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The Willits City Council has discussed the latest draft a medical cannabis ordinance. The City Planner presented it to the Council at their meeting last night and pointed out issues raised in a May 25 public workshop. The Willits News reports the current version of the ordinance permits indoor cultivation up to 22,000 square feet, manufacturing for products using non-volatile solvents, and limits dispensaries to three in total operating within the city at any given time. It also calls for a one-year initial cannabis permit, which could turn into a multi-year permit if the operator is compliant and keeps up with the standards. It also calls for buffers around schools, public playgrounds or parks, and licensed day care facilities. City Staff will continue to work with the City’s cannabis ad-hoc committee to finalize the ordinance.

The Ukiah Valley Trail Group says although the high water at Lake Mendocino has some areas inaccessible the trails on the south and east sides of the lake are open. The Trail Group tells the Daily Journal they recognized years ago that in high water years the trails would be flooded so they enacted several projects to make sure the trails would stay open and above water. That include a realignment of nearly five miles of trails along the east side of the lake in 2006, two trail realignments around Perry’s Cove in 2012, a realignment of trail just north of Boater’s Beach in 2010, a short realignment of the Shakota Trail in 2011 and building the 60-foot fiberglass Big Bridge in 2008. The Ukiah Valley Trail Group is working on plans to realign the rest of the trails so all trails are accessible even when the lake level is at its highest.

A small plane has crashed onto a major Southern California freeway. Fire Officials say the Cessna 310 had just taken off from John Wayne Airport around 930am when the pilot radioed a May Day about a blow engine and tried to come back to the airport. He crashed into the southbound lanes of Interstate 405 in Costa Mesa and then the plane caught on fire. The pilot and passenger were taken to trauma center where the extent of their injuries is not currently known. The plane clipped only one car on the freeway; that driver has only a minor injury.

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