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About two-dozen marijuana gardens have been raided on some Sherwood Valley tribal land in Willits. The County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team, or COMMET, led the raid with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and ended up arresting six people. They found more than 2,400 plants, more than 700 pounds of processed marijuana in various stages, and eight firearms. There was also water diversion and sediment disruption into the waterways, with those environmental violations, raising what would have been misdemeanor cultivation charges to the felony level. COMMET had reportedly been working on the raid for nearly two months, after the Sherwood Valley tribal chairman brought the issue to the Sheriff.

Goals have been set to improve Mendocino County’s access to Broadband Internet. According to a recent report by UC Berkeley, 39 percent of Mendocino households have download speeds lower than the Public Utilities Commission’s minimum standard and 24 percent had none, putting Mendocino in the bottom 10 of all California counties. The Daily Journal reports at the July 11 Board of Supervisors meeting, one supervisor pointed out it’s not just a barrier for residents but also businesses, hindering operation in a technologically evolving world. Supervisors adopted some goals to establish more reliable telecommunication services, have affordable, high-speed broadband in all homes, improve infrastructure, and develop a countywide comprehensive broadband plan by 2019.

Four Australians are busted after one of them tried to use a small plane to fly $200 million worth of methamphetamine out of the US from the Sonoma County airport. The Press Democrat reports the guy arranged to buy the plane last fall from PropJet Aviation at the Schulz airport while still in Australia. He spent the last several months learning to fly it, which is when PropJet’s owner got worried because the guy bought the plane in an odd way, and then was a bad pilot, with a convoluted plan to fly to Australia. Meanwhile Australian and U.S. drug agents were investigating and last week arrested the guy along with three others in Australia. Agents found 560 pounds of meth in a Santa Rosa storage facility. The US DEA has cleared PropJet of any involvement or wrongdoing.

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