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Another inch forward in the lengthy discussion about putting a Costco warehouse store in Ukiah. The Planning Commission has now said yes to the updated site development permit for the proposed big box store. The Daily Journal reports the city’s planning department saying the project is now, quote “out of the woods” as far as legal challenges go. The paper reports the planning director saying the City Attorney called the revised environmental impact report ‘bullet-proof’. The energy use section of the report had to be re-done, now that’s been determined to be acceptable. All appeal deadlines have passed so the planning department says they don’t expect any more legal challenges. The next step is for the city to approve the building permits, which are still in process.

The North Coast Congressman Jared Huffman along with another Democratic rep are introducing legislation to end an old FCC rule that favors larger media companies. Huffman and colleague David Price of NC say they’re trying to end the UHF discount. Huffman says in Eureka alone, a recent FCC decision to reinstate the old UHF discount means one media owner, which he says is right wing and doesn’t provide variety, or a good choice for local news. He and Price’s Local and Independent Television Protection Act could ensure Americans have access to multiple local and national news sources. The FCC recently voted to reinstate the UHF discount giving the company Huffman refers to four of seven television stations in Eureka.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors isn’t having the latest Grand Jury Report, saying it doesn’t take into account a lot of the county’s challenges. The Grand Jury’s recent report looked at the county’s abatement services, road management, public safety, real estate taxes, property management, and Behavioral Health staffing. The supervisors responded this week saying there were challenges for county staff not considered, like staffing shortages for one. Others felt the report was important because it gives independent oversight, but said it wasn’t balanced. The County Administrative Officer also said some of the report was discouraging and also commented that staffing is a problem.

One neighborhood in Windsor got fire retardant stains on sidewalks, streets and some cars. The pink sprinkles came down by accident after a Cal Fire air tanker accidentally dropped retardant on a landing approach to the Sonoma County Airport. The tanker was on its way back from a grass fire in Penngrove yesterday when about 100 gallons of water mixed with Phos-Chek got dumped. The liquid also has fertilizer in it to encourage regrowth after a fire. It apparently hit nine homes, 13 vehicles, a travel trailer, a street, some sidewalks, grass, bushes and trees. Firefighters came out and washed cars and cleaned the road.

Two homes have been destroyed by a fire in Lucerne and third was severely damaged. Several outbuildings were also burned in the fire yesterday started by a barbeque in the 4200 block of Foothill Drive. Several firefighters on the scene last night after the fire broke out. They stayed on scene a few hours fighting the flames back and mopping up. Cal Fire was in the air dumping water from Clear Lake and using retardant on the hills. Some homes were evacuated by sheriff’s deputies and CHP officers were nearby for traffic control. PG&E was also there because power lines were reported down. Firefighters had the fire surrounded in about an hour and a half. About 3 and a half acres burned and there were reports of minor injuries but nobody went to the hospital. A dog was also rescued from one of the homes after it ran back into a burning home. The evacuations were lifted after a couple hours.

A man from Lakeport arrested for killing his dog with a machete has appeared in court related to the case. 27 year old William Gatlyn was charged for felony animal cruelty, but was found to be incompetent to stand trial at the time. Now the clinical staff and Director of the Jail-Based Competency Program told the court Gatlyn is able to understand the criminal proceedings and help his lawyer in his own defense in a rational manner. He was admitted to the competency program in May in San Bernardino County. His Certificate of Restoration to Mental Competence report has now been entered as evidence in the case against him and the criminal proceedings were reinstated. He’s pleaded not guilty and denied special allegations.

A man from San Diego has been arrested after two car chases from Lake to Mendocino County. Kacy Perry busted as he entered the Hopland Sho-Kah-Wah Casino. The CHP in Clearlake reports he was arrested after Lakeport police chased the guy for driving erratically yesterday morning. They chased him a while then Lakeport police took over and the CHP joined in, but once they figured out the guy’s identity the chase stopped. Then in Ukiah, CHP officers got calls from residents saying they saw the same car recklessly careening down Highway 29 near Soda Bay Road. After about an hour the chase started again, with Perry being busted after going over the Hopland Grade into Mendocino County, hitting spikes in the road and continuing a bit further. He’s charged with several crimes including DUI, felony evading and resisting or delaying a peace officer.

Surveillance video has been released of two subjects the Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. says they think were involved in a murder in Kelseyville last week. The murder of David Shalett during a home invasion robbery at his house last Wednesday. Pictures of the disguised men are posted at Lake Co News and the Record Bee Newspapers. Cops say one of the suspects shot the victim in front of his two young children they took off with a minor amount of marijuana. The sheriff’s office is looking to the public to possibly identify the men and ask anyone who may recognize them or could help with the investigation to call the sheriff’s dept.

Citizens in Fort Bragg against the idea of turning national marine sanctuaries into possible drilling grounds. Community members showed up for a vote against the Trump Administration’s “America-First Offshore Energy Strategy” which is basically an executive order to allow offshore oil and gas exploration. The order looks at national marine sanctuaries from the Obama years and they include Sanctuaries off the coast of Marin, Sonoma and southern Mendocino counties. A local business owner brought the order up to the city council and asked for other opinions. Several people spoke out for the council to pass a resolution against the order that could revoke the marine sanctuary status.

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