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Five fires that started along Highway 101 Saturday morning are all out. Ukiah Valley Fire Authority on the scene first, Capt. John Strangio says he saw multiple fires when he got there along the highway near Cox-Schrader Road. He says he and another firefighter ran from fire to fire to get them out. Calstar had a helicopter there and described what they saw to dispatchers who then had more help on the way. The cause of the fires are under investigation, but officials say they think it was accidental, probably by either chains or a tire on the highway.

A man has been killed after falling from the Noyo Bridge onto a beach parking lot. The 70 year old man has been id’d as Donald Neubauer. Paramedics and police got there after the man fell, treated him and tried CPR, to no avail, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reported Neubauer had lived in Fort Bragg, at least for the last month of his life. They say there was nobody else on the bridge at the time, but they’re asking for anyone who may have seen anything to call Fort Bragg Police.

Almost 8,000 people had to be evacuated after a couple of massive wildfires spread near Oroville. Up to 4,000 people were evacuated and another 7,400 told to get ready to leave after the fire, about 60 miles north of Sacramento, burned almost 8 square miles. 10 structures have been destroyed and other critical infrastructure has been damaged so the Governor declared a state of emergency. A fire spokeswoman says more homes were destroyed overnight and an inspection team was going out to see how much more damage there was. In Southern California, as many as 3,500 people also had to leave their homes as two fires quickly took off in separate ends of Santa Barbara County. There was another fire that was threatening homes near a town in San Luis Obispo County. Some people told local media there was ash raining down on their homes.

A teenager from Oakland has drowned in the Russian River near Forestville. The 19 year old found about 5 yards away from where he was lost upstream from the main section of Steelhead Beach. The young man’s name withheld until his family’s told. Cops say they got a call yesterday afternoon and a search started. About a half hour later of the young man’s friend’s found his body. They say there was a strong current. His friends say they saw him hanging on to a branch and he might have been trying to get out of the water when he was taken under.

The Lake County Mitigation Plan being worked on after some small fires this summer already, fatal fires of the past and flooding this past winter. According to FEMA, Hazard Mitigation Plans are put together to break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage. Apparently a new mitigation plan is needed every five years. Lake County’s working to update its 2012 plan. It has to be approved by FEMA and the California Office of Emergency Services. After being approved it means the county can be eligible to get “non-emergency disaster assistance” like grants for debris removal, fire, or flood mitigation assistance. The plan from 2012 showed $11,750,000 in combined damages from winter storm disasters in February of 1986. There were also 14 local proclamations of emergencies from 1950 through 2010.

A meeting’s set for the Konocti Unified School District Bond Oversight Committee. The meeting tomorrow night at 6 at the Carol McClung Conference Center in Lower Lake. The panel to consider bond projects, bond receipts and expenditures with time for public comment. They won’t have another meeting until October.

The testimony is done for a man in Clearlake accused of murder. Joshua Beavers being tried for the Sept. 2013 shooting death of David Ferrell. He’s also accused of shooting and injuring two of Ferrell’s friends, Rachel Patterson and Paul Cressy while he ran back to a car that took off after. Apparently both the prosecution and defense agree there was a conflict between Ferrell and Beavers that led to the shooting between suspect Beavers, and another man, Cameron Fallis, whose parents were apparently like parents to Beavers too. And there was a confrontation at Ray’s Food Place about marijuana sales within the family. Beavers was arrested soon after and others were arrested in the case later. Beavers testified last week on his own behalf. He’s been in jail since the shooting. The jury could get the case by the end of the week or first part of next week.

A man in Lakeport declared incompetent to stand trial for stealing an ambulance has been declared ok to proceed. Derrick Schuleter went to the Porterville Development Center when he was found incompetent to stand trial last December. Now the judge has received an order he’s competent for court proceedings against him. He’s charged with the incident last July when police said he took the ambulance while firefighters were putting a fire in Clearlake out. Police say he used the emergency radio in the ambulance, which was traced by a cell phone left inside. He has not been moved back to Lake County yet.

A reward’s now being offered to find out who may be responsible for multiple fires set at separate construction sites in Oakland and Emeryville. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives announcing the $110,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever’s responsible for igniting a trio of fires earlier this year and last year. The ATF has also released fuzzy surveillance photos and put them on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. On Friday there was another fire, but this award doesn’t apply to information on the fire in a six-story building under construction near Lake Merritt. There’s going to be a national response team from the ATF headed to Oakland today to work with the Oakland and Alameda County fire departments and local ATF investigators.

More shielding for undocumented immigrants in Woodland as the city council votes to become a sanctuary city. The Woodland City Council is putting together a special panel to draft an ordinance to make Woodland a sanctuary city. It’s unofficially been acting that way for about a decade. But the Mayor says they wanted it to be more formal, in written format. They mayor is on the subcommittee along with other city officials. They’ll draft an ordinance to officially enforce rules for illegal immigrants. The mayor says at least 10 percent of the Woodland population is undocumented.

A driver in Slidell, LA pulled over for drunk driving, but his car was left behind. Cops say the man’s passengers got ride’s home, but one woman in the car, went back and got the car, then drove to the police station, drunk, to bail out her drunk driving friend. So she went to jail too. They posted online about the incident saying, ‘Lesson of the day…don’t drive drunk to a police station in order to bail out your drunk friend!‘


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