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A woman married to a man accused in the molestation of a teenager has been arrested for alleged threats against a witness. The Ukiah Police Department reports Jaime Barajas was arrested last Friday on suspicion of sexual acts with children, but they say they found his wife Shannon may have threatened a witness so they wouldn’t testify. Police arrested Jaime after reports of a 14 year old girl being molested, possibly for years. They also found there could be other victims, so they’ve reached out to the public for help. The wife, Shannon was arrested Wednesday and booked on $25,000 bail. Jaime was being held on nearly one and a half million dollars on suspicion of committing “lewd acts with children under 10 years of age.”

A man in Gualala caught on video as he robs a bank. Police searching for the robber who went into a Westamerica branch on Highway 1 who showed a gun and demanded cash. Police say he did get away with some money then ran north. The Sheriff’s office has released photo’s of the man that appear online. He’s a white man, wearing sunglasses on and a shaggy dark wig under a baseball cap. He’s further described as being about 5 foot 10 inches with a thin build. Anyone with information about the case can call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

A man from Ukiah reported missing Tuesday says he was kidnapped. Trevor Cooper found yesterday and went to Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits with minor injuries. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports he was in his 2017 Ford F-150 Tuesday night which they reported finding afterward with his personal items inside and evidence he may have been injured. He says he was kidnapped and held overnight then released south of Willits. Apparently he couldn’t give any more info because of his condition, and cops say they’ve not been able to confirm the story. They also say he was somewhat uncooperative with investigators.

Break out the misters and sunscreen, we’re in for a scorcher. The National Weather Service is reporting temperatures rising to reach the low 90’s today, mid 90’s tomorrow and 100 or a bit higher Sunday, maybe hitting the 105 degree mark. Then into next week, on Monday and Tuesday we’re expected to get daytime temperatures at or around 100 degrees. It will start to cool slightly, but hover in the 90’s all of next week. The lows at night will be around the low to high 60’s. Lake Co News reports the Lake County Fire Protection District Chief is asking community members to be careful and of course to be fire safe as temperatures rise. They’re reminding residents not to mow grass after 10 a.m. and to report any smoke as soon as they see it.

A fast moving wildfire in Clearlake quashed quickly. The fire yesterday afternoon in dry and windy conditions, just after lunchtime on Dam Road. Flames and black smoke were reported with reports of moderate to rapid rate of spread of the fire at first, but they had it out in about a half hour. The fire torched about an acre and a half and had firefighters on their toes due to winds of up to 15 miles per hour at times. The fire was south of McDonald’s, between the restaurant and the old Ray’s Food Place.

Lake County’s general budget has been approved. The Board of Supervisors approved the budget for the next fiscal year which will be finalized by September so there can be adjustments if needed. Right now they’re got about $223 million to work with for more than 2 dozen departments. The supervisors put the budget together after hearing what each department needed. The county is still dealing with the impact of major wildfires that devastated the region. That’s costing the county more than 2.5 million dollars. The County Administrative Officer says she doesn’t think any other county in the state has to cover the cost of as many disasters as Lake County. The budget covers the fires, floods and other issues. The county is also looking to fill jobs, with a 20% vacancy rate or higher in some departments.

A man wanted on drug charges and causing great bodily injury on the run in Mendocino County. The Sheriff’s office posted on their Facebook page looking for Gerald Stillwell for the driving under the influence and inflicting great bodily injury. The 59 year old’s picture is posted on the page with other information. He was last seen in Garberville. He’s wanted on $75,000 bail and is described as being 5′ 8", 190 lbs with Black hair and Brown eyes. Police say if you see him or know where he could be to call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

A bunch of bees saved by some do-gooders in Fort Bragg. The Advocate newspaper reports more than 10,000 honey bees being saved after they were found swarming along the asphalt near the Redwood Coast Senior Center last Monday. The bees were blocked off by a good Samaritan, who used his car. Then a local with experience with bees went out to the area and carefully moved them all into a hive box. Some calls into the Fort Bragg Police Department on the matter and a traffic cop was sent to the scene. A local who raises bees as a hobby took possession of the hive box and reported to the newspaper they were all fine in a hive in the guy’s backyard. Fort Bragg is a Bee City, meaning they encourage programs for kids and at schools about the importance of bees.

A U-S Coast Guard ship reported missing a hundred years ago has been found. The USCGC McCulloch sank after it hit another ship in Southern Calif about a half hour after the crash. It was on the ocean floor, then Tuesday the Coast Guard announced, on its 100th anniversary of going down, it had been found. Apparently strong currents and the amount of sediment on it make it nearly impossible to move. But there was a tribute to the ship and its crew, 2 of whom died in the line of duty. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Coast Guard apparently first spotted the wreck last fall during a routine survey. It’s about 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Two men from Vallejo have been arrested for trying to pass fake cash at the Graton Resort and Casino. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s office reports the two had phony $100 dollar bills on them that added up to almost $36,000. Rodney Short and Johnny Winn busted by employees at the casino with the bogus cash. Cops say each of them had wads of the bills in their pockets and more in their car. Pictures of fake money posted by the cops on Facebook. The money matched an older version of the $100 bill than what’s issued by the government now. The two men booked on burglary and counterfeiting charges.

Another delay in the case of Ezequiel Junior Bravo. Bravo’s charged with the murder of his estranged wife’s aunt and the attempted murder of 3 others. His preliminary hearing has now been put off until August 9th. His hearing was set for February. He’s been charged with three counts of attempted murder, and one murder charge along with other crimes for the shooting last year at the Elem Colony at Clearlake Oaks. Cops say he went into the home last November with a shotgun and started shooting, then left the scene. Police found one woman dead, a man and a 6 year old with wounds, and another woman drove herself to the hospital. He was found later at Pomo Elementary School in Clearlake.

2 men and an underage teenager busted after a robbery in Fort Bragg. Police say they got a call last Sunday after a barbecue which they say ended in an armed robbery that looked to be premeditated. 19 year old Charles Williams, 20 year old Darius Washington and a 17-year-old juvenile male have been arrested on robbery, conspiracy, possession of stolen property, evading and possession/transportation of marijuana for sale charges. The three are all from Illinois. Police say they stole nine pounds of processed marijuana from the home. Apparently they’d been buying weed cheap from the same people, then travel home and sell it for more money. But they say this time, they brought guns to a barbecue, showed them to those there and threatened to kill them as they took the weed and left. Several law enforcement departments involved in the chase and final take down of the trio.

A man posing as an architect with the name Newman admitted he defrauded others in an investigation in New York, dubbed “Operation Vandelay Industries.” The NY State Attorney General’s office charged the man, Paul Newman, for fraudulent architectural services in Albany, Rensselaer and Saratoga counties. The Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says Newman pleaded guilty to six felonies including grand larceny and fraud and will get from 2 to 7 years behind bars and have to pay restitution. Schneiderman called it “Vandelay Industries” because of the man’s name and the TV show “Seinfeld” which had fictional company by that name. The character Newman was Jerry’s nemesis on the show.


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