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Two fires very near each other in the hills between Ukiah and Willits look to be under control. Cal Fire in Mendocino County reports the Grade Fire has held steady at 900-acres. The fire burning northwest of Redwood Valley has stopped forward movement at about 85 percent containment with full containment expected by the end of the week. There had been evacuations over last weekend, and advisories, but they’ve all been lifted. The fire started by a vehicle and spread to brush Sunday along Highway 101 on the Ridgewood Grade. The nearby, Range Fire, started Monday in the Cow Mountain area east of Ukiah has burned about 20 acres and is nearly 85% contained. Cal Fire has reported to the board of supervisors there was no forward movement on that fire either. There were no fire related injuries or damage from either fire. Cal Fire reported good weather conditions helping them with the fires. One firefighter on the Grade Fire had to go to the hospital for a medical condition but was quickly back on full duty.

And the Murphy Fire in Lake County is 90% contained and burned 40 acres 3 miles south of Lower Lake.

A bill for telecom companies to get full use of public property had some opponents from Northern Calif. The First District Humboldt County Supervisor went to the state Capitol to fight Senate Bill 649 which would allow tiny wireless antennas to go up all over the state. This bill would take away any red tape and telecom companies would get a major break on fees to cities and counties. The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors — and 15 other counties — all signed on to a letter against the bill and the Calif. League of Cities reports almost 150 cities have also voiced opposition. But the bill passed the Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee which includes North Coast Assemblyman Jim Wood. The bill moves on to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

A measure to pay for a mental health facility in Mendocino County makes it onto the November ballot. A group including county social service employees and the Mendocino County Sheriff are going at it again. This time they’re adding a citizen oversight committee who would be charged with reviewing the annual audit of the tax fund to pay for it. Sherriff Tom Allman says if they don’t do it right, it won’t get done. If the measure passes, 75% of what’s brought in from tax revenue would go into a Mental Health Treatment Fund which can pay for facilities, and the other 25 percent would be earmarked for services and treatment. Then after five years, the money would all go to services and treatment.

Suspicious fires in the Ukiah Valley fire officials were investigating have stopped or slowed way down. This according to the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority Chief. They’ve been tracking multiple fires officials say were intentionally set since May, but the chief says they’ve slowed way down or maybe it’s over. The chief told the city council earlier this month they were actively working with police to try to find a possible arsonist on the railroad tracks. They’re not done investigating though. There were more than 2 dozen fires since the first of May, some close to the 101, but the majority of them were near the railroad tracks between Brush and Gobbi Street.

Governor Brown’s set to sign a package of bills to extend the state’s cap-and-trade program through 2030. The cap-and-trade system encourages industry to clean up its act by putting a price on carbon emissions. But environmental groups say Big Oil got too many concessions. Amy Vanderwarker with the California Environmental Justice Alliance says the governor should have started with a bolder vision to move away from oil and gas – and then negotiate, rather than meeting behind closed doors with big companies from the start.

Cut 28345 :15 "There has to be a transition off of fossil fuels, and there has to be a transition to regenerative economies that actually put people and the planet first, instead of profits for our largest corporations in the world – who are the very drivers of the issue we are trying to solve."

Tag: Vanderwarker says Assembly Bill 398 will prevent local air-quality management districts from further regulating carbon emissions from stationary sources, like heavy industry and power plants. Governor Brown is defending the package, saying it’s the best he could do and still achieve the main goal of extending the program, which had to pass by a two-thirds margin and have bipartisan support.

Second Cut: Alvaro Sanchez from the Greenlining Institute says the devil will be in the details, He urges regulators to prioritize the needs of low-income communities that stand to bear the brunt of climate impacts first – and worst.

Cut 29345 :09 "We need to make sure that the revenues generated by cap-and-trade are directed at much higher levels to the communities that are burdened the most, so that they can benefit the greatest."

Tag: A companion bill from the Republican caucus also passed. It places a measure on the June 2018 ballot asking voters to make any major expenditures from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund subject to a two-thirds vote of the Legislature, starting in 2024.

The Ukiah City Council once again considering granny units. The council looking at possible changes to the ordinance for Accessory Dwelling Units the Ukiah Planning Commission has recommended. The Planning Manager tells the planning commission there are new state laws regulating design and construction which also include parking requirements and footage away from primary residences, known as setbacks. Some of the recommended changes so far are changing all references to the granny units as “second units” to instead call them “Accessory Dwelling Units”, no parking requirements in certain situations, reduction of the setback requirements, also in certain situations, getting rid of sprinkler requirements in certain situations and a new look at Water and Sewer Utility Connection Fees. The meeting tonight at 6 at City Hall.

Free dental exams for Veterans in Lake County. The Clearlake VA Clinic working with Access Smiles June 29th and 30th since veterans aren’t covered with their basic medical package for dental care. The Clearlake VA tells Lake Co News oral health is associated with physical, mental and emotional health too.
Access Smiles had the Access Dental van in the area from Sacramento. Inside there are two full service dental chairs. One dentist along with staff were there caring for vets and they each got goodie bags, including a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, plus oral health educational materials.
They’re at it again for veterans compliments of Lake and Mendocino Stand Down at the Lake County Fairgrounds Sept. 27th to 28th.

Lake County at it again… about to reconsider the General Plan. The Board of Supervisors considering areas that can be revised. Lake Co News reports the county’s Community Development Director brought some potential revisions to the board for the new General Plan. He tells the council there are more than 60 goals they’re trying to get done and more than 500 policies and more than 200 implementation strategies. The plan in place now developed by 23 county agencies. The Community Development Director says he went to all of the agencies to see if they use the current General Plan for guidelines but only got two responses.

Lake County working to collect funds for debris removal after the Valley Fire. Some survivors of the 2015 late summer fire had authorized the County or its designee to take out structural and tree debris that was considered a health and safety hazard. Cal Recycle cleaned most of the 1,700 properties, but the property owners had promised they would pay whatever they got from their insurance companies. The county had a meeting Monday to follow up with Valley Fire Survivors in the Middletown, Anderson Springs, and Cobb areas and gave out information. Those who couldn’t be there will get their packet in the mail. There’s another info session, a week from Monday, July 31st at Cobb Elementary at 6 pm.

Fremont tops the list of the least stressed cities in the country. It’s 150 on a list of 150 by WalletHub. No other regional cities made the list except Santa Rosa which was way down there too, at 134 and San Jose at 138. Analysts on the personal-finance website took the 150 largest cities across 30 key metrics, which include weekly work hours and debt load to divorce and suicide rates. Divorce in Fremont, super low, only 11.8 percent, Cleveland was the highest with a divorce rate of 41.5 percent. Fremont was also the highest for credit scores and had the second-lowest poverty rate.

A woman in North Carolina is arrested after police say she made her kid steal more than $1,400 worth of clothing at the Rock Hill Galleria mall. Police say Kimberly Lynch helped her daughter take items from stores including Belk, JCPenney and Walmart before being busted last Friday, July 14th, exactly 4 years to the day when she was busted for shoplifting before. Police say they got a call to one of the stores for two shoplifters in custody. A store staffer says the two had stuffed a backpack full of clothing worth as much as $500 from Belk, but they also had nearly $1,000 worth of items from Walmart and JCPenney in their car. They also had a 3-month-old baby with them.


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