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Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman says they are running an active effort to shut down illegal marijuana grow operations. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting the Sheriff called busting up the illegal grows a priority, with trespassing and diverting water huge problems. He pointed to last week’s bust of two brothers in Potter Valley running several illegal gardens on some remote private land that included property owned by Pacific Gas and Electric. Allman also said they are also concerned with people approaching Native American tribes to rent their federal land to grow pot.

The Lakeport City Council is holding a local economic opportunities workshop this afternoon. The meeting will include a discussion of ways to strengthen Lakeport’s businesses, job opportunities and overall prosperity. The 5 p.m. meeting is in the council chambers at Lakeport City Hall. Lake County News reports the workshop will include a presentation by the California Academy for Economic Development in cooperation with the city of Lakeport and the California Association for Local Economic Development, also known as CALED.

The Willits Center for the Arts now boasts a fully operational ceramics studio. Volunteer program coordinator Jennie Jergensen tells the Ukiah Daily Journal it got started with a $5,000 grant from the Mendocino Community Foundation but thanks to a generous benefactor who donated an electric kiln, and then hours of time from WCA members and volunteers, it is now up and running for classes. The ceramics studio is in a small former storage building behind the Commercial Street main gallery. It still needs a few more features – right now they have a temporary water source so they are looking to make that system more permanent. And they still need a few more tools of the ceramic trade. Instructor Nancy New is currently teaching Wednesday classes to different ages at different times, but tells the paper all ability levels are welcome and while classes have already started, folks are welcome to drop by and check it out. New says she may offer another series of classes later in the summer. For more information about the ceramics program visit


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