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A Covelo man remains on the run after he allegedly shot at two men at a Hopper Lane home Tuesday. A caretaker there said the homeowner’s son, Weston Riley, showed up at 2am demanding a car he claimed was his. She refused and he left but came back in the afternoon. She again refused and claims she got scared when Riley started cursing at her and pounding on the door so she called a couple of friends. Two men came over and say when they asked Riley to leave he pulled a handgun and fired two shots at them then ran to a shed on the property and came out with a rifle. The men said as they ran to their car Riley fired two rounds at them before the rifle jammed. The men and the caretaker all left with Riley still there but when Mendocino County SWAT arrived assuming he was barricaded inside he was already gone. Anyone who knows where Weston Riley is should contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. You can see his picture on their Facebook Page.

The RPP Hobby Lakeport Downtown Criterium Bike Race is this Saturday. The Main Street Elite Cycling Team is hosting the July 15th event, which includes bicycles racing down Main, Martin, Forbes and Fourth. There will be road closures and parking restrictions from 530 a.m. and 8 p.m. For details check the event Facebook Page

A Clear Lake fisherman is waiting to find out whether a ginormous catfish he caught last weekend was a world record catch. Sean Moffett of Vacaville was fishing for trophy bass Saturday morning with his wife when he instead caught a nearly 30-pond catfish. He tells the Ukiah Daily journal it took him nearly ten minutes to reel it in and once he did he knew he needed to document it. He called Clear Lake fishing guide Matt Allen to tap his expertise on International Game Fish Association record rules and got the fish to certified scale and tape measure. Moffett says the nose-to-short-end-of-the-tail length was 83 centimeters; three centimeters longer than the record. He plans to file the paperwork this week. As for the fish, it’s someone’s dinner. Moffatt gave it some other fishermen who watched all the commotion.


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