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Evacuations in place after a large fire started by a trailer near Redwood Valley explodes over the weekend. The Grade Fire started in the Baker Creek subdivision last night, where evacuation orders went into place. And an evacuation advisory was also issued for residents above the valley, north of Redwood Valley, and then another advisory was lifted last night. The fire’s flames could be seen from the 101 in the afternoon yesterday, so there was controlled traffic for a time. Pacific Gas and Electric Company also announced they would be deactivating power lines near the fire, so there would be periodic power outages for some. The fire was spotted by CHP officers reporting smoke. One lane of the highway was closed as the flames grew. The fire was noted as 900 acres last night after mapping of the fire area, with 10% containment. But the fire was still moving when Cal Fire last released measurements. Backup has been called in from other areas, including a tanker that dumped thousands of gallons of retardant, out of McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento County.

Folks on Facebook offering shelter and a place to keep animals. The Ukiah Animal Shelter was also offering a place for pets and posts of hotel vouchers showed up online too.

For more fire info, check the Cal Fire Facebook and Twitter incident pages and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Facebook page has been updating frequently.

For evacuation information, call (707) 463-4086.

Red Cross 866-272-2237

There could soon be an amended version of Mendocino County’s Cannabis Cultivation Program. The Daily Journal reports the program overseen by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Planning and Building, is being inundated with applications. Last week the Department of Agriculture received nearly 600 applications which has materialized so far, into only one permit being approved. There’s been a massive amount of complaints about how long it’s taking. Some growers say they didn’t get clear instructions from the county. Some homeowners, potential growers and others are complaining about the traffic jam for applicants. The County Board of Supervisors now reportedly considering a new permitting process because more applications are being denied, than processed.

A man from Ukiah gets a year in jail and 3 years probation for a stabbing last New Year’s Eve. Gage Hewett pleaded guilty last month to two felony counts of assault, for the drunken New Year’s stabbing of two restaurant workers, taking out the trash. One worker hit and the other went to help. One of them got stabbed in the chest and bicep, and the other hit multiple times in the back and another slash to the shoulder. Police say Hewett confronted one of them, accusing him of doing something to a nearby auto repair business. He was first charged with suspicion of attempted murder, but that was changed. Hewett will spend his time behind bars at the Mendocino County Jail.

The development company in Texas looking to put up Dollar General stores in Lake County is reportedly doing it differently in Lucerne, taking an active approach, directly with neighbors. The Record Bee reports a representative from the developer went to an area town hall to discuss what they were planning and ask residents what they were looking for. The plans for the project in Lucerne withdrawn based on comments from a nearby Indian tribe, environmental studies and talks with Board Supervisor Steele. The company says they’re still interested in Lucerne and would keep the area’s Swiss theme and follow public guidance as much as possible.

About 1,000 members of the California Association of Realtors could be affected by a breach of their online store. A malware attack, from March 13th to May 15th at the store where they sell everything from blank home sales contracts and text books to souvenir type items like magnets, lapel pins and coffee mugs. Now the company has let the 1,033 members know their personal data might have become vulnerable, or stolen, when they used their credit cards for online buys. A member apparently called in to say their credit card account was hacked, something they discovered immediately after their online Association purchase at the site.

Five mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile virus in Lake County. The Lake County Vector Control District confirms they were collected in Lower Lake and Anderson Marsh. As we reported, a black-headed grosbeak from Clearlake had also tested positive for West Nile, but so far there’ve been zero human cases of the virus reported in Lake County this year. The agency reminds to be mindful, using mosquito repellent and saying to dump any standing water on your property, avoid being outdoors if you can, when mosquitoes like to bite, at dusk and dawn, and to maintain swimming pools and of course, report dead birds.

A new report shows hundreds of residential and commercial buildings in and around Oakland have never been fire inspected again after being flagged for followup. The investigation by a Northern Calif. media company says there were fire dangers noted in more than 200 apartment buildings where thousands of people live, that never had a second visit. The media group reports from records they got from 2011 until early this year, showed 879 properties were referred for fire code issues to the Bureau of Fire Prevention, with 79% or 696 properties never followed up on. The properties include apartment buildings, plus commercial buildings and several schools. They also report there are many more commercial buildings across the entire city of Oakland that have never even been inspected. The report after the so-called Ghost Ship fire in Oakland that killed 36.

A new bill to renew California’s cap-and-trade program to cut greenhouse gas emissions also has a provision for rural residents in Northern Calif, getting rid of the wildfire prevention fee. The fee has brought in several hundred million dollars to the state, but there’s a repeal of the fee in the cap and trade bill which is set for a vote by the Senate and Assembly this week. Assembly Bill 398 — the Global Warming Solutions Act would ban the $150 a year fee, which Senator Mike McGuire says has been controversial since it was first introduced. The fee came into effect in 2012 to offset money taken from Cal Fire after the recession. Some rural residents say they’re paying the costs of services which benefit all Californians and local fire departments say it actually hurts fundraising efforts.

A woman goes in for eye surgery, and oops, the docs find more than two dozen contact lenses in one eye. The case in Britain, where the ophthalmologist, who took out the contacts, talked to reporters. He says the 67-year-old woman had “routine” eye surgery, but as they pulled out a blue mass, they found 17 contacts, all stuck together, then upon further investigation, another 10. The doctor said he and his team had never seen anything like it, and says the woman was wearing monthly disposables for 35 years, and thought it was just old age and dry eyes.

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Remote News Service
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