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A man from Covelo on the run after two men say he shot at them at a home. A caretaker says the homeowner’s son, Weston Riley, showed up at 2am demanding a car he claimed was his. She refused and he left but came back later when she refused again. She says she got scared because he was cursing at her and pounding on the door so she called a couple of friends who came over. They say they asked Riley to leave and he pulled a handgun and fired two shots at them then ran to a shed on the property and came out with a rifle. The men say when they ran to their car Riley fired two rounds at them before the rifle jammed. The men and the caretaker all left with Riley still there. Mendocino County SWAT went to the home, apparently thinking Riley was barricaded inside, but he had left. Sheriff’s office is asking if anyone knows where Riley is to call. His picture is posted on the department’s Facebook Page.

A Clear Lake fisherman is waiting to find out whether a ginormous catfish he caught last weekend was a world record catch. Sean Moffett of Vacaville was fishing for trophy bass Saturday morning with his wife when he instead caught a nearly 30-pond catfish. He tells the Ukiah Daily journal it took him nearly ten minutes to reel it in and once he did he knew he needed to document it. He called Clear Lake fishing guide Matt Allen to tap his expertise on International Game Fish Association record rules and got the fish to certified scale and tape measure. Moffett says the nose-to-short-end-of-the-tail length was 83 centimeters; three centimeters longer than the record. He plans to file the paperwork this week. As for the fish, it’s someone’s dinner. Moffatt gave it some other fishermen who watched all the commotion.

Advocates have filed a class-action civil rights complaint against the state of California claiming low reimbursement rates mean less doctors who take Medi-Cal. Lawyers for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center filed the suit in Alameda County Superior Court alleging low-income communities of color are the most affected. Attorney Darin Ranahan says access to health care has become a civil rights issue because a majority of the 13-point-five million Californians on Medi-Cal are Latino.

Cut: 11 "When a government entity disinvests from a program as it comes to treat more and more people of color, that’s illegal race discrimination – and there’s precedent for that."

Tag: The suit says doctors are quitting Medi-Cal in droves because California only reimburses them about half of what Medicare pays. That puts the state 48th in the nation for reimbursement rates to health providers.

Second Cut: Ranahan says the state is not meeting its legal requirement to have at least one primary-care physician for every two-thousand Medi-Cal participants – and that leads to drastically reduced access compared with patients with Medicare or employer-sponsored insurance.

Cut :13 "They’re constantly denied. They need services. Calling up doctor’s offices, even the ones that are listed in the booklets for their Medi-Cal plans, just say, ‘Sorry, we don’t take Medi-Cal. We’re not taking any more Medi-Cal patients, etc.’ "

Tag 1: Advocates are hoping the judge will order the state to come up with a plan to lure more doctors back to Medi-Cal. The state is expected to file a response to the suit within the next few months.

Another no for the development company trying to put up a Dollar General store in Lake County. The Lakeport Planning Commission denied the application from Cross Development out of Texas for the 9,100 sq. ft. store because of an environmental rules exemption proposed by planning staff. The development company had applied for an architectural and design review for the store and two of the 5 members were for it, but they were voted against by the other 3 members. It looked as though the store would have little traffic or environmental impact. The development company has stores already in Clearlake Oaks and Nice, but was denied in Middletown, Kelseyville and the Clearlake Riviera. The commission did however approve applications for architectural and design permits for Lake Parts/Napa Auto Parts and for Stonefire Pizza Co./NorCal Dining Group.

The Traffic Engineering Committee in Ukiah says no to a request for a stop sign and crosswalk at North Dora and Smith streets. Several people had signed a petition for the work to be done, but the Public Works Director and City Engineer says they don’t need a stop sign there based on the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. And he says, if unwarranted stop signs are put in, they’re usually ignored. He also said he didn’t think there needed to be a crosswalk, saying they give pedestrians a false sense of security and create more problems than they solve. The committee also discussed a stop sign at South Oak and West Mill streets, which the engineer also said was unwarranted, but they will conduct a new traffic study to see.

Some street closures this weekend in Lakeport to make way for a bicycle street race. The Main Street Elite Cycling Team is hosting their RPPHobby Lakeport Downtown Criterium Saturday. So Main Street to Martin Street to Forbes Street to 4th Street and back to Main Street all have closures and limited parking. Businesses in the area will still have access for pedestrians. For more info you can visit the Lakeport Criterium Facebook event:

It’s Armed Forces Day at the Ukiah Speedway this Saturday. Anderson Logging Company and Ukiah Speedway are partnering to honor members of all branches of the Military and First Responders with a free night of racing. The Race Promoter says they’re pleased to pay tribute to the ones who fought for our freedom. We never want to take their sacrifice for granted. For more information visit and find Ukiah Speedway on Facebook.

