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A woman from Lucerne has been arrested after police say she tased two people at a park. Police say Kathleen Dail was at Alpine Park where two victims say she used a taser on them. Some grabbed the woman until police arrived and say they witnessed what happened. Deputies also found faint marks on one of the victims neck they say looked to be from a taser. The witnesses say she also threatened to kill them. For her part, Dail says a group of people called for her to come to the park and says they threatened her so she warned them she would defend herself and activated the taser and says she accidently hit the victims. She says the victims willingly walked into it as she was activating it, but they arrested her. Dail faces assault charges with a stun gun or taser and for threatening crime with intent to terrorize.

A sigh of relief for some who ended up in the country, and therefore Calif. illegally. The Trump Administration has announced it will keep the DACA program. DACA stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”. The program put into place five years ago by the Obama administration so kids brought here with their parents illegally can stay legally. The program had been based on kids academic achievements and their potential as contributors to the U.S. economy. The Record Bee reporting some of the DACA recipients still say they’re in limbo though. And those in support of those who have immigrated to the states say the Trump administration didn’t go far enough because it should have included new recipients.

A child in Ukiah apparently left on a school bus for hours after the driver didn’t check to make sure everyone was off and parked it. The Ukiah Unified School District says they’re distressed it happened and there are procedures in place. The school superintendent says the driver was a substitute who didn’t perform the steps on a required driver checklist. No word on the age or gender of the child but the super says the child was being dropped off last Wednesday for the first day of summer school at Grace Hudson Elementary and didn’t get off when all the other kids did. So the driver drove to the bus shed, as they do, and got off then left the child, who was still on the bus when they all got back. The kid told their parent when they got home.

A new state report shows lower unemployment in Lake County, where the jobless rate hit a near three decade low. Lake Co News reports the new Employment Development Department’s report showing the unemployment rate in the county at 4.9 percent, down more than a half point, from 5.6 percent in April. It’s also a full point lower than a year ago. The reports for April and May the second lowest and lowest, since 1990. The jobless rate in Calif. was 4.7 percent in May off 1/10 of a point from April and down almost a whole percentage point from a year ago when it was 5.5 percent. In Mendocino County the jobless rate was 3.8%. The lowest was San Mateo County at 2.4 percent and Imperial County the highest statewide, 20.5 percent.

The Clearlake Police Department National Night Out is set for August. The first ever National Night Out in Clearlake will be from 6 to 8 p.m. at Highlands Park on Lakeshore Drive August 1st. Those in the community are invited for the free party, focusing on safety. The police department says it’s part of their effort to continue promoting community policing with programs including their Neighborhood Watch. The department says they hope to continue with programs like the National Night Out in various neighborhoods in the future. They’re also accepting donations for the event. They’re looking for partnerships too, the Lake County Fire Protection District has signed on to participate, plus there will be family activities. For more information call the Clearlake Police Department.

A woman in Humboldt County’s been arrested after police say she tried to perform an exorcism on her naked daughter at a secluded beach. Police say Kimberly Felder was beating, biting, choking and shoved sand in the mouth of her 11-year-old daughter when a witness spotted her and called for help. The man who saw told police the woman told him she was trying to remove demons from her daughter and says she was hitting the child in the head with a piece of driftwood and he tried to restrain her. Felder’s been arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and aggravated mayhem. The girl ended up in the hospital with multiple injuries.

A new report from Stanford University shows cops across the country are more inclined to cite, search and arrest black and Latino drivers in routine traffic stops, more than white drivers. The researchers working with a nationwide database of state patrol stops. They say it’s the biggest compilation of traffic stop data ever put together. It was released as part of the Stanford Open Policing Project with data compiled from 2011-2015. They studied more than 100 million records of traffic stop-and-search information from 31 states. They looked at time spent on the road or driving behavior and how that contributed to the cops stops. Researchers say they also went back and did supplemental studies and found minorities were held to a double standard and were searched with less evidence.

A man accused in the shooting death of another man and the injury of two others is finally at trial. Lake Co News reports Joshua Beavers charged for the murder of David Ferrell at his home in Clearlake in Sept. of 2013 and for the shooting of two others who survived, Rachel Patterson and Paul Cressy. The Deputy D-A in the case has charged Beavers with multiple crimes including murder; assault with a firearm, attempted murder and unlawfully possessing a short-barreled shotgun. There were also several other special allegations for firearm use and inflicting great bodily injury. He pleaded not guilty nearly four years ago for the confrontation at Ray’s Food Place. Testimony started almost two weeks ago after several delays including the judge being ill and contaminated water at the courthouse. Testimony continues this Wednesday, June 21st.

A reminder as the temperatures break records from the California Department of Public Health and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to stay cool and drink a lot of water. Temperatures are expected to climb to 10 or 15 degrees more than they’d normally be this time of year. Many places in Northern Calif. going over 100 degrees. The State Health Officer says it’s going to be very hot, and they are reminding residents to protect themselves from the dangers of excessive heat. A reminder to stay cool, stay hydrated, stay inside and take other precautions to prevent heat-related illness. The reminder especially for young children, the elderly, those with chronic diseases or disabilities, pregnant women and people who are socially isolated.

A math professor in Pennsylvania has shared a picture that’s gone viral from their local deli. The sign above some food items at a deli in Pittsburgh… "Please refrain from discussing mathematics while waiting in line." WHAT? Anna Haensch, a professor of mathematics at Duquesne (doo-cane) University tweeted out a picture she took at the deli, with her message, "At the local deli. What could have happened to make them put up that sign??" she got responses filled with theories like,

"Perhaps they thought those conversations were getting too irrational?" and

"Some of them got downright complex”.

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