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One person is dead following an early morning house fire in Clearlake. Neighbors called 911 about an explosion around 5am at Art’s Trailer Park. Lake County Fire Protection and Cal Fire responded with Chief Willie Sapeta later telling Lake County News the explosion was heard as far away as Lower Lake leading to a deluge of 911 calls. The fire spread from a trailer to a large debris pile and then destroyed an adjacent trailer. It took firefighters about 20 minutes to contain the fire, although they were there for hours cleaning up and investigating. They have not yet said what started the fire or caused the explosion. The person who died was in the trailer where it started; someone in the second trailer was also taken to a hospital.

The search continues for the man who robbed the West America Bank in Gualala Tuesday afternoon. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect came in at 2:00 PM with a handgun, took the bank employees hostage and demanded cash. The robbery was interrupted by a bystander who walked in; the suspect ran off with an undisclosed amount cash into the woods along Church Street. A Sheriff’s Deputy K9 team searched but didn’t find him. The bank security camera did capture a few photos of the guy you can see on the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Facebook Page.

It’s about to get really hot for a few days. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for parts of Northern California – including Lake and Mendocino Counties – from Saturday afternoon through Tuesday evening near-record temperatures possible. Temps could be in the mid 90s on Saturday and likely well over 100 on Sunday, with the current forecast showing 108 for Ukiah on Fathers’ Day. Monday and Tuesday could break 100 as well. The Lake County Fire Protection District Chief is reminding you to be fire safe, don’t mow your grass after 10 a.m. and report any smoke as soon as you see it.


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