The largest shellfish producer in Calif. may soon go out of business. Coast Seafoods Company’s coastal development permit expires in August. It has to be renewed by the California Coastal Commission who made a decision last month to reject a renewal for shellfish farming for the company on 230 acres and for a proposed expansion for another 265 acres in the northern bay. The commissioners against say the project didn’t address potential impacts to ecologically significant eelgrass beds, calling it a large scale field experiment. Apparently the commission has requested any aquaculture ploys be located at least 10 feet away from eelgrass beds. The company apparently spent a couple million dollars on environmental reviews to revise the project, but that has to be approved by the harbor district, Coastal Commission, North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before they can move forward. The Harbor District said yes, but environmental groups are suing. The project said to be in pre-permitting.

A new permanent general manager’s been named to the Hidden Valley Lake Association Board of Directors. Edward E. Simpkins of Temecula takes over for the interim General Manager Rod Wood, who was a retired city manager from Beverly Hills working for the association’s Board of Directors for almost a year. Simpkins has professional memberships in multiple organizations, and professional accreditations and certifications from several management associations. They say he also has more than 25 years experience managing high-end country clubs and resort developments. Simpkins will relocate to Lake County over the next couple of months depending on the sale of his home in Temecula.

2 people have been arrested for the burglary at a home in Kelseyville. Police say Jessica Alvarez of Kelseyville and Christopher Vasquez of Clearlake Oaks were arrested Tuesday night after reports of the burglary. The victim told police she looked at surveillance footage from her residence remotely and saw two people in her house, but when police got there, the subjects were gone. But cops looked at the video and saw a man and woman inside. Once the pair noticed there were cameras, they took the cameras and left. But the deputy positively id’d the two, having had arrested them for misdemeanor drug charges the same night in Lakeport. The pair contacted in jail and admitted they were in the home, but said they thought it was vacant. They said they tossed the cameras near the Sears store, which the deputy confirmed. The two arrested on misdemeanor drug charges, burglary and possession of stolen property and were in jail on $50,000 bail each.

A couple in Fort Bragg busted on drug charges after a traffic stop. Police say the driver, Joseph Ballard and passenger Suzanne Malotte were pulled over. They say Malotte tossed a purse out of the car when they were stopped and a police dog, Maverick was brought in and alerted to drugs in the puse. Police found 4 needles loaded with heroin and a small amount of methamphetamine. Maverick sniffed outside the car and alerted there was more. Police then found one pound of suspected meth behind the driver’s seat. Ballard was arrested and charged with several crimes including possession and sale of a controlled substance and committing a second offense while out on bail. Malotte was arrested and charged for possession. Another 22 grams of suspected Meth was found on the outside of the car too.

A group representing community health centers in Mendocino County is warning about the repeal and replacement of Obamacare with the American Health Care Act. The CEO of the Mendocino Community Health Clinic spoke in front of the Board of Supervisors to explain how dismantling the Affordable Care Act would affect residents. Carole Press saying Obamacare has become the foundation of their health care delivery system. She says it would mean a 31 percent rollback of Medi-Cal recipients in Mendocino County. 57 percent of the county’s population uses the health clinics. And more than 80 percent of their budgets are from billable services, like behavioral health, women’s health, opioid addiction treatment and AIDS treatment, which would be no more. More than 11,000 Mendocino County residents who were uninsured before Obamacare now have health care, but could potentially lose it under the Senate’s proposal.

The last of three co-defendants has been sentenced to prison for a major marijuana garden caper in 2015. Mario Alberto Godinez Gonzalez of Sonoma County got 30 years to life in prison for the armed robbery of an illegal marijuana garden in the Yorkville area. Police say Godinez Gonzalez provided the guns for the trio involved in the shootout that ended in one man’s death, Maclovio Bautista, of Cloverdale. Police say Bautista also had a gun on him, but it was holstered when he died. Two other defendants, Isidro Lopez Bernal and Edgar Fidel Contreras got life terms also when they were sentenced in March.

An endangered whale has hit and killed a Canadian man who had helped get the mammal out of a fishing net. The Fisheries and Oceans Canada agency reported Joe Howlett of Campobello Island had rescued the North Atlantic right whale, which is critically endangered. There are only about 500 left on earth. The man cut the whale free from tangled lines, then right after it, the whale hit him when it turned in the water, blow killing Howlett. He was a lobster fisherman who helped found a whale rescue group on the eastern Canadian island near the U.S. border. His friends say over the last 15 years he had rescued about two dozen whales.


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