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Members of a church that once stood on Cobb Mountain gather for a groundbreaking for their new church after their last one burned down in the Valley Fire. The fire, one of the most destructive in Calif. history, burned more than 75,000 acres, several hundred homes and the Cobb Mountain Community Fellowship. 4 people also died in the fire and four firefighters had serious injuries. This past Sunday, members of the church met to continue their promise to rebuild. The associate pastor for the church says there were other fellowships that also worshiped with them. A couple years before the fire started, the church bought another building, the Finley Revival Center, where they’ve been worshiping since the fire. The church working with Lake County so they can construct an identical building, now waiting to hear back from the county on its plan.

A woman in Riviera Marina shoots a picture from her backyard of a bobcat feasting on a deer. The Record Bee reports Gloria Beauseau heard noises outside her home a week ago, and saw the bobcat, so she started to take pictures of the scene. When the bobcat left, Beauseau says a flock of birds came in, then a black bear, which she says has been a frequent and unwelcome visitor.

North Coast State Senator Mike McGuire’s bill to ban gifts and coupons to consumers from the pharmaceutical industry has made it thru an Assembly committee. SB 790 restricts pharmaceutical companies from gifting health care providers but still allows doctors to learn about the meds. McGuire says most docs and other medical professionals put their patients needs first, but he says there’s growing evidence indicating financial benefit for medical professionals from pharma companies based on prescribing patterns. McGuire says his bill is to protect patients and taxpayers and drive prescription drugs costs down. His bill was approved by the State Senate and now moves to a vote of the full Assembly.

As part of the budget process, the Governor has signed several other bills including one to fight drugged driving. The bill by Republican Assemblyman Tom Lackey of Palmdale to create a task force thru the CHP. The CHP would coordinate with other state and local agencies for ways to get high drivers off the road. Lackey says there would now be simple and clear definitions for taking weed inside a car. The bill says cannabis would have to be in a container with an unbroken seal, much like alcohol. Lackey says the Governor took a critical step to keep California’s roads safe ahead of recreational cannabis sales starting in full swing. The CHP has to come up with pilot tests for new roadside technologies to screen drivers for drugs plus they’ll have millions to train drug recognition experts.

The Lake County Library has won a $5,000 grant for the Big Read in the county. The event by the National Endowment for the Arts encourages the sharing of a book. The Lake County Library one of 75 nonprofits getting the grant for the Big Read which pays for the community reading program between September 2017 and June 2018. The NEA Big Read here to focus on Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel with associated events this October.

A private company allowing residents in Clearlake more access to their beach. A new agreement between Clearlake and E. A. Robey & Company for Austin Beach. The Clearlake City Manager Greg Folsom says the agreement allows both for profit and non-profit activities and events at the park and beach for at least the next century. In the past the city had rights to the park, but not the beach. The president of E.A Robey says he’s never had a problem with the beach being used by non or for profits as long as the beach stays open to the public.

Planning a trip to Jenner Beach for the holiday… construction work starts next week on the parking lot, trailhead and other areas for public access. Get there while you can, the 5,630-acre Jenner Headlands Preserve closed to public access thru spring after next week. There’s good news for next year though, as the improvements include new restrooms, parking and picnic sites. The 2 million dollar facelift includes a wheelchair accessible trail to a scenic overlook so there’s access to everyone, no matter their ability. The Gateway Project also includes 12 miles of trails in the western part of the Jenner Headlands Preserve and a 15-mile round-trip to Pole Mountain and back.

The Mendocino County Grand Jury has come out with a scathing report saying the county’s Family and Children Services division of the Health and Human Services Agency has not really improved since their last report two years ago. The report says the agency’s still suffering from high turnover and non-competitive salaries. The report says the county’s, quote “pervasive drug culture, insufficient mental health and drug treatment services are contributing factors”. It goes on to say drug use ending in police action has meant the Department is having problems finding families who can take in detained children. Statistics in Mendocino County worse than the majority of counties as far as response time goes, the time it takes to get to an investigation of child abuse reports and the time taken to conduct the investigation of those reports. This year’s grand jury says the 2015 report on the department appeared to not have been taken well.

A brain surgeon in Northern Calif. accused of sexually abusing kids had bail set and nearly six and a half million dollars. Prosecutors didn’t want any bail at all for Dr. James Kohut of the Santa Cruz area, calling the neurologist a public danger who they say recruited women to help him find child victims. The D-A’s office in the case says the doctor had even discussed getting women pregnant so he could later sexually abuse children born to him. But prosecutors say there’s no evidence to show he ever did such a thing, but he’s charged with 11 counts of sexually abusing children under the age of 14. He’s pleaded not guilty.

Planning a trip into Yosemite National Park for the holiday, you’re in luck. Tioga Road opening today, the latest it’s opened in almost twenty years. The road links the east and west sides of the National Park. The late opening after the record rain and snowfall this year. Park records say the last time the road took this long to open was back in 1998. But that was a couple days later, July 1st, when the road, also known as Hwy 120 opened to drivers. There is still no cell service and plumbing operational along the road though.

New rules blocked by regulators in Calif. regarding assault weapons. The Calif. Office of Administrative Law released a quick note with no further explanation saying the proposed regulations the state Department of Justice released in May would not be put into effect. The Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office has not commented on the move. But gun-owners’ rights groups had said there were too many different kinds of firearms defined as assault weapons by the state. A bill passed last year banning new rifles included so called "bullet buttons". The law would have allowed those with the buttons to keep those weapons, but has to register them. The Gov. signed a bill extending assault weapons being registered for six more months as new regulations are drafted.

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