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The annual Pride celebration in Mendocino County is in Ukiah. This weekend, the Pride Parade and a no host dinner at the Ukiah Brewing Company and Restaurant. The dinner Saturday night and the march is Sunday at 11 AM at the corner of North State and Scott streets, near Black Oak Coffee. Folks will start gathering at 10:30 to march along the sidewalk on State Street to Alex R. Thomas Jr. Plaza. They will have festivities set up at the end including vendor and nonprofit booths. The theme of this year’s Pride Parade is inclusivity.

Another mediation session is planned between the City of Ukiah and Ukiah Valley Sanitation District. The district is suing the city for a breach of contract regarding the wastewater treatment plant. The City Manager says the session is next Friday, July 14th. The info regarding the mediation has been kept confidential. The Sanitation District is going after nearly $30 million. The City Manager told the city council this week the Sanitation District has a new interim district manager and they have requested a tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new manager is a management consultant from San Diego who says he heard about the job thru associates.

Another step closer to rein in prescription drug costs in California. A couple of bills by Assemblyman Jim Wood of Healdsburg related to spiking prescription drug costs, have been approved by a second Senate committee. AB 265 would stop the practice of drug manufacturer coupons for brand-name drugs that have a generic; and the second bill, AB 315, would put regulations on pharmacy benefit managers who contract with health care providers to help manage prescription drug benefit programs. Wood says runaway drug prices are one of the leading causes of increasing health care and premium costs. He says his legislation would get rid of a practice that looks like it saves consumers money, but then drives up premiums later.

Two young men arrested for trading guns for weed have pleaded guilty. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office reports 20 year old Matthew Williams and 20 year old Christian Alcantar admitted in court yesterday they traded illegal guns and ammo for marijuana. They were busted trying to make a deal with undercover cops. The two men from out of the area, have pleaded guilty to several crimes including some with sentencing enhancements. Williams busted for deals in Mendocino, Sonoma and Alameda counties and gets about 11 years in prison. Alcantar gets a year in jail and supervised probation for up to five years.

Multiple local fires over the last three months may have been intentionally set. That according to the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority who’s looking into dozens of fires near the railroad tracks. The interim fire chief says they’re hoping to find whoever’s responsible before it gets really dry and hot. He says they’re looking into 30 fires set since the first of May. Most of those were near the railroad tracks between Brush Street and Gobbi Street and some near Highway 101. The chief says some may have been unattended cooking fires, but about 90 percent of them are believed to be arson. The fires from out to the fairgrounds and by the airport, but the majority of which are in the center of town. They say they have some persons of interest, but no suspects to name yet.

West Nile Virus found in Lakeport after a black-headed grosbeak tested positive. The dead bird found 2 weeks ago but no other West Nile virus has been found in the county this year. The Vector Control District says it’s about this time of year when virus activity picks up. They say that’s an indicator the virus is being transmitted by mosquitoes now, and that they’ll continue to see activity for the rest of the summer. There’s been 17 California counties that have found WNV this year, including 3 human cases in Kern, Kings, and Los Angeles Counties.

Monte Rio Beach on the Russian River is closed because of high levels of bacteria after the busy holiday last weekend. Sonoma County health officials have posted signs warning there’s contaminated water. They say recent testing showed E. coli and total coliform levels were also above state standards. That means there may have been fecal material in the water, but they can’t say where the E. coli strains came from. The beach was packed for four days, from last Saturday into July 4th, this past Tuesday. Monte Rio Recreation and Park District officials say there were also a couple of Big Rocky Games, Sunday night’s fireworks, a busy Monday and overwhelming visitorship on Tuesday.

A man who barricaded himself inside a car near Geyserville after a high speed chase, has turned himself in. Cops say he lead them along the 101 and the streets of Cloverdale before he pulled into a private driveway and stayed locked inside the car for two hours. They say he finally gave himself up, and came out unarmed. CHP says the man whose name has not been released, had to go to the hospital for an evaluation because he was pepper sprayed by police trying to force him out of his car. Cops broke his car windows to talk him out, and sprayed him. They say he was hostile, screaming and pounding inside the car. Hostage negotiators and a police dog were on the scene too. It all started with police trying to pull the guy over in Marin County for reckless driving.

Lake County’s got a revised map showing the total Valley Fire burn area and rebuilding in its path. The map on Lake Co News dot com. It outlines the fire that killed 4 people and charred more than 76,000 acres, burning down more than 13-hundred homes. It started in the Cobb area Sept. 12th of 2015. District 1 Supervisor Moke Simon asked the county staff to come up with a digital map showing the progress of reconstruction in the fire area. Simon says he’s encouraged by the rebuilding accomplishments so far. He also says he’s committed to continue responding to the needs brought to him by constituents and to do his part to see the recovery through.

An airplane over-runs the runway in Willits and lands in bushes. The Willits Municipal Airport in Brooktrails had to be temporarily closed Tuesday afternoon after the Cessna Centurian crashed. The out of town pilot had to be treated for minor injuries. He had no other passengers with him. Little Lake Fire, Brooktrails Fire and Willits Police all went to the crash scene. The airport closed for two hours. First responders checked for leaking fuel and other safety hazards, but say the pilot was walking away from the end of the runway when they started their investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board and FAA are investigating.

Several North Coast county supervisors and administrative staffers from San Francisco to Modoc counties head to Humboldt County to check out a marijuana farm. Apparently some of them had never even seen a pot farm before. The leaders and staffers toured the farm and marijuana processing and manufacturing facility in Arcata. It was part of a California State Association of Counties conference preparing regulators in Northern California for the legal marijuana market next year. There were about 60 representatives from 17 counties touring the facilities. They also attended a series of panels at the Ingomar Club in Eureka’s historic Carson Mansion.

A judge in the state of Washington has thrown out a man’s speeding ticket in a Seattle school zone, because a warning sign was too wordy. Jason Canfield got a $234 speeding ticket caught on camera, in March of last year. Seattle Municipal Court upheld the fine, but the man went to the King County Superior Court and represented himself saying the sign had so many words on it, he couldn’t slow down in time. The judge at the higher court agreed. No word if the Seattle Department of Transportation will change or remove any signs.

A surprise for a homeowner in Colorado Springs, Colo. who woke up and found a thrashed house, thanks to a surprise visitor. In home surveillance video shows the homeowner had a bear enter his home while he slept. Apparently the hungry animal went into the home thru a closed window. You can see it opening the refrigerator and chow down some food then wander about and explore the rest of the home. He called for help and the bear was killed. Video of the bear eating out of the fridge is posted on our Facebook page.


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