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A 2-year-old Ukiah boy has drowned in a pond in South Carolina while on vacation with his family. It happened Sunday morning in the town of Bluffton where Christopher Miles Hamilton was found dead around 8:30 a.m. shortly after his grandparent called 911 to say he’d been missing for about 10 minutes and they thought he might have been walking their dog. But a few minutes later the child was found in a pond in the gated community. Those who found him did CPR until first responders arrived and took over, but he was pronounced dead at a hospital. A GoFundMe page has been created to help the Hamilton family with expenses.

Only minor injuries despite a head-on collision involving an armored truck on Highway 20 Wednesday in Willits. The CHP says around 8:45 a.m. an eastbound SUV driven by an Indiana man crossed the double yellow lines at a curve and hit a Brinks truck driven by a Petaluma man. The armored truck spun and hit a car driven by a Fort Bragg man. None of the drivers were hurt, but two passengers in the car and SUV were taken to Howard Memorial to be checked.

An anonymous woman is being praised after she picked up the dinner tab for 25 fire fighters who’d worked all day on a brush fire in Southern California. After battling the fire in La Loma Hills all day Saturday, firefighters from the Colton Fire Department went to a Denny’s. To their surprise, an anonymous woman had told restaurant staff she wanted to pay the entire bill, which came to $405, including a generous tip for the servers. In a post on the City of Colton’s Facebook page, the crew thanked the woman for her generosity.


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