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The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office is on the lookout for a man they say is wanted for embezzling money. On the sheriff’s dept. Facebook page is a picture of Clarence Wright with the charge against him. They say the 39 year old’s bail is set for $40,000. He’s described as 6 feet tall, 235 lbs with black hair and brown eyes. They’re asking anyone who knows him or knows where he may be to call the sheriff’s office.

The Gov. with the former Governor before him watching as he signs an extension to the state’s Cap and Trade program. Governor Jerry Brown with Arnold Schwarzenegger together as a crowd cheered in San Francisco where Brown signed the extension until 2030 for a program that limits emissions of climate-changing carbons the two have been campaigning for from opposites sides of the political aisle. The Governors at Treasure Island, the man-made island threatened by the rising ocean due to climate change. Schwarzenegger also spoke and got in a few digs at the Trump administration and its withdrawal from the Paris accord. He also praised the bipartisan support lawmakers had to extending the cap-and-trade program for another decade.

Clearlake considering garbage collection at the next city council meeting. The council to discuss universal garbage collection and upgrading the community center at their meeting tomorrow. The council will have their second reading of the universal garbage collection ordinance after approving the move in June. Lake Co News reports city officials say the ordinance would make Clearlake cleaner and more attractive. The council will also discuss working with Adventist Health for upgrades to the city’s community center. The agenda also shows the Rotary is also interested in being involved in possible upgrades.

It’s a unanimous yes from the Lake County Board of Supervisors for the power purchase agreement with Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. The joint powers agreement was presented to the board yesterday for Yolo Flood to use a special metering program from PG&E to power part of the city. The program called the Renewable Energy Self-Generation Bill Credit Transfer is for government agencies for renewable power to be generated so the agency can then offset power costs. There can be up to 50 meters in the program and if power is not used it can be held for another month, kind of like unused cell phone minutes. The program agreed to after Yolo Flood calculated Lake County power data from a ten year period and showed a cost savings of several thousand dollars.

Heads up… the Lake County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services is testing their new CodeRED system. The emergency notification thru phone service, text message and email. The Lake County Sheriff says they can now streamline and be more efficient in how they notify residents when there’s an actual emergency. They’re encouraging residents and businesses to sign up for the service at the Sheriff’s office website, then click on the CodeRED logo link. They’re asking residents to enter their landline, cell phone line and email address so they’re assured they will be somehow notified in case of a real emergency.

Four men have been arrested and cops yanked thousands of pot plants after serving search warrants on the Lake/Mendocino County line. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit working with the Bureau of Land Management and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office served the search warrant after 4 months of watching the drug dealers in Santa Rosa. The site in a canyon that could barely be seen in brush off Hopland 175. There cops found a man with a semi-automatic pistol who tried running, but a police dog nabbed him. They found 3 other people who they detained and 3,000 mature marijuana plants and illegally diverted water and pesticides. One of the men was treated at a hospital after the police dog bit him.

Pacific Gas and Electric conducting their flyovers of Lake and Mendocino counties looking for dead or dying trees which could be a problem in a wildfire. The manager of the utility’s vegetation management department says even though there’s been a ton of rain this winter, millions of trees have died or are now structurally compromised after 5 years of severe drought. PG&E patrols and inspects all overhead electric lines yearly. They also inspect trees near their power lines in high fire-danger areas every six months because they say weakened trees can die quickly. The patrols today from 8 to 4.

More wildfires have been reported in Calif. this year. Cal Fire reports more fires have occurred between Jan. 1st to July 16th compared to the same time last year. They say there have been 30 percent more fires due to the severe drought, the four driest consecutive years in California history. Then we had the wettest winter and spring we’ve had in years, followed by hot weather. The agency reports the grass keeps growing and dries out and with sun and wind, it makes for the perfect fuel. Cal Fire in Sacramento says there’s been a dramatic increase in fires the last decade after they tracked the top 20 fires dating back to the 1930s.

A man from Santa Rosa has died after a solo car crash off Highway 101 near Calpella. As we reported yesterday there was an accident Monday night, but now more details have emerged with the California Highway Patrol reporting the driver went down an embankment south of Central Avenue in a 2010 Toyota Prius. He was found unresponsive at the time and emergency responders tried to revive him but he was declared dead at the scene. He’s been identified as 62 year old David Lopez of Santa Rosa.

Tickets for the Gala Wine Festival in Mendocino County are on sale. The festival Aug. 12th at Mendocino College in Ukiah. For $50 admission, you get into the yearly fundraiser to provide scholarships for students at the college. The school says they awarded nearly a quarter million dollars to more than 180 students this year alone. There will be an auction at the event too. All proceeds go to the Mendocino College Foundation. For more info, visit at

A little sticky and gooey on the road in Washington state after a dump truck with dough inside heats up. A State Trooper even tweeted after responding to the event and posting a photo, saying “when you think you’ve seen it all…. dough! The heat is making it rise!” It didn’t take long for others to tweet back all sorts of jabs and jokes with the hashtag #thegreatdoughrising. Even Washington State’s Department of Transportation tweeted out some fun and offered up some of the the best puns of the day, like tweating back to the Trooper, “Too Funny… you KNEAD to be serious.”

Several snakes and an arrest after a man is busted for trying to smuggle reptiles in snack containers. Customs officers stopped the shipment that had three live king cobras inside potato chip canisters. Rodrigo Franco trying to send the snakes to his California home. He’s charged with illegally importing merchandise for trying to get the trio of king cobras – each around two feet long — through Customs from Hong Kong. They also apparently found three albino Chinese soft-shelled turtles. The turtles made it to his house though. But agents went to his house and found a live baby Morelet’s crocodile, alligator snapping turtles and five diamond back terrapins. He faces up to 20 years in prison for the snake smuggling.

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