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A full Lake Mendocino but that means some recreation areas will not be accessible because of flooded roads. The lake level so high after pounding rain this past winter. Some of the roads into the lake are under water and the Lake itself is about 753 feet above sea level according to the Army Corp which manages the lake. The Corp’s Operations and Readiness Division Chief says the Sonoma County Water Agency used to keep it low on purpose, but apparently they didn’t realize that was harmful to fish because lower water levels means higher temperatures in the Lake. So they’ve decided not to release water from the Coyote Valley Dam after 2005 which is better for fish. The Bushay Campground is closed because of the water level and storm damage. The south boat ramp, Oak Grove day use, the fish hatchery and Pomo sites B and C are also closed.

The new budget has been signed by the Governor. Governor Brown also signed 15 related bills on items like taking apart a troubled tax agency and new marijuana regulations for legal use. The Governor released a statement saying the state’s taken quote, “decisive action by enacting a balanced state budget”. Brown says it will mean there’s money to fix roads and bridges, pay down debt, invest in schools, fund the earned income tax credit and provide Medi-Cal health care for millions of Californians. There’s also new additions to the budget including expanding the tax credit for low-wage earners and $3 billion dollars more for schools. The Governor’s website has all of the details posted there.

The Mendocino County Grand Jury says the county needs a lot more housing and skilled job applicants so the county should get rid of restrictions on chain businesses. The Grand Jury report says a ban on so-called formula businesses may further stifle the county’s ability to fill professional employment positions, turn the lack of available housing around, and offer too few jobs with benefits. The report also says there’s not enough retail shopping opportunities in the county for the a youthful demographic. The Grand Jury report says there should be encouraging of business development, and maintaining the standard or continuing to review all business applications for community continuity equally.

Another fire training session just ahead of the fire season. This time more than 20 fire districts from Mendocino County in Redwood Valley for a joint training session. The meetup last Saturday. The Hopland Fire Chief says it’s been years since they had an event like this, which they hosted along with the Redwood Valley-Calpella Fire Department. The two departments say the turnout was bigger than in the past too. They’re training along the old burn area of the Black Bart Fire. The fire in 2014 destroyed five homes and more than 400 acres. There were about 100 firefighters in the drill.

A surprise closure of the Lakeside Campus of Marymount California University in Lucerne. No notice to the public, its students or staff, or even the county. District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele says the county got no notice of the closure last week, and says it was kind of a shock. The school taking over the historic Lucerne Castle less than five years ago. The Marymount California University President has not released any info and has not responded to media requests for comment. But apparently the president did send an email to the Press Democrat saying low enrollment was the reason. The school only had about 20 students. Those attending can continue online of in Southern Calif. at the main campus in Palos Verdes, which is about a day’s drive away. May not be all bad news though, the county’s apparently been contacted by other educational and religious groups to use the old hotel.

State lawmakers digging into the main pesticide ingredient in Roundup to come up with numbers that humans can be exposed to. The pesticide’s main ingredient Glyphosate is on a list of chemicals known to cause cancer. In March, the state was the first to add it to the list of other chemicals that cause cancer. The state’s now deciding what the threshold is for exposure. The standard is 140 miligrams a day, but Calif. wants to take it way down to 1.1 milligrams a day per person.

The Calif. Dept. of Public Health says there’s new cases popping up of Hepatitis C in young adults. Cases on the rise since 2007. The 20-29 year olds apparently using injection drugs more which puts them at risk for higher hepatitis C transmission and infection. The state health department says access to sterile syringes and safe injection equipment and treatment for opioid use disorders could help reduce the infections by as much as 60 percent. The infection is spread thru contaminated blood. It attacks the users liver and causes it to get inflamed. The state says about 400,00 Californians live with chronic hepatitis C, not even knowing they’re infected. The health department urging anyone who’s injected drugs and anyone born between 1945 and 1965 to get tested for the virus.

A Mendocino County sheriff’s dept. officer and two other people recovering after an accident on Highway 101. The Willits News reports an RV rear-ended the sergeant’s unmarked patrol truck south of Dora Creek yesterday. The officer had a passenger in his truck for a ride along. They had stopped in traffic for construction work at mile post marker 96 on the 101 north when the RV driver from Oregon rear ended them. The truck pushed into an SUV which then pushed into a second SUV. There were six people in the accident which closed the highway down for about a half hour. The cop, his passenger and one of the SUV drivers had moderate injuries and went to the hospital. The Garberville CHP Office is looking into whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the chain reaction crash.

A new survey of the homeless in Mendocino County presented to the Board of Supervisors. Each year there’s a count of the homeless, this time around, on January 26th. The report showed more than 1,200 homeless individuals and families, with most of them also without some sort of shelter at the time of the survey. Another report to the board also showed the per capita rate of homelessness in Mendocino County at 140 per 10,000 people. That’s according to the U-S Dept. of Housing and Urban Development which says the amount is nearly triple of what Lake County has. The count is those living on the streets or in a shelter. The county gave those surveyed $5 Safeway gift cards so they would complete surveys at warming stations. The Health and Human Services Agency says of the 1,238 homeless people in the county: 28 percent were in the coastal region, 22 percent in the north inland region (along Highway 20, north of Redwood Valley to Covelo) and 50 percent in the south inland region (south of Redwood Valley, east to the county line at Potter Valley).

Willits city officials say it may take more time, as long as a year even, to figure out the total loss of business revenue from the construction of the Willits Bypass project. They say it’s a success as far as thinning traffic concerns during its first summer of use, and say there’s no more traffic jams with long delays which were a problem for years. Caltrans reports April traffic counts showing about 4,000 cars or more were using the bypass every day. The CHP also reported less congestion and safer roads on busy weekends and during big local events. But reports also say there’s been lower sales revenue. The city council says it’s still too early to know what the local business impact was, saying it could take up to a year to fully know.

A woman in China delays her own flight for hours after tossing loose change into the plane’s engine for good luck. The American Foreign Press reports passengers on the China Southern Airlines flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou, China Tuesday. Police say the 80 year old woman went up the boarding stairs then threw coins at the plane’s engine, to pray for safety. Others boarding the flight alerted crew members who then had to dig the change out of the engine. They pulled 9 coins out, one of which made it inside the engine. The woman was detained by police and the flight was allowed to take off, five hours late.


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