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A mom and son accused in the death of a woman they lived with in Mendocino County have pleaded not guilty. Kelley Coan and her son, Alexander are charged with the murder of Jamie Shipman who they lived with at her home in Mendocino. Kelley surrendered in San Joaquin County a day after Shipman was found dead and her car missing. Her son was questioned then, but freed, then he was arrested a few days later. Police say Kelly had the missing vehicle which was found before she turned herself in. Her son was arrested in Comptche. They are due back in court in August.

The president of Mendocino College is not getting new digs after all. A plan to rework some work spaces on the school’s main campus is happening, but the president’s office is staying where it is after some complaints. The Facilities and the Planning and Budget Committees of the college have approved the new plan after some faculty members complained about an earlier plan for a new office for the college president off the library. The revised plan for the new Hispanic Serving Institution’s First Year Institute to be where the president’s office was planned in the library. Some areas of the library had been determined to be underutilized. Other areas will be turned into offices for the dean of instruction, her assistant and a curriculum technician. A new welcome center has been tabled for now. There was also a plan for merging the Admissions and Records and the Financial Aid offices but that’s up in the air too.

Police in Lakeport say there’s been a young mountain lion seen wandering about. The lion in the Forbes Creek drainage near the Little League baseball fields at the Fairgrounds and west of Public Works yard. They say the animal has not been aggressive, but they want residents to be alert they could run into the big cat. The Record Bee newspaper reports the animal is young, about 2 years old and weighs around 60 pounds and most likely ended up in the area by another lion that was guarding its own territory. The city warning folks nearby to make sure small children and pets and any food items are kept indoors.

The Pinole Pomo Indian Tribe is being sued by the ex owner of the Hopland Inn. The Press Democrat reports the tribe, its chairwoman and their former business consultant are all named in the suit for improper and fraudulent business practices after the tribe ran the inn which is now closed down for renovation with new ownership. Forster-Gill Inc. is suing for more than $1 million for fraud, breach of contract and breach of purchase agreement, which includes unpaid rent for a lease agreement in 2009. The lawsuit was filed back in April in Mendocino County. It says the tribe wouldn’t return the hotel and liquor licenses either. The tribe went into an agreement with the historic Inn in early 2009 for $1.5 million option to buy. But the lawsuit goes on to say the tribe only operated the hotel’s restaurant and bar sporadically then closed it in 2012 after a water pipe burst and says before that the businessa wasn’t well attended.

A man is arrested after a boat crash at Lake Sonoma for suspected drunk boat driving. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s office reports deputies on patrol Saturday night went out to a report of a boat crash and found a power boat on the shoreline northeast of the Lake Sonoma dam. A passenger in the boat had cuts on his face, chest and one arm so he was taken to the marina and an ambulance picked him up. The pilot, Rosali Vasquez, of Rohnert Park was also treated, but on the scene, then he was arrested. Witnesses told cops they saw people aboard pouring beer out of the boat. The driver also failed sobriety tests so he’s charged with suspicion of felony boating under the influence and was booked into the Sonoma County Jail. He posted bond for $10,000 bail later.

A sign of the times, the disappearing small town post office. This time, Rido Nido near Guerneville on the Russian River loses its post office on Canyon Seven Road. Most of the residents in the tiny hamlet don’t get the mail at their homes, so they have to visit the post office. And if they can’t get a Fed Ex or UPS delivery, that too, goes to the post office. The U.S. Postal Service is closing the location, saying its losing money. Residents can still get their mail at their P.O. boxes, but only until the end of the month, then they have to drive to Guerneville to get their mail at the Mill Street post office. As of the last census, back in 2010, about 520 people were living in the tiny community.

A new two year contract has been approved for some union workers in Mendocino County. More than 700 workers getting bumps in salary of 3% and a $2,000 bonus each of the 2 years of the contract. Employees had been asking for raises since their pay was cut during the recession. Employees in areas where there’s high turnover and low retention are getting 5% more. All of the employees covered are getting longevity pay too for staying in their jobs, something a union rep says they’ve been fighting for for a couple decades now. Managers are only getting a 1 percent wage hike, but every year for five years, after their tenth year. They’re also getting changes to sick leave and will be given more notice for schedule changes. The board of supervisors will consider final approval at their meeting this morning.

A new report released on the Ghost Ship fire details the final moments of the 36 who died there. The warehouse in Oakland went up in flames in December and the two master tenants were recently arrested for involuntary manslaughter. Those inside at a party December 2nd and died of smoke inhalation after getting trapped in what’s being called the deadliest fire in modern California history. The Oakland fire department, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Alameda County Arson Task Force put out the report with no clear cause for how the fire started. They do say though the fire was fueled by debris inside, like piles of wood and even camping trailers and furniture.

San Francisco State University is being sued for being anti-Semitic. A lawsuit filed by Jewish community members yesterday saying the school and its administrators knowingly fostered discrimination and a hostile environment, where there’s been violent threats to the safety of Jewish students on campus. The suit claims the college had repeatedly denied Jewish student groups, including Hillel and Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, equal access to campus events. It further claims the school’s administrators and police were complicit in the disruption of a speech last year by Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem that included offensive chants and blaring bullhorns. The Lawfare Project is representing the plaintiffs. The school’s lawyer says they’ve not reviewed or responded because they weren’t aware of the complaint.

A man near Pittsburgh, Penn. hearing the constant beeping of an alarm clock since a clock was walled off during a construction project… about 13 years ago. CBS Pittsburgh reports that Jerry Lynn of Ross Township dropped an alarm clock between the walls while working on a home improvement project in 2004 and the clock beeps every night just before 7:00 PM. Unless it’s day light saving time, of course. Apparently he had lowered the clock thru the walls as a reminder where to drill a hole for his TV hookup, but the clock detached from a string he had attached it to. He says he figured, oh well, the battery would run out, but it’s been going daily ever since.


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