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A brand new board supervisor in Mendocino County says she’s out for the next campaign. 3rd District Mendocino Board Supervisor Georgeanne Croskey says she’s not running for the seat in 2018, after just being in the position for 3 months. She was appointed by the Governor after Tom Woodhouse left the seat for medical reasons. The Journal reports the County Executive Office reporting on Croskey’s announcement because her husband, who’s a detective at the County Sheriff’s Office got an out of county job. Croskey is planning to serve out the remainder of her term which ends at the end of 2018. She is also a veterinarian who is selling her practice.

Two requests to add speed bumps are being reviewed by the Ukiah Traffic Engineering Committee. The requests for North Pine and Gibson streets between Low Gap Road and Bush Street after a report by a resident of too much speeding. The request also asking for the speed limit to be lowered down to 15 mph. The committee will take up the request tomorrow after first saying no to another speed bump request on Marshall Street. City staff had suggested posting 25 mph signs instead of the speed bumps and also painting the speed limit on the pavement. The committee is also considering keeping a request log with past suggestions from the public. The meeting tomorrow at 3 p.m. in Conference Room 3 of the Ukiah Civic Center.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is set to get some money from a group to help support the Middletown Library. The donation of $10,000 from the Friends of the Middletown Library. At their regular meeting tomorrow, the board will also talk over a proposed ordinance for speeds on Clear Lake during high water, a so-called extended idle speed zone near the shore. Plus they’re getting an update on the Valley Fire cleanup at the Hoberg’s Resort. The meeting at 9 AM as usual.

An autopsy’s set for a woman who was found dead over the weekend. The woman from Boyes Hot Springs, 67 year old Juanita Rothschild found Saturday and her husband was arrested. Police say they think Steven Rothschild beat his wife to death. Steven called police saying he and his wife had a fight. There was nobody else at their house at the time of the woman’s death and police say there were also no obvious weapons there. Steven Rothschild has been booked without bail at the Sonoma County Jail and is due in court tomorrow.

A special meeting’s being held by the Lakeport City Council to catch up on order’s of business including delinquent utility fees and a final parcel map. The meeting tomorrow afternoon at 5 in council chambers. The council is considering approving a utility billing delinquency list so staff can get the list over to the Lake County Auditor-Controller’s Office so it can be part of the property tax roll. Apparently there’s as much as $22,650 delinquent in water and sewer bills since June 30th. The council is also considering awarding a roads project to a contractor for Giselman Street. The work to the lowest bidder at more than a quarter million dollars, which is also $35,000 more than the city’s engineer predicted for the work. Other matters for the council include adoption of the resolution of the final parcel map for a developer in part of the Victorian Village subdivision.

A man suspected in the shooting of a Clearlake woman has been captured in Southern California. Police say 22 year old Marco Murillo was busted in L-A County Friday. Police got a call last Thursday night after the shooting of the 48 year old woman. The woman told police she only knew the shooter as Marco. Cops started looking for the woman’s car which was stolen with some other personal items. The woman also gave officers a picture of Marco which led to the identification and subsequent arrest of Murillo. A $3 million arrest warrant was then issued for attempted murder, robbery and vehicle theft, plus a slew of other crimes and special allegations. Police learned he may have been in La Puente, so they contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff. Murillo had a gun in his possession which police say they think may have been used to shoot the victim.

A woman reported missing from Central California has been found fine and told police to leave her alone. The former elementary school teacher, identified as Jamie Tull apparently survived by eating bugs and drinking from a dirty cattle trough. She was reported missing mid July. Police say she has had emotional issues. The last she was heard from was when she called her husband, then she apparently crashed into a ditch. They also say she was emaciated, terribly sunburned and lying in tall grass near the farming community of Le Grand and that she was very weak, but able to speak. She told rescuers to give her food and water, then let her go. She told police she stopped taking her medication for mental health issues. She was taken to a local hospital and police say she will soon be returned to relatives.

Work continues at the Oroville Dam, the scene of a broken emergency spillway six months ago which sent nearly 200-thousand people from their homes. The State Dept. of Water Resources, which owns the giant dam, says they’re on target with the work they hope to complete before the next rainy season. A spokesperson for the agency says they’ve got 95 percent of the demolition done and are already working on putting down the new concrete for the new spillway. The work includes putting in 8.5 million pounds of steel rebar, and 55,000 feet of drainage pipe, which will be 10 miles high. There is going to be nearly one million cubic yards of concrete poured too. Preliminary findings on the failure of the dam say there were defects in the construction of the original dam from the 1960’s, along with poor maintenance and oversight by state and federal officials.

A Special Weather Statement has been put out for parts of Mendocino County. The National Weather Service in Eureka says the Northeastern Mendocino Interior would be hit with a thunderstorm west of Alder Springs. The storm was hovering in the area and brings a half inch to dime size hail. The storm is mainly expected in rural areas of east, central Mendocino County with frequent cloud to ground lightning which they warn can strike up to 10 miles away from the thunderstorm. They warn those at campgrounds to consider seeking sturdy shelter until the storm passes.

NASA is responding to a 9 year old who applied for work with the space agency. NASA announcing they needed someone to protect the planet from aliens, a so-called planetary protection officer. This is a for real position paying between $125,000 and $187,000 a year. So 9 year old Jack Davis applied saying his sister says he’s an alien too, plus he’s seen almost all the space and alien movies possible. He adds he’s young, so he can learn to think like an alien. The kid got a response from a Planetary Research Director saying they were happy to receive an application from a real-life Guardian and said they’re always on the lookout for bright future scientists and engineers and encouraged him to study hard and do well in school. And they hoped to see Jack at NASA one day.


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