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A man from Ukiah killed in a crash on North State Street near Central Avenue last weekend made what the CHP calls an unsafe turn that led to the car going down an embankment and across some railroad tracks, then flipping over. Nearby residents heard the crash and called 911. The CHP says they don’t know why Tyler Perkins lost control or if alcohol may have been a factor. They say he was not wearing a seatbelt but was not thrown out of the car.

Another Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office K9 is getting an enhanced bullet and stab protective vest thanks to a charitable donation through the non-profit organization Vested Interest in K9s. The vest for K9 “Chase” is sponsored by an Anonymous Donor and will be embroidered with the sentiment “Born to Love – Trained to Serve – Loyal Always”. Delivery is expected within eight to ten weeks. Vested Interest in K9s provides the protective vests and other assistance to dogs of law enforcement throughout the US through private and corporate donations. The donation to provide one vest is $1,050. Last month the Sheriff’s Office announced a vest coming soon for K9 “Rex” thanks to Coburn’s Construction & Cabinetry of Willits.

A man who went to prison for 6 and a half years for arson is now accused of stealing from his job. The Mendocino County D-A’s office reports Brice Lee McKinnon got 80 months in state prison and when he got out in January he got a job at Village Market in Willits as a cashier. Police say the owners found he had been stealing money and Lottery tickets and would cash in winning tickets at other local stores. The D-A and police have charged the guy with robbing the store and he admitted to grand theft. He’s going back to prison for 4 years. He’ll be formally sentenced next month.

Thousands of steelhead trout eggs have hatched along Gibson Creek. The Daily Journal reports as many as 6,000 eggs hatched as part of an experimental project by a local man with an interest in fish habitat and populations. The newspaper reports Sean White started the Remote Spawning Incubator which was made up of three buckets and black tubing. He says he had a bucket filled with 6,300 trout eggs from the Warm Springs Hatchery in Geyserville. He would go and check on the eggs daily, before and after his job as the director of water and sewer utilities for the City of Ukiah. He says the system he used was nothing new, they’ve been doing it in Washington State for about 15 years.

A bill by Assemblyman Jim Wood’s to stop manufacturer coupons for brand-name drugs if there’s a generic available, has moved to the Senate. Wood’s Assembly Bill 265 would stop drug companies from pressuring folks to get the more expensive drug over the cheaper generic version. Wood is a dentist. He says the coupons save customers money to start, but then they drive up premiums later due to customer loyalty. The bill includes info from private research into the U-S healthcare industry. It shows the pharmaceutical industry paid about $7 billion for distribution of the coupons and discount cards for some or all patient copays for certain drugs. There’s also language in the bill about the practice of combining two generic drugs to make a new brand name, which costs more too. The bill says it’s no more effective than just taking two drugs, which would be cheaper.

Carnegie Library in Library Park is nearly done. The building’s been closed because it doesn’t meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Lakeport City Council has approved getting bids for accessibility upgrades. They’re looking for upgrades for the bathrooms, southern entry accessibility improvements, replacement of the second-floor ceiling, lighting upgrades and the installation of a LULA lift which stands for Limited Use/Limited Application. It’s basically a way to move wheelchairs up without an elevator, but it’s very much like an elevator. It’s going to cost the city somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 – $225,000. The money from the Fed to the State Department of Housing and Community Development, thru a block grant.

It’s still early but it looks like Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has an edge to be the next Governor of the Golden State. Newsom’s main opponent’s former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The UC Berkeley IGS Poll shows 22 percent of likely voters are for Newsom, but that’s down from 28 percent in March. About 17 percent prefer Villaraigosa. There’s only single digit support for Republicans John Cox and David Hadley and Democrats John Chiang, the current state treasurer, and former state schools superintendent Delaine Eastin. 37 percent of those polled had not made up their mind yet.

Parts of the state budget have advanced with the full legislature set to take a vote. The deadline to pass the budget is next week, but portions of the budget were held back. The Governor announced his budget last month which added some spending over last year. Some lawmakers wanted more money to go to Medical, the poor and higher education. Lawmakers have to push the whole budget thru or they start losing pay as of next Thursday. That’s part of new rules voters approved last year. The final budget should be posted online up to three days before lawmakers take a final vote on it. The new package includes money for dam and emergency response programs, which was cut from $387 million Brown set aside to $111 million, even after the crisis at the Oroville Dam. It also authorizes the state to borrow as much as $6 billion from a state investment account for pension payments.

A couple of burglars in Northern Calif. busted after falling asleep on the job. Police say the two broke into a high school in North Auburn and were found by a school employee. The Placer County sheriff’s officials reports one was found Monday morning sleeping in a classroom and the other in a bathroom. They say Kevin Thomas of Fresno and Travis Alexander of the Sacramento transient broke windows to get into classrooms then put a bunch of stuff in two school-owned vehicles, including computers and televisions, but after eating some frozen dinners inside a classroom, they couldn’t stay awake. The pair arrested on suspicion of burglary and vehicle theft.

A man and his dog had to be rescued in Alaska after the man’s duct taped together boat took on water. The U.S. Coast Guard had to rescue the 32-year-old man and his pet after their inflatable, duct-taped boat started sinking in the Gastineau Channel near Juneau. The Coast Guard says the duct-taped boat had been homemade and the man didn’t have a life jacket. Apparently an off-duty Coast Guard member spotted the boat and called his colleagues.


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