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A call to help a couple on their way to their wedding in Avon, Connecticut with local firefighters saving the day. Firefighters responding to a call of a church bus fire, but find a trolley bus with its engine on fire. The bus driver had put the fire out, but a wedding party was on it and couldn’t get to the church on time. Firefighters gave the bride and groom a ride. The Avon Volunteer Fire Department posted the whole thing on their Facebook page, with a picture of the bride and groom, saying they had “the wonderful honor of making sure the happy couple didn’t miss their own party”.

A 19 year old from Pennsylvania’s been busted at an amusement park after posting photos to snapchat. The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office reports searching for Kimberly Dolan for attempted murder and multiple bond conditions. Police say she hit someone in the face and ran down another with her car after they supposedly got into a car accident with her grandfather. She left the scene before cops got there, they’ve been searching for her until she posted on Snapchat at an amusement park where she was with her child last Thursday. She was arrested at the park with the help of local cops.

The latest graduates from Ukiah High are on their way to adulting. The Daily Journal at the graduation ceremony over the weekend. Many of the graduates speaking to the paper say they were exciting to be on their own, and growing up.

The Courthouse Museum has a new exhibit which is like life imitating art. The Record Bee reports on the new exhibit which covers racism in the 1900’s with White Settlers and the Pomo Tribe. The paper reports it parallels some of what’s happening now with some feeling immigrants are taking their jobs. There’s even a Confederate flag up as part of the Political Citizens exhibit, which is still stirring controversy. Confederate monuments are still being taken down and the flag condemned for being a symbol of racism. There are issues covering much of the political spectrum that still dominate discussion today. Women’s suffrage has a picture of a letter from a woman from Lower Lake to her sister. That letter about an abortion the woman just had performed. There’s also a section on legal cases covering the Upper Lake Union Elementary School District protecting students from anti-gay harassment in 2008 and the local Women’s March from this year is also mentioned. The display is Weds-Sundays but they’re closed on Monday and Tuesday.

The city of Lakeport is carving out how they’ll pay for road work, upgrade broadband and bring in solar power for their new budget. The city’s spending about $5.5 million from the general fund on public safety and infrastructure. The Record Bee reports the budget for the fiscal year starting July 1st will be split with about 40% going to police and law enforcement, and the rest to roads, public safety and economic development. The City Manager says the focus is service delivery, economic vitality and improving the quality of life for residents. The city apparently using a community survey as a guide for which projects would get priority. They’ll first finish the South Main Street/Soda Bay Road annexation, a Solar Array Project and replace old police patrol vehicles. Putting in stronger Wi-Fi access in the downtown area is also on the to-do list with Measure Z money helping bolster the city’s pocketbook to pay for the projects.

The proposed budget to be discussed by the Ukiah City Council. There will be hearings this week on the budget which is up by almost $4 million for staffing costs and more than $40 million more in capital improvements. The first hearing’s today at 4 PM and another may be held tomorrow if they need to continue. The budget is almost $107 million dollars which has $41.5 million more than last year. The City Manager Sage Sangiacomo says there will still be a budget surplus of $1.5 million and nearly $2M next year. There’s also more money being spent than earned, but apparently it’s covered by loans that aren’t considered revenue. Most of the money being spent is on the Recycled Water System, or so-called Purple Pipe, then several million’s being spent on the proposed Costco store. The next big expenditure is on personnel.

A man in Ukiah’s been killed after a car crashed and crushed the man near the Talmage Bridge. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority reports the man’s wife told them they were trying to jump start their car near the Russian River access off Talmage Road east of Babcock Lane Saturday afternoon, and the car went down the hill on top of the man and crushed his upper body. Fire crews say when they arrived the man had no pulse, so they declared him dead. They’ve only identified him as a 57-year-old man.

A woman and her son accused in the death of a woman they were living with in Caspar due in court. Kelley Anne Coan and her son, Alexander due in court Wednesday for their arraignments which had been set for last month but were continued because of a potential conflict. They’re charged with Jamie Shipman’s murder May 23rd at her home where the Coan’s were living. Police say there had been some sort of property dispute. Police also say they arrested Alexander after first letting him go the day of the murder because they didn’t’ think they had enough evidence. They say later when they gathered more information, they brought him in. The two are held on no bail in the Mendocino County Jail.

A bit closer to reality for the Costco in Ukiah. The Planning Manager tells the City Council they’re one step closer to the re-approval of the Costco project since the council had a do-over regarding the project’s Environmental Impact Report, property rezoning and site development permit. The planning manager asking the council to certify the final reports, but there were still some questions from the council. One part of the Environmental Impact Report had to be re-done regarding the energy use for the project after a lawsuit. So only that bit can be appealed. And the council questioned why the project wouldn’t have solar panels. The council finally settled on the report, deciding the benefits outweighed the negatives. The last couple of items, the re-zoning and the final site permit should be before the council before the end of July.

A new poll shows Californians not keen on the new gas tax to pay for road repairs. The poll by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies shows 58% of registered voters are against the new tax and another 35% are all for it. 7% had no opinion. Since the tax was passed the legislature’s own polling was way down. The public approval for the legislature per one poll had them at 50 percent in March, a 7 point drop. Now a Republican Assemblyman from Huntington Beach, Travis Allen, is trying to get the vote overturned with a petition drive to get the gas tax on a ballot. The original bill, Senate Bill 1, which is now law, will raise the gas tax 12 cents a gallon starting in November. Plus the car registration fee goes up next year from about $25 to $175, depending on the value of the car.

A lawyer for one of the men accused in the Ghost Ship fire near Oakland says his client is being demonized. Derick Almena was arrested in Upper Lake for the December 2nd fire where 36 people were trapped in the building and died. Almena’s lawyer made the first public statement in the case after he and Max Harris were arrested for creating a dangerous and illegal living space. But they’re blaming the city and fire officials. Almena’s wife spoke out with the lawyer, saying they would have never lived in a place that was unsafe. The lawyer says the city, Fire Dept., PG&E and Oakland building department were negligent and responsible for events that led to the fire. Witnesses say firefighters had been to the building in 2014 for another party, went inside, and did nothing about the building. Almena and Harris are in jail on $1M dollars bail each and are due in court tomorrow.

A two story home in Guerneville has been destroyed by a fire. Two other homes also damaged in the fire Saturday night before midnight. Firefighters get a call to the fire and find the home already consumed by flames. One person and 2 dogs got out safely with the help of neighbors. Another dog’s not been found. Cal Fire, Monte Rio, Forestville and Russian River firefighters all went out to the fire which took them about an hour to put down. The fire spread to another vacation home nearby and another house. One had a minor damage, the other major fire and smoke damage. The total destruction added up to about $750,000. The cause still under investigation.


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