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A San Diego man’s been arrested for two car chases Lake to Mendocino Counties The CHP in Clearlake reports Kacy Perry eventually arrested after Lakeport police chased him for driving erratically but they and the CHP broke off the chase for public safety. Later in Ukiah, CHP officers got calls from residents saying they saw him recklessly careening down Highway 29 near Soda Bay Road. After about an hour the chase started up again, with Perry being busted after going over the Hopland Grade into Mendocino County and hitting spikes in the road Perry facing several charges including DUI, felony evading and resisting or delaying a peace officer.

A barbecue said to have started a brush fire that destroyed two homes and damaged a third in Lucerne yesterday. Northshore Fire, Cal Fire, and a crew from the Mendocino National Forest all responded to Foothill Drive around 5:30pm with Cal Fire bringing an air attack with both water and retardant dumped on the hills. Some residents had to evacuate for a few hours. There were no reports of anyone seriously hurt. Firefighters had the fire’s forward progress stopped within 90 minutes but stayed on scene much of the night watching and cleaning. In all about 3-and-a-half acres burned. The Northshore Fire Chief told Lake County News the homes there had no defensible space around them and if they had they might have been saved.

Several Ukiah and Willits businesses are in the crosshairs of an attorney who’s been all around the state suing for alleged violations of federal disability laws. Thomas Frankovich has filed eight federal discrimination lawsuits against more than two-dozen Mendocino County businesses on behalf of a client in Willits, alleging failure to provide adequate access under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Press Democrat reports the filings started last December and some of the businesses have since made efforts to come into compliance to the tune of thousands of dollars. Some in the disability community call Frankovich, who’s filed nearly 2000 suits, a dogged activist; some in the business world says he’s just in it for money.

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