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The Traffic Engineering Committee in Ukiah’s been asked to put speed bumps on a small street near Safeway. The committee will take up the matter today at their regular meeting requested for Marshall Street. The Daily Journal reports the street’s sort of a detour because it connects East Gobbi and South Main streets and helps drivers avoid an intersection. The Ukiah Police Department apparently getting several calls about the speeding cars on Marshall. Neighbors have even put up signs urging drivers to “Slow Down” and another says “Drive like your kids live here”. The Engineering Committee is also considering a couple of stop signs on the West Side of the city, the intersection of Standley and Spring streets, and the intersection of Walnut and Bush streets.

Three people are recovering after a solo car crash in Upper Lake. Police say the 23 year old driver,
Dalleen Luevano of Middletown has been arrested for DUI. The CHP reports the crash happened on Pitney Ridge Road around 3:30 Sunday morning. They say Luevano was driving a Ford F-350 along with passengers Jeffrey Lovrin of Upper Lake and Nehemiah White of Lucerne when the driver lost control and went off the road, down an embankment and rolled before coming to a stop by crashing into a tree. Lovrin, the right front passenger, had moderate injuries and driver Luevano had major injuries and the other passenger, who was in the rear of the pickup had minor injuries. Police say they were all wearing seatbelts.

Slower job growth expected in Calif. per a new UCLA report. The UCLA Anderson Forecast says the state’s job market was up about 2 percent last year and is expected to go up by 1.8 percent this year. A Senior Economist with the Forecast says gridlock in Washington DC is a major factor because the Trump Administration is having difficulties passing stimulus packages. The projected payroll job growth in Calif. at 1.6 percent for 2017, but off a half point to 1.1 percent in 2018 and way off at .9 percent growth in 2019. The report shows U.S. job growth should be weaker than California’s, growing to an annual pace of 1.5 percent. It says there could be inflation and higher cost of living across the country.

Lawmakers have only a couple more days to meet the deadline to get the state budget done. The Governor released details of his budget last month, but yesterday lawmakers were still trying to get it done ahead of a new voter approved deadline. The deadline means if legislators don’t get across the finish line in time, they lose pay. So they have until Thursday to pass the 2017 budget. Yesterday was the last day for changes to the main bill though, if they’re going to make the deadline this Thursday. Bills have to be in print for 72 hours before a floor vote, as part of that constitutional amendment voters approved last year. There was still stuff being added in late yesterday afternoon including expanding the state tax credit program and tuition discounts for college kids.

In the last hours of the state budget debate, lawmakers added legislation to allow hundreds of millions more for doctors and dentists who perform publicly funded care. The $465 million dollar proposal is part of the new budget, which has yet to be released publicly. The legislation was introduced in time to make the Thursday deadline for lawmakers though. There were still hustled meetings happening late yesterday afternoon and press conferences were pushed back that would have had more details. Apaprently doctors and dentists have been putting pressure on the governor to use tobacco tax money to increase their payments for treating low-income patients on Medi-Cal.

A man from Ukiah’s been arrested on suspicion of molesting at least two girls. Ukiah Police say someone reported Jaime Barajas had molested a 14-year-old girl and when they were investigating they found out there was also possibly another victim, a 13 year old, and maybe some others too. They say it could have all been going on for some time. Detectives got a no-bail warrant and put out a Be On the Lookout Alert for Barajas. Then the Mendocino Sherriff’s Dept reports arresting the guy Friday in Redwood Valley. Detectives are now trying to find out of there are more victims or any witnesses.

A man crushed to death by his own car Saturday afternoon near the Talmage Bridge has been identified. The CHP reports Charles Welch of Yreka and his wife were pushing their stalled car up an incline on the Russian River access road around 4 p.m. when the car started to roll onto him. The wife jumped into the driver’s seat to try and get control but the car rolled onto Welch, dragging him 15 feet down and pinning him on the bottom of a dried creek bed. Police tried to revive him, but say he had no pulse, so he was declared dead at the scene.

Rangers in some Western National Parks say they’re concerned about a potential spike in drowning as the deepest mountain snowpack in recent history is now melting and has waterfalls and rivers running extra rough. The Press Democrat reports 14 river deaths since the beginning of May may be because of the unusually strong water and some popular sections of rivers are closed to rafting and fishing in California, Utah and Wyoming. A member of the Yosemite Swift Water Rescue Team told reporters this year’s velocity and force of the Merced River that runs through Yosemite is similar to a runaway freight train.

A rare snow storm in the Sierra Nevada so some skiers and snowboarders got out in it. Squaw Valley got four fresh inches of snow in upper elevations and a couple on the base. Skiers and snowboarders will get to enjoy the slopes past the Fourth of July for the first time ever. A spokesperson for Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows says they’re seeing people on the slopes in bathing suits and costumes. He says the skiing “has definitely been extremely festive." The resort keeping the mountain runs open on Saturdays for as long as it doesn’t get too mushy. They say it could stay open thru July, and possibly into August.

A man from Eureka’s been arrested after a chase where he ended up hiding in a historical Tall Ship after vandalizing a Dept. of Fish and Wildlife boat. Police say they chased Christopher Breaker along the waterfront last weekend before he was arrested for vehicle theft, vandalism, and resisting arrest. Police say they went after the guy after reports a construction site truck had been stolen. They found the truck, then got a report a suspicious man had boarded and vandalized the fish and wildlife vessel before he jumped into the water near the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, swam across the bay and onto a pirate ship. Cops say the captain of the ship helped pull him out of the water, then they flagged down police. It’s the guy’s second arrest in 12 hours. He had been arrested in Arcata for driving without a license.


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