at a business on North State Street. One worker stabbed in the chest and arm and another several times in his back. Police say Hewett confronted one of them and accused them of something that happened at a nearby auto repair shop. One worker helped the other, and that’s when they got stabbed too. The victims are 23 and 19 years old. They were treated at a hospital and released. The Deputy District Attorney on the case says Hewett was drunk during the incident and the judge told him it was apparent he had a serious issue with booze, so along with jail, she recommended rehab. He will be sentenced July 10th.

Two men in Willits have been arrested after police say they robbed someone they were involved in a drug deal with. Willits police say they got a call Tuesday to the Edgewood Motel for a report of a large amount of stolen marijuana that happened at gunpoint. The victim told police they were meeting two men at the motel to sell them weed but before they could finish up, one pulled out a gun and ordered the victim to the ground and stole the weed and personal belongings. The suspects have been identified as Donovan Saari of Sacramento and Rashard Lafrance of Miramar. The two arrested by Ukiah cops on the 101 but had to chase them into Sonoma County first. They were eventually caught in Healdsburg where they tried running, but other law enforcement officers jumped into action too and the two were nabbed. Charges include felony evading and resisting arrest.

Lake County’s got a new AmeriCorps team prepared to help rebuild after devastating fires. North Coast Opportunities, or NCO, and Hope City got nine members of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps Team Green Eight to help rebuild homes after the wildfires in Lake County the last couple years. They’re the fourth AmeriCorps team to help. It’s also going to be their final project for the nonprofit. They’ve worked on disaster response projects in Louisiana, Southern California and Oregon. The group works on critical needs after natural and other disasters, infrastructure improvement, environmental stewardship and conservation, and urban and rural development; FEMA Corps members who work with them focus on disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery work.

Flowers and all the trimmings have been put in by the Rotary Club of Clear Lake and Citizens Caring for Clearlake at the new visitors center and Chamber of Commerce building in Highlands Park. The last bit of work ahead of the official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday. The Mayor and board members from the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Lake County Chamber of Commerce will be on hand. The public is invited to attend. The new space thru volunteer donations and work, plus Lake County kicked in $100,000 for the rehabilitation of the building. Clearlake also put in some money and staff time for the work at the building.

Police in Bell Gardens warning the public after a mom bought her young son a toy from a Mexican restaurant’s vending machine that turned out to be drugs. Police say the mom and son were at "Taqueria Los Altos" earlier this week and when the boy went to play with the putty ball toy, it broke apart and the white powdery substance poured out. Mom called police who tested the stuff and say it came back positive as cocaine. In all, they found 136 grams of coke, nearly 5 ounces. Police warning the public to stay away from vending machines that say "SNACK TIME VENDING" and if any businesses are using their machines to remove them immediately and call police.

The mom of a young woman believed to be murdered by her dad is speaking for the first time about the death. Sarah Welch Bacon saying she lost custody of her daughter Hannah when she was 4 and had always thought they’d be reunited. Police say the now 20 year old girl was killed by her dad, who family members have said had a history of mental illness and anger problems. Steven Miller’s held on murder charges in Lake County jail on $2 million bond. The last time her mother saw her was when she was 15, five years ago. She says she’ll regret for the rest of her life, that she didn’t have the time to spend with her daughter that she would have liked. She says she lost custody soon after she was born, but got her back when she was 4, then lost it again after her paternal grandmother asked for a visit and never returned her. Police still investigating a possible motive for the shooting in Hidden Valley lake.


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