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If you’ve been seeing smoke towards the northern portion of Mendocino County today, the Cal Fire Mendocino Unit has been doing a vegetation management control burn on some privately owned land near the Shamrock Ranch. Prescribed burns are done to reintroduce fire as a natural element of the ecosystem, improve wildlife habitat by inducing new shoots from trees and plants, and reduce how much fuel is up there in case of a wildfire.

Four people have been busted for drugs in Ukiah after a fight during a bad deal. Ukiah Police say someone called around 1130pm Monday about a disturbance on Elm Street saying one of the people had a gun. They got a tip about a people leaving in a gray car and spotted that car near North State and Empire. A Mendocino Deputy and UPD Officers worked together on what call a “high-risk stop” of the car. The driver was from San Leandro, and three passengers from Oakland, all of them aged 19 or 20. Police found about 16 pounds of marijuana and $1200 in cash in the car. They say the men came to Ukiah to buy pot but tried to trick the seller out of some money and the fight broke out. While the 911 caller said there was a gun, police didn’t find one on the guys so they were all just cited for misdemeanor possession and given court dates.


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