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A man in Mendocino County is wanted for alleged sale of meth. The Sheriff’s office Facebook page features Miguel Gonzales for WANTED Wednesday. They say his bail is $150-thousand dollars for selling and possessing methamphetamine. He’s described as 40 years old, 5 foot 6, 190 lbs with brown hair and eyes. They’re asking anyone who may have seen him to call the Sheriff’s office. His picture is posted on the Sheriff’s Facebook message. The Sheriff’s office is announcing they’ve caught another man who had been posted as Wanted on their Facebook page. The department says they’ve captured Joshua Webb who was also wanted for selling meth and for being under the influence of drugs. His picture is also on the Sheriff’s Facebook page. He was being held on $35,000 bail.

A man in Ukiah’s been caught for possession of child pornography. The Sheriff’s office reports Homeland Security out of San Francisco called for help with Curtis Muller, who they say was exchanging obscene materials with someone in the United Kingdom. Apparently they gathered information the man was sharing kiddy porn with another man outside of the U-S from Interpol after a man was arrested in the United Kingdom. The detectives here at the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office went out to Muller’s home with Special Agents of the Department of Homeland Security and Investigation and Child Exploitation Investigations Unit with a warrant. Muller wasn’t home but was found soon after with multiple images of suspected obscene material. He’s held on $15,000 bail.

Clearlake’s working to get healthy. The city’s joined the League of California Cities (LOCC) Healthy Eating Active Living campaign. The city clerk in Clearlake says they’ve been encouraging healthy eating since 2004 when the city adopted a resolution to encourage a healthier city. Now the city’s taken up the “HEAL Cities and Towns Campaign” which she says is meant to help reduce and prevent obesity by getting city leaders to champion healthy eating and active living in their communities. The campaign focuses on three areas, creating wellness, creating access to healthy foods and land use. The city working with Kaiser Permanente and the California Wellness Foundation and is working to raise its ranking in the county. They also are working to be designated as an Active or Fit City.

A new report shows drinking certain sparkling waters and champagne, not great for the teeth. The California Association of Orthodontists (CAO) say Prosecco and LaCroix sparkling water’s can rot teeth. Prosecco is a huge seller in Calif. with 4.6% of all wine sales in 2015. La Croix is a newly popular drink, an non-alcoholic sparkling water which has tripled its sales since 2009. But the Orthodontists group says it’s great for their business, not great for teeth. Apparently they’re high in acids, even though they’re lower in sugar. The acid softens the protective enamel on teeth and with regular consumption, the enamel can start dissolving, leaving teeth super sensitive and unprotected. They say you don’t have to totally cut the drinks out, but to be mindful of how they’re labeled as a ‘healthful alternative’, which they may not be.

The Ukiah City Council chipping away at the next budget. The council meeting today and discussing the new fiscal year spending plan that’s pegged at more than $100 million as opposed to last year’s $65 million plan. The Daily Journal reports most of that jump in spending is for Capital Improvement Projects, most of which is going to the Recycled Water System, or so-called Purple Pipe project, and there’s millions for infrastructure improvements for the proposed Costco store on Airport Park Boulevard. The Daily Journal reports the Capital Improvement expenditures are almost 40 percent of the budget this year, then it’s personnel with the next biggest chunk of spending, then operating costs.

Shoddy work has stopped a program to train then employ inmates from Mendocino County for construction projects. The program started early last year with Northern California Construction Training Inc. to work with inmates so they can learn construction skills. They started work on the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds manager’s house in Ukiah in December. A building inspector says the work on the two story house built back in the sixties looked like it was in various stages of completion, like it had been abruptly stopped. They had been working on everything from plumbing to electrical and air conditioning to roofing. But the inspector’s report says parts of the project were not done to code. Apparently there’d been complaints to the Board of Supervisors, including that the inmates may have done damage to the house. The Sheriff also mentioned community complaints and the interim parole officer said they didn’t really have enough inmates for the program.

A teenager who fell to his death in Westport has been identified. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says 19-year-old Matthew McCoy of Clarksburg, West VA fell off a cliff last Thursday while on a road trip with his brother to Oregon. The two and a friend stopped on a turnout and McCoy was apparently trying to climb down the cliff to the beach and fell about 60 feet to some rocks below. The brother and friend tried to help and called 911. Medical response team tried to revive the teen but he died there.

The hot weather continues with a red flag warning and heat advisory for parts of Northern Calif. A red flag warning is effect this afternoon from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. tomorrow night because of winds moving in and low humidity. It basically means it’s prime weather for fires. Forecasters say a combo of strong winds, low relative humidity and warm temps could bring extreme fire behavior. Winds are predicted to hit 10-20 miles an hour with a 30 mph gust possible late today. Winds should die down by tomorrow night and Friday. The heat advisory until 11 PM Friday night with a cooling trend set for the weekend. It could hit around 103 in parts of Lake County and 105 tomorrow, in Mendocino County, we’re looking at even higher temps, 106 today and 110 forecasted for Ukiah tomorrow. Next week should be back down to the mid-upper 80’s.

With the hot weather and official start of summer, there are patrols in the sky eye-balling potential fire danger. The PG&E patrols to help the U.S. Forest Service, Cal Fire and local fire agencies with early fire detection. The patrols start this week and will continue thru the summer, especially around the July 4th holiday when Safe and Sane fireworks are allowed. PG&E says even though the drought emergency is no more, the wet winter brought a lot of growth and there’s still more than 100 million dead trees in the forest making for a potentially dangerous combination. The patrols go thru Halloween with five daily flight routes from the late afternoon until the sun goes down. They will fly in Redding to Humboldt to Lake County; in Mendocino County; Redding to Auburn in the Northern Sierra; Auburn to Auberry in the Southern Sierra and Vacaville to Solvang near the coast.

A plan to log on several miles along the Gualala River is still on hold five months after a judge sent it back to the state to be revised. The logging along a floodplain nullified by a Sonoma County judge after environmental groups sued against the 330-acre project. The judge finding it didn’t show the cumulative impacts of a different logging plan while the project was in development. The so-called Dogwood plan was put together by the Gualala Redwood Timber co. The judge’s formal order also allows for Cal Fire to decide how much of the Dogwood harvest plan should be reconsidered. They have until the middle of September to come up with a plan.

A woman whose cat went missing used regular lingo in her missing posters saying the cat was a jerk, but she wanted it back. Mary Irwin’s shorthair cat, Babou, got out of her house in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she says she knew she needed to tell the truth on the flier. It said Babou was “kind of a jerk” with “strong opinions about things.” She told a local newspaper she assumed whoever found the kitty would want to get rid of her, because she’s the “weirdest cat ever.” She said she just wanted to make sure whoever ended up with the cat knew what they were getting, and says she wanted her back. She got her wish after her flier got her media attention. The cat came back on her own during a major rainstorm this week. She says she’s a bit thinner but safe and sound.


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